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Decoder Magazine » Video Premiere: Takahiro Mukai – “#091311″
Takahiro Mukai seems to be riding a rising wave of hypnotic and skewered dance music of late, with a string of necessary tapes on some of our favorite imprints, including Paralaxe Editions and Harsh Riddims. The Osaka-based producer now returns with what might be his most anticipated outting yet. Lovingly titled “#091311,” this new track is a standalone entry featured on Launch Compilation, a utilitarian rundown of sounds christening Speaker Footage, a “new sister imprint to Phinery will be focusing more on beat-driven and somehow darker sounds.” Directed by  Nikola Akileus (Ichtyor Tides), the video for ”#091311″ plays up the manic focus and pummeling minimalism of Mukai’s trademark dance music. Blipy glitches rail against one another in a caustic heap of rhythmic noise while various pops and blips assemble in an arresting line of melody. Akileus doubles down on the sensory assault, arranging a series of CGI blocks in an anxious choreograph that unsettles as much as it does placates the narrative. All of this visual hysteria perfectly compliments Mukai’s mutant throbs and agile edits. Look for the compilation to drop next month on a snazzy double-cassette package, which also includes exclusive material from MMMOOONNNOOO, AyGeeTee, Siobhan, GLIA, Head Dress, Birdy Earns, and Low Flung.
music  video  experimental 
may 2015 by cmillward
Other Works - Root Blog
Roberto Cacciapaglia
Sonanze/Sonances And Other Works 1972 – 1975
Proper CD, 2000
music  experimental 
december 2012 by cmillward
Split | : EN / Jefre Cantu-Ledesma [constellation tatsu]
In preparation for their Japan tour with Grouper in April 2012, En (Maxwell August Croy & James Devane) defined the genesis for ‘Blood’. Upon returning home, ideas developed from their performances were fleshed out and a new organism birthed. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma was sent parts of the completed En track, which he used to create ‘Blood Variations’.
music  sf  jefre_cantue_ledesma  en  experimental  albums  split  2012 
november 2012 by cmillward
East Village Radio -> News -> Exclusive: Preview the First Ever Collaboration Between Loren Connors & Bill Orcutt [VIDEO]
This past summer, at the suggestion of No Neck Blues Band’s Keith Connolly, fellow guitar deconstructionists Loren Connors and Bill Orcutt collaborated for the first time ever. The two travelers met in Georgia—not the state, but the multi-purpose studio housed in the Man Chee Dramatic & Benevolent Association in NYC’s Chinatown—and did some serious conjuring. Black Dirt Studio operator Jason Meagher (also of K. Salvatore and NNCK) was on hand at this momentous occasion to capture the proceedings for his NATCH series and the results are nothing short of transcendent. The entire session will be made available for free at the end of October on the NATCH website and the Free Music Archive, but you can preview this meeting of the spirits right now via the video below, which was shot and edited by Brian Close and Justin Tripp.
music  experimental  bill_orcutt 
october 2012 by cmillward
Experimental ½ Hour - Episode XXVIII: Merv on Vimeo
Merv, a self-help guru, presents guided counseling for his followers.

For more information on Merv please visit


© 2012 Experimental ½ Hour

Produced by
Eva Aguila & Brock Fansler

Produced for through the facilities of
Portland Community Media - Portland, Oregon -
music  video  matt_carlson  experimental 
january 2012 by cmillward
Playlist for Brian Turner - July 12, 2011
July 12, 2011: special: Experimental cassette culture w/RYAN MARTIN from DAIS Records
music  wfmu  playlist  experimental  tapes 
august 2011 by cmillward
Audium is the only theatre of its kind in the world, pioneering the exploration of space in music. The theatre's 176 speakers bathe listeners in sounds that move past, over, and under them. "Sound sculptures" are performed in darkness in the 49-seat theatre.

When the concept of AUDIUM began taking shape in the late 1950's, space was a largely unexplored dimension in music composition. The composer who suspected space capable of revealing a new musical vocabulary found his pursuit blocked by the inadequacy of audio technology and performance spaces.

