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‘See a Little Light,’ by Bob Mould of Hüsker Dü - Review -

The Trail of Rage and Melody

By Bob Mould

With Michael Azerrad

Illustrated. 403 pages. Little, Brown & Company. $24.99.
books  review  bob_mould  husker_du  biography  2011  michael_azerrad 
june 2011 by cmillward
Last Plane to Jakarta | to the mourners
attention everybody at my funeral I am looking at you
from a keyhole in time somewhere way back in the mists of when
I was alive & was probably avoiding most of you because, a., I am a bad friend, and because
b., I crave solitude, but be all that as it may, I can see you,

& I can't help noting that you have ignored my explicit instructions, to wit,
that you play The World, the Flesh, the Devil by In Solitude
when the day to put me in the ground has arrived at last, i.e.,
today. So from my hawk's view of your rebellion against a dead man's wishes,

let me just take one deep breath before I tell you
that I hate you all, however much I may have loved you in life,
which I in fact did; but the World etc is the music I wanted playing
as you lowered me into the earth, and I told you as much,
poetry  music  review  metal  death  john_darnielle 
june 2011 by cmillward
Double Take: Arcade Fire – The Suburbs - Stereogum
"If you’re in the mood for shaggy, overstuffed Springsteen-inspired anthems that are grownup, speak of a real place (absolutely sweat it), and make you feel young again, I suggest Titus Andronicus’ excellent The Monitor. Want calmer, moodier, more specifically intelligent and moving thoughts on adulthood from adults, go for the National’s High Violet. Both albums outclass, The Suburbs, an album that for all its outpouring and meditations on aging, feels flat, emotionally immature, and weirdly vacant."
review  music  2010 
january 2011 by cmillward
KILLED in CARS · During the Christmas break I picked up AMM’s new...
During the Christmas break I picked up AMM’s new record, Uncovered Correspondence a Postcard from Jaslo, at Seattle’s stellar Wall of Sound shop. I’d likely give the album a place on my best-of-2010 list if the year weren’t virtually over. Honestly, the release took me by surprise; who knew AMM had an offering so quickly on the heels of Sounding Music—a record moderately enjoyable though unfulfilling overall. My knowledge of AMM’s present rests mostly on the unfortunate departure of founding member/bandleader/tabletop guitarist Keith Rowe. In fact, critics have averred that his absence divests the group of both necessary direction and a compelling musical presence—a focal point or axis of orientation if there need be one in/with such identity-effacing compositions.
music  album  2010  review 
january 2011 by cmillward
Movie Review - 'A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop' - Zhang Yimou’s Remake of Coen Brothers’ ‘Blood Simple’ -
Twenty-five years ago Joel and Ethan Coen, rising stars of American independent cinema, made their debut with “Blood Simple,” a twisty tale of adultery and revenge with an obvious debt to “The Postman Always Rings Twice.” Six years later Zhang Yimou, a star of China’s rising fifth generation of filmmakers, contributed his own variation on the “Postman” theme with “Ju Dou,” his second feature as sole director. And now, for no good reason but with reasonably happy (which is to say grisly) results, Mr. Zhang has honored the unlikely affinity between himself and the Coens with a faithful remake of their first movie, a replica of “Blood Simple” called (in America) “A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop.”
film  review  coen_brothers  2010  remake 
december 2010 by cmillward
In Praise of 'Batman Forever' [The Awl]
"I think the cries of commercialism look a little different now in the midst of a crumbled music industry and a crumbling movie industry hanging on by its 3-D glasses. Batman Forever is a perfect product– the film and the album work perfectly together and complement each other. Toys are toys and any mainstream superhero film will have them. (Your thousand-dollar Dark Knight mini-statue is a toy, nerd.)"
batman  film  batman_forever  review  criticism  commercialism  gender  minority_opinion 
june 2010 by cmillward
HTMLGIANT / The Night LOST Became A Soap Opera
This sums up my feelings nicely.

