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BLDGBLOG: Honeycomb Home
[Image: Honey drips from the electrical sockets of a home in California; courtesy of KSBW].

A single-family home in California has been "invaded" by bees—so much so that honey is now leaking from the electrical outlets, coming "from a giant beehive behind the walls."
photo  animals  house  symbiosis 
november 2010 by cmillward
"Terrifying" | sweet juniper photos
He's been carrying this thing around everywhere, staring through it at whoever pulls up next to us at stoplights, "surprising" his mother when she comes home from work, and scaring his sister. Whenever he sees himself in the mirror, he goes, "I'm terrifying," and stalks off to find another victim.
badass  kids  costumes  masks  photo  via:aboss 
march 2010 by cmillward
2nd prize singles - World Press Photo
Contestants take a dive during the Arena Sprint swimming competition at the Centre Sportif Guy Boissière in Rouen, France, in November.
image  photo 
november 2007 by cmillward
store front of touble coffee
nice sign + tile. should visit sometime.
via:britta  sf  photo  sign  design  coffee  places 
september 2007 by cmillward
V-2 rocket-eye view from 60 miles up
panorama of earth. first pictures of earth from space. taken by a V-2 rocket in 1946.
history  photo  science  via:kottke  filetype:jpg  media:image 
may 2007 by cmillward
Technological Advances on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
This is what happens when friends don't see each other often enough. And then they discover 3-way video chats. And then things get a little strange.
friend  orlando  humor  photo  ichat 
october 2006 by cmillward
Sun Labs Snapp Radio - Edition
show's flickr photos related to the music you are listening to at the time  flickr  music  photo  webapps 
october 2006 by cmillward
Books And Magazines - a photoset on Flickr
These are some of the rare (and not so rare) books and magazines that I have collected over the past 10 years. They range from graphic design, architecture, art, typography, illustration, etc.
books  design  photoset  photo  flickr  library 
september 2006 by cmillward
Earth Science Picture of the Day
During spring in Denmark, at approximately one half an hour before sunset, flocks of more than a million European starlings (sturnus vulgaris) gather from all corners to join in the incredible formations shown above.
nature  photo 
june 2006 by cmillward
aleu_vortices_p79r24-23_7-4-02_754 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Karman vortices over the Aleutian islands in Alaska, viewed in infrared bands.
photo  earth  beautiful 
april 2006 by cmillward
March Into the Sea 12" -- out soon!
Pic of the amazing sleeve design, done on vellum. For the band Pelican, one of my favorite bands.
music  pelican  design  lp  art  photo 
march 2006 by cmillward
guy dressed up like some G.I. Joe villan, I forget who it is.
photo  humor 
september 2005 by cmillward
c-41 | updated daily
really cool daily photo blog
photo  blog 
may 2005 by cmillward
ph stuff to create photolog with Flickr
toread  photo  webdev  blog  webapp  php  flickr 
may 2005 by cmillward
Beautiful rundown pictures
I have no idea what this is from because I don't know Japenese, but a lot of galleries of decaying structures.
photo  photography 
april 2005 by cmillward
satellite photo of pretty multi-colored lakes by San Fran Bay
caused by algea blooms, used to cheaply process water before it filters back into bay
google  map  photo 
april 2005 by cmillward
Cuba Photos
gorgeous pics from Cuba, with very nice flash interface
photo  photography  web  design 
march 2005 by cmillward
Twombly at the Whitney
"Cy Twombly's art is like Brussels sprouts: It is visually pungent, an acquired taste. Every mark on a Twombly feels like the result of a fight between the artist and his materials."
art  photo  modern  blog 
february 2005 by cmillward
798 factory - a photoset on Flickr
"798 factory is an old factory in the period of planned,it has been the center of Beijing modern art."
photo  china  art 
february 2005 by cmillward
kid eating a 20x20 in-n-out burger
and then the consequences... [photos]
photo  food  humour 
january 2005 by cmillward
Movements of Air
Etienne-Jules Marey (1830-1904) Photographer of Fluids
art  photo 
november 2004 by cmillward
look at that hair!
picture of guy from Super Furry Animals
photo  filetype:jpg  media:image 
november 2004 by cmillward
Above the Eye of Hurricane Ivan
A beautiful picture of Ivan from space... my current wallpaper.
hurricane  nasa  photo  filetype:jpg  media:image 
september 2004 by cmillward
SUV takes plunge in Hawai'i Kai
"A sport utility vehicle had just crashed through her fence, rolled across her patio deck and into her backyard swimming pool.

She watched, stunned, as the vehicle began to sink."
news  photo 
july 2004 by cmillward
See & snap. Drag & drop. A photoblog for the rest of us. And (not quite) free.
blog  photo  webdev 
june 2004 by cmillward

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