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Free Music Archive: Robedoor Live at WFMU (mp3s)
"A couple weeks back LA noise titans slash cultural lynchpins Robedoor did me the honor of recording a live session in WFMU's studios during a rare and excessively brief East Coast tour. Although Robedoor began as a two-piece drone band with dozens of releases on just about every cool noise label out there, the recent addition of Geddes Gengras as a drummer has brought the band closer to the unholy realm of doom metal."
music  mp3  noise  robedoor  experimental  wfmu 
december 2010 by cmillward
YouTube - DAWN OF THE DEAF pt. 1 (by un:ART:ig)
"Dawn of the Deaf deals with the beauty of infernal sonic warfare and the pleasure one finds in getting assaulted with cacophonies of sound until one's ears are reduced to a bloody pulp. Fortunately for those who consider said painfull assaults the epidome of joy, New York City offers a lot of dark and forbidden fruits in its deep down underground nightlife. One of the fascinating aspects of 'noise' events is the likeliness of young talent sharing the stage with unpretentious established artists who are still, and very well for that matter, connected to current avantgarde affairs. Every so often for example one will find the likes of Thurston Moore or Genesis P-Orridge playing or DJ'ing at those off the beaten path lofts. Mind you, not as the headlining act but an opener or collaborator. It is what I call the beauty of a scene that seems to be above tiresome rockstar cliches. Dawn of the Deaf captured what UN:ART:IG believes to be the most interesting of these moments in recent years."
music  film  video  2000s  noise  experimental  live  nyc 
june 2010 by cmillward
Dispersion of Sound Waves in Ice Sheets « silent listening
I made this sound recording of a frozen lake in the winter of 2005/06 in the area around Berlin. Frozen lakes are known to give off most noise during major fluctuations in temperature: the ice expands or contracts, and the resulting tension in the ice causes cracks to appear. Due to the changes in temperature, the hours of morning and evening are usually the best times to hear these sounds.
music  noise  audio  ice  field_recordings 
january 2010 by cmillward
ISIS & Tim Hecker (live 2006)
@ Bleeding Edge Festival 2006 in Saratoga
drone  noise  ambient  isis  live  music  video  tim_hecker  2006 
june 2008 by cmillward
trailer for 'Totally Wired'
A documentary film about Andreas Schneider's infamous 'Schneider's Buero', the boutique electronic musical instrument shop in Berlin.
documentary  trailer  film  music  noise  experimental  2008  video  berlin  germany 
may 2008 by cmillward
Fuck Buttons: Street Horrrsing [Pitchfork]
Rating: 8.6. the tracks I've heard are wonderful.
music  noise  experimental  album  2008 
march 2008 by cmillward
noise/music: a history [serial consign]
Late last year, Paul Hegarty released Noise/Music: A History, a writing project which traces the phenomena of noise across various genres and experimental practices throughout 20th century music.
books  wishlist  music  noise  review  theory  via:cityofsound 
march 2008 by cmillward
Finally found a use for the NY Times (Lily)
Here's a Lily application that let's you "play" the data in a web page like an instrument.
lily  audio  web  apps  noise  visual  video  nyt  instruments  data 
january 2008 by cmillward
YouTube - my white bicycle (godspeed)
a ode to duchamp and the provos and futurism
rideing a bicycle next to a theremin in san francisco art institiutes studio 9, diego riveas painting studio, new genres
video  noise  art  bike  theramin  odd 
november 2007 by cmillward
El Colin’s Bent Guitar
toy guitar into awesomeness, from createdigitalmusic's 2007 circuit bending challenge.
video  noise  circuitbending  awesome  diy  2007  music 
november 2007 by cmillward
John Wiese Video [YouTube]
"amazing. a tour de force in corn consumption and blinking."
noise  music  video  humor  via:dontsave 
october 2007 by cmillward

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