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Re-start: Musical Events [The New Yorker]
this is interesting for the discussion of musical interfaces and the use of laptops in modern music, but this clip includes the word that i've been noticing a lot lately: leitmotifs!
"The band’s music is built around tricky guitar and bass leitmotifs that repeat and interlock in dizzying ways that taunt the very idea of time signatures."
leitmotifs  words  music  2008  laptop  interface  hci  audio 
september 2008 by cmillward
Nostalgy [Thunderbird Add-ons]
Adds keyboard shortcuts to change folder, move/copy messages, with folder name auto-completion (using only the keyboard).
email  thunderbird  extensions  productivity  keyboard  hci 
february 2008 by cmillward
Custom keyboard bindings []
"Adds custom keyboard bindings to any web page. (Some XPath and javascript knowledge required to add new bindings; see source code for details.)"
userscript  web_granularity  hci  keybindings 
february 2008 by cmillward
Life after cyber-death [Economist]
old computers and new low-cost machines using more human friendly linux-based oses. to track and see how gOs does commercially.
2008  gos  computers  linux  via:cityofsound  hci 
january 2008 by cmillward
Is software too soft? [Jon Udell]
If you observe yourself interacting with a computer, you’ll see lots of examples of this kind of thing. The composition and sequence of buttons or bookmarklets in a toolbar is completely arbitrary, but once you’ve created a layout you start to depend
hci  interface  design  programming 
december 2007 by cmillward
Bungee View image collection browser
Bungee View is designed to support non-technical users in gaining an understanding of an image collection as a whole, and in finding patterns in their meta-data, while they search and browse.
apps  hci  ui  viz  metadata  faceted  browsers  images 
october 2007 by cmillward
CoScripter [Mozilla Labs Blog]
CoScripter was created by a research team at IBM led by Allen Cypher, and it allows you to record your actions on the Web, play them back, and share them with others. (formerly know as Koala)
mozilla  firefox  extensions  hci  scripting 
september 2007 by cmillward
Alex Faaborg - » CHI 2007
Here is a quick recap of the sessions and papers from CHI 2007 that are related to Firefox and Web browser UI
firefox  ui  hci  2007 
june 2007 by cmillward
Singing Sock Puppets [Hello. This is Matthew Irvine Brown's portfolio.]
This is a MIDI controller sock puppet. Opening and closing the mouth bends a flex sensor and makes the puppet 'sing' up and down a scale.
music  midi  puppet  ui  hci  learning 
february 2007 by cmillward
Remem: The Remembrance Agent
The Remembrance Agent (Remem) is an Emacs plug-in that watches over your shoulder and suggests information relevant to what you're reading or writing. While search engines help with direct recall, Remem is a tool for associative memory.
memory  emacs  cogsci  affordance  research  hci  ui 
november 2006 by cmillward
Messa di Voce - Tmema / Blonk / La Barbara
An Audiovisual Performance & Installation for Voice and Interactive Media by Golan Levin and Zach Lieberman with Jaap Blonk and Joan La Barbara Created Summer 2003
hci  interaction  processing  viz  art  media  video  performance 
november 2006 by cmillward
Monitor your Linux computer with machine-generated music
Use open source FluidSynth and Perl to create simple tonal compositions representing the status of various parameters in your Linux computer
via:slashdot  perl  music  linux  viz  midi  audio  hci 
november 2006 by cmillward
Alan Kay: Doing with Images Makes Symbols Pt 1
Alan lines up a number of systems including Englebart's Sketchpad, the FlexMachine, the RAND tablet and Smalltalk, all of which were way ahead of their time and demonstrate some concepts not carried through even today.
cs  hci  video  presentation  history  toread  programming  smalltalk 
november 2006 by cmillward
Optimization of Reading
At present, we do not know how to optimize reading via electronic equipment. In this chapter, some considerations that may help us do this in the future will be raised,
1996  hci  reading  interaction  cogsci  design  research  toread 
november 2006 by cmillward
Tangible Play Workshop, IUI 2007
Tangible Play: Research and Design for Tangible and Tabletop Games Workshop at the 2007 Intelligent User Interfaces Conference
game  research  hci  2007  event  tech 
october 2006 by cmillward
Design Observer: writings about design & culture
Artists like Beck, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and The Beastie Boys are realizing that music may be that language and they are writing very elegant code for the human-computer hybrid that is their fan base. As
remix  design  article  music  symbiosis  culture  hci 
october 2006 by cmillward
Schulze & Webb
Jack Schulze and Matt Webb are based in London. Through Schulze & Webb, they work with technology companies to explore opportunistic hacking in networks and physical things.
hci  ui  toread  hacks 
march 2006 by cmillward
moo-like programming environment in python. currently points to the playsh wiki
playsh  moo  apps  python  programming  hci 
march 2006 by cmillward
A Study of Visualisation Tools for the Web (HCI, CHI, web, search engine, search interface, visualization)
Desperately needed are better designed user interfaces that utilise natural language and agent software to guide the user through the iterative process of formulating the query.
web  hci  search  article  toread  research  nlp  ui 
march 2006 by cmillward
Mozilla Update :: Extensions -- More Info:Stack Style Tabs - All Releases
Changes the behavior of switching tabs by "Ctrl-Tab(Command-Tab)" like "Alt-Tab" in Windows. This shows a list of tabs when you press "Ctrl" or "Command" key.
firefox  extensions  hci  ui 
february 2006 by cmillward
Home - Raskin Center
At the moment, Archy Alpha Release is a proof-of-concept product that represents years of research into how the mind works. It brings the power of science to user interface design, with the goal of making the computer interface as simple as possible.
apps  hci  ui 
january 2006 by cmillward
Tool Time at Pixar
If you were in the Pixar screening room where director Brad Bird regularly reviewed images for The Incredibles, you would have seen a cool, new tool in action — the Review Sketch tool. This tool literally allowed Bird to draw on top of a projected image
design  hci  film 
april 2005 by cmillward
Dasher Project
Zooming interface, alternate to keyboard input! Very interesting! Predictive text.
apps  eola  hci  nlp 
august 2004 by cmillward
Typewriter that sends email
Project called '22pop' to help mother send email.
culture  hci  via:kottke 
august 2004 by cmillward
Garnet Hertz -
Experiments in computer/machine intereaction with the people/animals.
art  biotech  hci 
august 2004 by cmillward
UIs of the Future: Ion, Emacs
A blog entry discussing UI...
emacs  hci  ion  ui 
june 2004 by cmillward
Ludonauts: Just Go For A Walk: Non-Competitive Gaming
Mario reduced to a continual walk, with no game challenges, but still with the time limit and inevitable death at the end. How people reacted.
hci  social 
june 2004 by cmillward

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