"...last night the writers of the show invalidated all of the things that made the show unique and intriguing by opting to focus on the human characters rather than the one character that made the show what it was, the island.


Unfortunately, the writers decided those things were superfluous. And thus, they chose to turn a brilliant and mysterious epic into a mere soap opera. Ask yourself: without the island, how is LOST any different than Days of Our Lives?

(*As a side note, this is exactly why Battlestar Galactica ended up sucking: it, too, lost sight of what made it unique and succumbed to becoming a soap opera.)"
tv  writing  lost  warning:spoilers  bsg  2010  review 
june 2010 by cmillward
Last Year At Marienbad [DVD | Review | The A.V. Club]
"Whenever art-minded cinephiles fall for a movie that strikes others as plotless and pointless, they often defend the work for its “formal” qualities: the way the director combines technical elements like image composition, color, and sound to prompt a complicated emotional or intellectual response. French New Wave director Alain Resnais helped semi-popularize the notion of formalism as an end in itself with the 1961 arthouse sensation Last Year At Marienbad, a sumptuous enigma that has beguiled and irritated film buffs in equal measure for nearly 50 years. With its stubborn lack of answers and willful defiance of interpretation, Last Year At Marienbad is presented by its creators as a puzzle that doesn’t demand to be solved, but should rather be admired for the splendid curves of its individual pieces."
film  review  criticism  french  new_wave 
april 2010 by cmillward
Tues review: Like a Milk-Man convention or something… [Mindless Ones]
"The widescreen stylistics of the start of the decade, something that only Ellis, Millar, Hitch and Cassady ever really made much of, was perhaps more in hock to its Hollywood origins than anyone would have thought at the time. (Aside: have the soon to have off-fcked noughties seen any bigger letdowns for your sweet and innocent fanman as Ultimates 2, or Attack of the Clones?) Planetary, which was supposed to be a comic about superhero comics, their history, contemporary cultural ripples, and future, saw its subject matter evolve hugely in the decade that it was ‘being published’. Essentially, on Planetary’s watch the superhero moved from the punky, dispossessing suburbs of paper popcult awareness to a massive swanky LA penthouse apartment full of gakfaced movie producers and hot chicks and stuff. The superhero finds itself comfortably at home, and far more financially secure, in its new on-screen home. Suddenly, overtaken by events, Planetary was telling only half the story."
planetary  review  comics  warren_ellis  mindless_ones  planetary_27  2009 
october 2009 by cmillward
Remarkable: Jim Starlin's 1975 Warlock series
"For one thing, we are deep in Grant Morrison territory. I hardly keep up with all of Grant Morrison's many interviews or critical coverage, but I feel like the Warlock influence kind of fell off the radar a bit."
jim_starlin  comics  grant_morrison  review  geoff_klock 
july 2009 by cmillward
In praise of John Barth's 'The Floating Opera'
"Postmodernism is tying your necktie while simultaneously explaining the step-by-step procedure of necktie-tying and chatting about the history of male neckwear -- and managing a perfect full windsor anyhow." - John Barth
quotes  postmodern  john_barth  review  books  literature 
july 2009 by cmillward
Dirty Projectors, "Bitte Orca", reviewed by Lucas Schleicher [Brainwashed]
'Every word, rhythm, and melody that seeps from David Longstreth's brain reeks of insincerity and pompousness. The most recent fruit of his ego, Bitte Orca, has come to be pornography for writers and aimless hipsters hungry for something "eccentric" and "unusual" over which they may pant. In truth, it's a dull and transparent mish-mash of pop styles seasoned with empty gestures and overwrought arrangements.' Schleicher does not like the Dirty Projectors at all.
music  review  dirty_projectors  bitte_orca  2009  album 
june 2009 by cmillward
Sleater-Kinney's guitarist tests out Rock Band. - By Carrie Brownstein [Slate Magazine]
"When I looked carefully, I realized I was having a party where people were sitting around playing video games. And, really, if you are going to play [Rock Band] with a group of friends for more than a night, shouldn't you just form a real band? There is something sad about the thought of four teenagers getting Rock Band for Christmas and spending all of their after-school time pretending to know how to play."
rock_band  video  games  music  2007  advice  review 
november 2008 by cmillward
Italo Calvino's Cosmicomics: Qfwfg's Postmodern Autobiography
Italo Calvino's Cosmicomics: Qfwfg's Postmodern Autobiography.
Kristi Siegel.
Italica, Vol. 68, No. 1, Perspectives on the Novecento (Spring, 1991), pp. 43-59
Published by: American Association of Teachers of Italian
italo_calvino  cosmicomics  qfwfg  review  criticism  literature  1991 
september 2008 by cmillward
God's Words, by Jessa Crispin [The Smart Set]
"I suppose the thought process behind publishing these books is that since it’s in the air of our culture, those who are seeking will want to hear other people’s stories. But the same rules from other memoirs apply — just because you lived through something, that doesn’t mean you have anything interesting to say about it. Perhaps the bar is set too high by the original spiritual memoirist, St. Augustine. In his book, he had a great hook — "Give me chastity and continence, but not yet" — and managed to invent the concept of original sin. It’s not like a recent convert to, say, Judaism is going to top that."
review  religion  memoirs  quotes 
september 2008 by cmillward
Roger Ebert's review of 'The Birth of a Nation'
But it is possible to separate the content from the craft? Garry Wills observes that Griffith's film "raises the same questions that Leni Riefenstahl's films do, or Ezra Pound's poems. If art should serve beauty and truth, how can great art be in the thrall of hateful ideologies?"