Because of an unusual combination of art and technology -- AUDIUM's creators, composer Stan Shaff and equipment designer Doug McEachern, were both professional musicians -- AUDIUM's conception and realization were able to evolve jointly. AUDIUM is the only theatre anywhere constructed specifically for sound movement, utilizing the entire environment as a compositional tool.
music  art  sf  travel  experimental 
july 2011 by cmillward


Follow up to the 2010 full length "Realms Of The Queen" released on Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace label is the psychedelic/ambient/sci fi/black metal masterpiece "TRVTH" encased in an incredible full color gatefold designed by Kevin Gan Yuen (Sutekh Hexen, Viral Optic) and mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin.

Edtion: 250 (125 classic black, 125 pink with mint green splatter), insert. We will include a free copy of the Servile Sect 2010 "Realms Of The Queen" CD with any order placed before July 1, 2011.
music  metal  experimental  wishlist 
july 2011 by cmillward
Electric Totem › Evan Caminiti-Distant Lights-Trensmat 022
Happy to announce a new release- the first 7″ ever affiliated with Electric Totem, on the awesome Tresmat label from Ireland. These two new pieces are fuzz damaged, cosmic guitar reveries recorded in December. April release. Preorder now: tr022.html
music  drone  evan_caminiti  experimental  vinyl  wishlist 
march 2011 by cmillward
Benefit for the Recovery in Japan - Various Artists
Benefit for the Recovery in Japan is a compilation album dedicated to the victims and survivors, their families, and the aid workers courageously struggling to deal with the aftermath of the earthquake, resulting tsunami, and nuclear emergency that occurred on March 11th, 2011 in Japan. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this compilation will go directly towards the recovery and relief effort. The album features the contributions of sixty-four artists from around the world and clocks in at nearly five hours of music.
music  drone  experimental  japan 
march 2011 by cmillward
Adventures In Modern Music 03 March 2011 [The Wire]
Talking guitars with Bill Orcutt, live on the line from San Francisco
bill_orcutt  wire  interview  audio  music  guitar  experimental 
march 2011 by cmillward
KILLED in CARS · Here is a very cool submission from PZ. I...
Here is a very cool submission from PZ. I absolutely hound him to submit more of this stuff. I can’t really advertise his Facebook page, but needless to say, this guy must have the best favorites on his Vimeo and YouTube profile. That he took the time to submit this (as a former KiC mainstay) warms my heart. Important, given the coldness of this piece. Locrian is a very new act for me, though (if I’m remembering right) I checked out their 2010 album. Noisy, drone-y, dark ambient, basically.
music  video  viz  locrian  experimental 
january 2011 by cmillward
Free Music Archive: Robedoor Live at WFMU (mp3s)
"A couple weeks back LA noise titans slash cultural lynchpins Robedoor did me the honor of recording a live session in WFMU's studios during a rare and excessively brief East Coast tour. Although Robedoor began as a two-piece drone band with dozens of releases on just about every cool noise label out there, the recent addition of Geddes Gengras as a drummer has brought the band closer to the unholy realm of doom metal."
music  mp3  noise  robedoor  experimental  wfmu 
december 2010 by cmillward
Brave Mysteries
metal/avant-metal cassette label, putting out a Horseback album
music  cassettes  label  metal  horseback  experimental 
december 2010 by cmillward
digiv028: gärden sound "black summit LP $15 / $18 / $26
When it comes to blown-out psychedelia, the first current band I want to hear is Eternal Tapestry. When it comes to desolate desert blues, that band is Barn Owl. Those are two pretty potent names in the world of experimental music right now so when 4/5 of them join up for some Portland sessions, that's good news for us all. Gärden Sound is the quartet of Dewey Mahood and Jed Bindeman of Eternal Tapestry (as well as Plankton Wat & Heavy Winged, respectively) and Jon Porras and Evan Caminiti of Barn Owl. "Black Summit" is their first charcoal-lined foray into the deep and if you can't get lost in this haze, there's not much hope.
music  albums  2010  experimental  guitar 
november 2010 by cmillward
RV Paintings
Samoa Highway
LP / Digital Download

