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Top 10 Reasons Why The BMI Is Bogus [NPR]
"Americans keep putting on the pounds — at least according to a report released this week from the Trust for America's Health. The study found that nearly two-thirds of states now have adult obesity rates above 25 percent.

But you may want to take those findings — and your next meal — with a grain of salt, because they're based on a calculation called the body mass index, or BMI.

As the Weekend Edition math guy, I spoke to Scott Simon and told him the body mass index fails on 10 grounds"
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july 2009 by cmillward
Adem: Comforting 'Tears' for Yo La Tengo : NPR Music
All in all, it's a faithful tribute, but this "Tears Are in Your Eyes" also functions as a sort of Cliffs Notes to what Adem is all about: a figurative glass of warm milk for a world of nervous stomachs.
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june 2008 by cmillward
NPR : Who Is Singing Me Lullabies?
Oliver Sacks tells a story about a woman who heard loud music (so loud that others had to shout to be heard) that no one else could hear.
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december 2007 by cmillward
KQED Arts & Culture: The Writers' Block: : Manifesto
George Saunders reads a selection from his non-fiction collection, The Braindead Megaphone. In "Manifesto," a press release from the People Reluctant to Kill For An Abstraction (PRKA), the group touts the success of its most recent initiative. (Running Ti
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september 2007 by cmillward - TV News Stars Move to NPR And Sound Off
Network news is increasingly generating prospects for NPR in part because some broadcast journalists think the networks are veering away from serious, in-depth reports.
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january 2006 by cmillward
NPR: All Songs Considered: Special Edition: Directors' Picks
Every director has a favorite button, a piece of music that in a pinch can be counted on to fill the moment. At NPR, directors pick the music and each show has a director, or two.
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december 2005 by cmillward
NPR : 'Huckabees' Composer Juggles Songwriting and Performance
Jon Brion helps shape the careers of music industry pioneers. He composes music for some of Hollywood's most creative directors, and performs in a Los Angeles club every Friday night in front a sellout crowd. Hear NPR's Elizabeth Blair.
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september 2005 by cmillward
NPR : Once Upon a Time, 'Classics' Were Flops
Time has a transformative effect on public and critical tastes for creative efforts. Many works that were poorly regarded upon release are now considered classics.
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august 2005 by cmillward
NPR : 'Batman' Author Frank Miller
interview about Miller's work, Btman, and new movie Batman Beyond
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june 2005 by cmillward
NPR : A Quieter Course for Punk Pioneer Ian MacKaye
NPR on Ian's new band 'the Evens'. is Amy Farina related to Geoff Farina of Karate?
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june 2005 by cmillward

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