The crucial assumption here is that art should serve beauty and truth. I would like to think it should, but there is art that serves neither, and yet provides an insight into human nature, helping us understand good and evil. In that case, "The Birth of a Nation" is worth considering, if only for the inescapable fact that it did more than any other work of art to dramatize and encourage racist attitudes in America. (The contemporary works that made the most useful statements against racism were “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” and "Huckleberry Finn.")
film  theory  criticism  review  racism  roger_ebert 
september 2008 by cmillward
Obsolescence & Model Kits: Jeff Looks at FC: Superman Beyond #1 and G-Mo in the DCU [The Savage Critic(s)]
I think Morrison has fallen prey to the Model Train set mindset. Everything looks gorgeous, and the detail is planned out to a staggering level, but there aren't any characters in Superman Beyond #1: there are people with names, their basic character and that's all you got. While Morrison has used such deliberate flatness to extraordinarily good effect in All-Star Superman, I find it more disappointing here simply because there's not thirty-plus years of character identification with most of these characters, and the ones for whom there are--Captain Marvel, for example--get about three lines that aren't purely exposition. It's not surprising Morrison uses a musical motif to explain the travel through the metaverses: he's using the characters in this book (and perhaps in his others) like leitmotifs, thematic markers that gain complexity when contrasted with other markers.
grant_morrison  comics  criticism  review  final_crisis  dcu  superman  semiotics  narrative 
september 2008 by cmillward
Review - Hermenaut #15 [The Austin Chronicle]
Summing up, the piece states that whenever and wherever "authenticity" is invoked, you know you're already in the world of fake authenticity.
review  hermenaut  journal  magazine  1999  authenticity 
july 2008 by cmillward
A thousand and one knights [Salon]
There have been countless versions of Batman, from brooding crusader to gadget-loving detective. How does "The Dark Knight" measure up?

By Douglas Wolk
comics  film  batman  2008  toread  review  continuity 
july 2008 by cmillward
Where Are the Queens of Nonfiction? -
"Huh? Glass is a trailblazing icon of alternative, indie culture, a very with-it, 21st-century guy. What was he thinking? Why did he choose a gender-specific title for his book?"
books  gender  nonfiction  ira_glass  review  2008 
july 2008 by cmillward
Saving Darwin: How to Be a Christian and Believe in Evolution [Salon Books]
"Can't Darwin and God get along?

