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Conference hack: Embracing the backchannel at Start, by Jeffrey Veen
I realized that the content on stage is merely the spark of a broader conversation, and that the backchannel is rapidly becoming the whole point.
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july 2008 by cmillward
How to Ruin a Joke
"Most of the time, the lowest hanging fruit from the humor tree is plucked, turned into sauce, and dumped in the mouths of eager idiots desperately searching for a wacky new identity."
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may 2008 by cmillward
On Recording Everything [dessalles]
"If everything is recorded, capturing a moment becomes more similar to archeology."
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march 2008 by cmillward
YouTube - No Time to Think
A professor at the UW Information School since 2000-2001, he has been investigating how to restore contemplative balance to a world marked by information overload, fragmented attention, extreme busyness, and the acceleration of everyday life.
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march 2008 by cmillward
The Physics of Information: What the Universe Doesn't Want You to Know [CBC Radio]
"Do ideas about information and reality inspire fruitful new approaches to the hardest problems of modern physics? What can we learn about the paradoxes of quantum mechanics, the beginning of the universe and our understanding of black holes, by thinking
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january 2008 by cmillward
Pay Me for My Content, by Jaron Lanier [New York Times]
"To help writers and artists earn a living online, software engineers and Internet evangelists need to exercise the power they hold as designers. Information is free on the Internet because we created the system to be that way."
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november 2007 by cmillward
Haystack Project
The Haystack Project is investigating approaches designed to let people manage their information in ways that make the most sense to them.
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august 2007 by cmillward
Alex Wright : The Web That Wasn't
I've just posted the slides from my IA Summit presentation via Slideshare:
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march 2007 by cmillward
Endeca Search, Information Access, and Guided Navigation Solutions
the new platform UCF Library catalog will move to in Summer 2007
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march 2007 by cmillward
We Feel Fine / by Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar
a variety of viz (in Processing) that charts the collective mood of bloggers
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december 2006 by cmillward

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