Release Date: October 26, 2010

Vinyl available through the Helen Scarsdale Agency: $15.00
music  albums  experimental  drone  2010 
november 2010 by cmillward
BAM/PFA - L@TE - Hauntology
October 29, 2010; 7:30 p.m.; Gallery B

Start off the Halloween weekend with an evening of hauntological sounds, spirited discussions, and phantasmagorical projections. The spectral sounds of Portland-based Indignant Senility, and Bay-area based artists Barn Owl, Jim Haynes, and Marielle Jakobsons provide a haunting sonic backdrop for multiple film, slide, and video projections, many from the PFA Collection, plus a ghostly procession by the Theater for Charity, and other tricks and treats. Ghost costumes are encouraged, and may be worn in Gallery B!

This event is programmed in conjunction with the exhibition Hauntology. The L@TE event is preceded at 6 p.m. by an an interdisciplinary introduction to the exhibition, also in Gallery B. Poet and writer David Brazil, Stanford professor of English Terry Castle, and artist and web designer Josh On explore the implications of hauntology—how the past is haunted by both the present and the future—for visual art and beyond.
events  art  barn_owl  music  experimental  2010 
october 2010 by cmillward
SOLARIS - Ben Frost's Myspace Blog |
"The seed of MUSIC FOR SOLARIS began simply enough with Ben Frost’s dissatisfaction with the original score for the Tarkovsky film. “I always felt that Russian composer Eduard Artemyev's score compounded the external, science fiction elements of the story rather than exploring the internal, the human,” he says. With a commission from Krakow’s Unsound Festival – based in the very birthplace of Stanislaw Lem’s novel – Frost found himself with the opportunity of working with Sinfonietta Cracovia. Soon enough, he had also recruited his friend and Bedroom Community labelmate, Icelandic composer / conductor Daniel Bjarnason.