Of course they can, argues physicist and theologian Karl Giberson, if only many believers were more sophisticated and atheists less dogmatic."
theology  christianity  evolution  charles_darwin  books  review  interview  2008 
july 2008 by cmillward
The Movie Review: ‘The Happening’
by Christopher Orr.
This film is so bad that I feel compelled to make a spoiler-laden list of its most laughably terrible parts rather than review it.
film  review  humor  2008 
june 2008 by cmillward
Wisdom Born of Pain []
"If women truly want to rule the world, they will stop writing books with titles like Why Women Should Rule the World."
gender  books  2008  review 
april 2008 by cmillward
From hell [guardian]
"Joe Queenan braves Paris Hilton, porcophilia and men who eat themselves to death as he goes in search of the worst movie of all time "
film  criticism  worstof  review 
march 2008 by cmillward
Day 31 - Seven Soldiers #1 [Comics Should Be Good!]
dissecting SS#1. links to others thoughts, links to his thoughts on all of the books. the culmination of 31 days of reading through the entire series (as it were).
comics  grant_morrison  lists  annotation  seven_soldiers  review 
march 2008 by cmillward
review of Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden [Eurogamer]
"BSUJG is a fully-fledged freeware RPG in the Chrono Trigger mould, with a rich background and storyline. It just also happens to be funny as hell."
games  review  rpg  apps 
march 2008 by cmillward
noise/music: a history [serial consign]
Late last year, Paul Hegarty released Noise/Music: A History, a writing project which traces the phenomena of noise across various genres and experimental practices throughout 20th century music.
books  wishlist  music  noise  review  theory  via:cityofsound 
march 2008 by cmillward
Taking the Text with Her Pleasure by N.T. Wright
A Post-Post-Modernist Response to J. Dominic Crossan The Historical Jesus: The Life of a Mediterranean Jewish Peasant (T & T Clark, Harper San Francisco, 1991) (With apologies to A.A. Milne, St Paul and James Joyce) [Originally published in Theology, 96,
books  review  theology  n_t_wright  1993  postmodern  humor  literature  criticism 
january 2008 by cmillward
The New Testament and the People of God [The Paul Page]
book review by Mark M. Mattison of N.T. Wright's 1992 book (the first volume in the Christian Origins and the Question of God series). Amy got this for me for Christmas, very interesting.
review  toread  n_t_wright  theology  books  1992  history  postmodern  criticism  new_testament 
january 2008 by cmillward
Geoff Klock's Blog: There Will Be Blood
don't want to read this until after I see it!
film  review  toread  2007  p_t_anderson 
january 2008 by cmillward
Joel Osteen's God really wants you to dress well, stand up straight, and get a convenient parking space. - By Chris Lehmann [Slate Magazine]
"This is a long, long way down the road from the inscrutable, infant-damning theology of this country's Calvinist forebears—it is, rather, a just-in-time economy's vision of salvation, an eerily collapsible spiritual narcissism that downgrades the divin
review  religion  christianity  theology 
january 2008 by cmillward
Nokia Xpress Music 5300 - black (T-Mobile) Smartphone reviews - CNET Reviews
The Nokia 5300 is a well-designed, user-friendly music cell phone that offers an amazing range of features backed up by outstanding performance.
mobile  phone  review  2007  nokia 
december 2007 by cmillward
Tim Callahan Reviews No Country for Old Men [Geoff Klock's Blog]
"No Country for Old Men is, ultimately, the perfect western for this new century. It subverts clichés of the genre (the sheriff is no hero, there is no showdown, justice will not necessarily be served) while treating the characters with dignity."
film  coen_brothers  film:no_country_for_old_men  review  2007  criticism  genre  literature  western 
december 2007 by cmillward
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