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Pitch Deck by Fred Benenson — Kickstarter
Pitch Deck is a game where you and your friends make ridiculous, creative pitches for objectively bad startup ideas.

The concept is super simple—combine a Pitch card from your hand with a Company card on the table to create a new business. Then everyone makes a quick elevator pitch describing what their company does. One person plays an investor, who decides which company everyone will secretly fund that round. At the end of the game, the funding amounts are revealed, and there are two winners: the person who pitched the most valuable company and the person who invested the most in that company.
january 2017 by cmillward - The Weblog
Oh god. I'm not a huge fan of games that use jump-out-of-your-seat tactics and pitch-black darkness as a way of creating horror and tension - if I'm going to do horror, it has to be genuinely scary. Andrew Shouldice's Hide, created for the Super Friendship Club's Justice Pageant, features plenty of lights in the darkness - and you spend the whole time trying to run away from them.

Finding yourself in a field at night time, with sirens blaring away in the distance, you're left to explore the surrounding area and work out a means of escape. I won't go into any more detail than that, as I really don't want to spoil anything. It's gorgeously, terrifyingly atmospheric, and demands 10 minutes of your time.

Go give it a download from the SFC forums. (Cheers Ian!)
indie  games 
august 2011 by cmillward
Richard Garfield [HiLobrow]
"Mathematics, with all its insights into hidden dimensions and worlds impossible or unseen, can appear a lot like magic to the mere mortal, and the purveyors of the dark arts of numbers a bit like wizards. RICHARD GARFIELD (born 1963) combined math and magic with a tincture of luck to create Magic: The Gathering, a card game played by 6 million people across the world. In 1993, The University of Pennsylvania doctorate holder teamed with a tiny company, Wizards of the Coast, to unleash a game as creative as it was retrograde."
people  hilobrow  games  magic_tg 
june 2010 by cmillward
Harmonix Music Systems - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
really interesting story, I had no idea. they also employ a ton of band members. impressive.
games  business  music  harmonix 
september 2009 by cmillward
Cobra (Zorn) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Cobra is an unpublished but recorded and frequently performed musical composition by John Zorn that was conceived as a system with very detailed rules but with no pre-conceived sequence of events, or game piece, for a group of musical improvisors and a prompter.[1][2][3] Zorn completed Cobra on October 9, 1984. The composition consists of a set of cues notated on cards, and rules corresponding to the cues that direct the players what to do. The number of players, instrumentation, and length of the piece is indeterminate. Because there is no traditional musical notation and the players improvise, the piece may sound radically different from performance to performance."
music  experimental  games  jazz  improv  1984  composition 
september 2009 by cmillward
MTV To Launch New Track Upload Program For 'Rock Band'
"By contrast, MTV wants "Rock Band" to become a platform for music distribution, using its interactive features to lure music fans who otherwise may not be buying music.

"Recorded music on its own no longer leads the charge for artists," MTV's DeGooyer says. "It's now this aggregated value proposition of recorded music, touring, merch, branding, Web presence and now videogames . . . If we get this right, music creators will start to think about what they're releasing in terms of interactivity.""
music  rock_band  games  business  publishing  diy  2009 
july 2009 by cmillward
Jeff Crouse » Archive » The World Series of ‘Tubing
"YouTube War is an augmented reality card game that is played in front of a live audience. Before each game, in an offstage bullpen, two players select five videos that make up their hand. They are each given a special visor and 5 cards. Each card is printed with a special marker on the front that can be detected by the webcam mounted on the table. The players take their seats at the ‘Tubing table and and look into their private monitor, where they see their 5 videos playing on their cards.

After a countdown, both players put a card into the “ring” – in front of the main camera. In a large projection behind the players, the videos plays on the cards as if they were attached. Player B then chooses and throws down one of his cards, which also plays in the large projection..."
awesome  eyebeam  apps  youtube  games 
july 2009 by cmillward
Lost Garden: Flash Love Letter (2009) Part 1
"Flash games are currently the ghetto of the game development industry. Compared to the number of players it serves, the Flash game ecosystem makes little money, launches few careers, and sustains few developer owned businesses. Despite the vast potential of the ecosystem, Flash games contribute surprisingly little to the advancement of game design as an art or a craft.
In order to understand why this promising game platform is such a surprising dissapointment, we'll look at Flash games from three perspective"
money  flash  business  games  web 
july 2009 by cmillward
Gamerizon / QuantZ The Game

QuantZ. A unique game with a twist on Action-Puzzler, Match-3 and Marble Popper genres. The Gameplay is simple yet addictive: you have the power to control a cube with your mouse and drop marbles onto it. Create explosions of colors, chain reactions and win special marbles. Will you successfully travel through all levels, visit new shapes and unlock special marbles?"
lisp  games  puzzle 
june 2009 by cmillward
Weekend-Long Games? [Ask Metafilter]
What are your favorite long-form parlor games? Something that lasts hours or days (that would be appropriate for a weekend at a beach house, like I'm doing on Mem Day weekend). We don't want to buy anything, like the murder-mystery games packets you can buy online.
social  games  via:aboss  lists  free  parlor_games 
june 2009 by cmillward
In Praise of the 3-Hour Game
In contrast, The Maw felt like the perfect length — because the game ends precisely at the moment that your learning curve flattens out. After three hours, I felt like I'd figured out every permutation of weird trick I could pull with my ever-expanding Maw — so when the ending arrived, my brain felt perfectly exercised.

The Maw's designers understood that a campaign-style game isn't merely about keeping players going by offering them more story or more environment. It's about keeping them going by offering new wrinkles in the play. If designers run out of play before they run out of story, the game dies.
author:clive_thompson  games  gaming  design  play  the_maw 
march 2009 by cmillward
Parent of gamer asks his son to honor the Geneva Conventions [Boing Boing]
this is awesome. upon reading the headline, i was sure it was going to link to the onion, but actually really neat.
games  parenting  war  violence 
february 2009 by cmillward
Bat and Trap
"This game is still played in Kent, and as far as I can gather, nowhere else. Shortly it will be played in Christchurc, New Zealand"
video  games  uk  bat_and_trap 
february 2009 by cmillward
Bat and trap
Bat and trap is an ancient English ball game related to cricket and played at country pubs in the county of Kent.
games  uk  gadgets  bat_and_trap 
february 2009 by cmillward
Nintendo Patent Reveals Potential Paradigm Shift in Design
The new system, described in a patent filed by Nintendo Creative Director Shigeru Miyamoto on June 30, 2008, but made public today, looks to solve the issue of casual gamers losing interest in a game before they complete it, while still maintaining the interest of hardcore gamers.

The solution would turn a game into a full-length cut scene of sorts, allowing players to jump into and out of the action whenever they wanted.
games  design  interest 
january 2009 by cmillward
auntie pixelante › rockman 2 neta
instead of having each robot wait for megaman alone in a room, why doesn’t doctor wily just have them all jump him at once?
megaman  games  hack  humor 
january 2009 by cmillward
Timothy McSweeney's Internet Tendency: Short Imagined Monologues
"Son, you may not share my genetic material, but that doesn't mean I'm going to let you grow up this way. So start a new game, select the farmer, try to think like Michael Phelps, and let's see how many buffalo we can kill on the way to Oregon. "
oregon_trail  humor  via:cory_arcangel  mcsweeneys  games 
january 2009 by cmillward
The Video-Game Programmer Saving Our 21st-Century Souls
Jason Rohrer's solitary and stubborn quest for a future in which pixels and code and computers will make you cry and feel and love
games  design  jason_rohrer  art  videogames  future  culture 
december 2008 by cmillward
Sleater-Kinney's guitarist tests out Rock Band. - By Carrie Brownstein [Slate Magazine]
"When I looked carefully, I realized I was having a party where people were sitting around playing video games. And, really, if you are going to play [Rock Band] with a group of friends for more than a night, shouldn't you just form a real band? There is something sad about the thought of four teenagers getting Rock Band for Christmas and spending all of their after-school time pretending to know how to play."
rock_band  video  games  music  2007  advice  review 
november 2008 by cmillward
The Unfinished Swan
The Unfinished Swan is a first-person painting game set in an entirely white world.
Players can splatter paint to help them find their way through an unusual garden.

The game is still in development and no release plans have been announced.
Our goal is to have a near-finished version ready by March of 2009.
It's being created in XNA.
art  games  video 
october 2008 by cmillward
Cave Story on WiiWare: Confirmed
In a new press release issued today, Nintendo of America has confirmed that Pixel's popular platformer will be arriving on the WiiWare platform this coming holiday. No specific date or price revealed yet, although it's stated that the game will feature new and exclusive content not found in the freeware version.
indie  games  wii 
october 2008 by cmillward
Difficulty is Difficult: Designing for Hard Modes in Games [Gamasutra]
Difficulty modes in games are rarely discussed as an important factor in our business. In some games, they are well-thought out additions, built for the hardcore players. In other games, these modes are an afterthought, provided to appease a publisher, or as an attempt to provide direction to multiple audiences attracted by the same product.
design  games  interface 
september 2008 by cmillward
Play With Spider - Flash 3D [OneMotion]
An experimental project to make a natural spider in Flash.
flash  games  animals  spider 
september 2008 by cmillward
How Videogames Blind Us With Science [Games Without Frontiers]
That's when it hit her: The kids were practicing science.

They were using the scientific method. They'd think of a hypothesis -- This boss is really susceptible to fire spells -- and then collect evidence to see if the hypothesis was correct. If it wasn't, they'd improve it until it accounted for the observed data.
science  games  education  learning  videogames  scientific_method 
september 2008 by cmillward
mysqlgame - shard 4
Are you tired of browser-based games that are thinly veiled interfaces for databases? Finally, there's a game that just is a database!

THRILL as you insert your very own row in the "rows" table!

With careful selection of SQL queries, you will soon have three or even four-digit numbers in some of the fields in your row! Other queries may allow you to use those numbers to subtract numbers from rows entered by other players -- all while pushing the numbers in your own row even higher!

As you master the game, you may find that you have inserted not just one row into the game, but several!
games  sql  mysqml  db 
august 2008 by cmillward
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