The basis for the work is originally a direct dialogue with Tarkovsky’s Solaris, with Frost and Bjarnason improvising to film images on prepared piano and heavily processed electric guitars. Reacting to one another, they also remained tied to Tarkovsky's realization of the narrative – which, in turn, was of course drawn from Lem’s book."
music  film  ben_frost  solaris  2011  experimental 
october 2010 by cmillward
Tom McCarthy, Lydia Davis, Ben Brooks: is experimental fiction making a comeback? [The Observer]
"William Skidelsky looks at the resurgence of literary experimentation, and the writers on radical form"
literature  books  experimental  fiction  interview  2010 
august 2010 by cmillward
Keith Rowe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Keith Rowe (born March 16, 1940 in Plymouth, England) is an English free improvisation tabletop guitarist and painter. Rowe is a founding member of both the hugely influential AMM in the mid-1960s (though in 2004 he quit that group for the second time) and M.I.M.E.O. Having trained as a visual artist, Rowe's paintings have been featured on most of his own albums. After years of obscurity, Rowe has achieved a level of relative notoriety, and since the late 1990s has kept up a busy recording and touring schedule. He is seen as a godfather of EAI (electroacoustic improvisation), with many of his recent recordings having been released by Erstwhile Records."
guitar  guitarists  experimental  music  people  improv 
july 2010 by cmillward
YouTube - DAWN OF THE DEAF pt. 1 (by un:ART:ig)
"Dawn of the Deaf deals with the beauty of infernal sonic warfare and the pleasure one finds in getting assaulted with cacophonies of sound until one's ears are reduced to a bloody pulp. Fortunately for those who consider said painfull assaults the epidome of joy, New York City offers a lot of dark and forbidden fruits in its deep down underground nightlife. One of the fascinating aspects of 'noise' events is the likeliness of young talent sharing the stage with unpretentious established artists who are still, and very well for that matter, connected to current avantgarde affairs. Every so often for example one will find the likes of Thurston Moore or Genesis P-Orridge playing or DJ'ing at those off the beaten path lofts. Mind you, not as the headlining act but an opener or collaborator. It is what I call the beauty of a scene that seems to be above tiresome rockstar cliches. Dawn of the Deaf captured what UN:ART:IG believes to be the most interesting of these moments in recent years."
music  film  video  2000s  noise  experimental  live  nyc 
june 2010 by cmillward
Pitchfork: Resonant Frequency: Resonant Frequency #69
Back on the Rails: Seven Thoughts on the Return of Godspeed You! Black Emperor
gsybe  music  2010  toread  experimental  mark_richardson 
april 2010 by cmillward
Pitchfork: Columns: The Out Door #2
Welcome to the second installment of "The Out Door", our monthly column in which staffers Marc Masters and Grayson Currin attempt to connect some of the outliers-- records and artists that don't always fall within the general indie purview-- to what else you might be hearing. This time around, we explore the underground worlds of noise-rock, sound art, and improvisation. We offer an extended conversation with Chicago noise/metal alchemists Locrian; a video podcast with words and sounds from Baltimore laptop collagist Jason Urick; and a wide-ranging chat with veteran composer, improviser, and collaborator Zeena Parkins. And we kick things off with musings on the massive annual festival South By Southwest, and the way outsider music has become part of its lifeblood.
music  experimental  toread  2010 
april 2010 by cmillward
YouTube - Céleste Boursier-Mougenot at Barbican Centre, London
zebra finches playing the guitar. more interesting video than previous ones I've seen.
music  art  birds  video  guitar  experimental 
march 2010 by cmillward
Cobra (Zorn) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Cobra is an unpublished but recorded and frequently performed musical composition by John Zorn that was conceived as a system with very detailed rules but with no pre-conceived sequence of events, or game piece, for a group of musical improvisors and a prompter.[1][2][3] Zorn completed Cobra on October 9, 1984. The composition consists of a set of cues notated on cards, and rules corresponding to the cues that direct the players what to do. The number of players, instrumentation, and length of the piece is indeterminate. Because there is no traditional musical notation and the players improvise, the piece may sound radically different from performance to performance."
music  experimental  games  jazz  improv  1984  composition 
september 2009 by cmillward
Dax Pierson's muxtape. has a great Eno song.
muxtape  experimental  music 
july 2008 by cmillward
Chronotopic Anamorphosis
The image is digitally manipulated by fragmenting it into horizontal lines and then combining lines from different frames in the display. The result is a distorsion of the figures caused by their motion in time, or, as Brazilian researcher Arlindo Machado
video  experimental  art  processing  apps  time  chronotopic_anamorphosis 
june 2008 by cmillward
Conlon Nancarrow
Nancarrow is best remembered for the pieces he wrote for the player piano. He was one of the first composers to use musical instruments as mechanical machines, making them play far beyond human performance ability.
composition  music  piano  people  composer  player_piano  experimental  avant_garde 
june 2008 by cmillward
The Books: Tokyo []
Birthed from a long tradition of New York experimental music, The Books, with this offering from The Lemon of Pink, bring a new appreciation to the genre and its visualisations.
music  video  the_books  japan  collage  experimental 
june 2008 by cmillward
trailer for 'Totally Wired'
A documentary film about Andreas Schneider's infamous 'Schneider's Buero', the boutique electronic musical instrument shop in Berlin.
documentary  trailer  film  music  noise  experimental  2008  video  berlin  germany 
may 2008 by cmillward
a visual score of György Ligeti's 'Artikulation'
In the 70's, Rainer Wehinger created a visual listening score to accompany Gyorgy Ligeti's Artikulation. I scanned the pages and synchronized them with the music. Enjoy!
ligeti  video  composition  experimental  viz  rainer_wehinger  1970s  music  score 
may 2008 by cmillward
Charlie Rose interviews himself
Using appropriated footage from a single episode of "Charlie Rose," filmmaker Andrew Filippone Jr. creates something both disturbing and farcical in "'Charlie Rose' by Samuel Beckett."
experimental  film  video  via:kottke  surreal  postmodern 
april 2008 by cmillward
Fuck Buttons: Street Horrrsing [Pitchfork]
Rating: 8.6. the tracks I've heard are wonderful.
music  noise  experimental  album  2008 
march 2008 by cmillward
Ocrilim [myspace]
has a new release on Hydrahead 02/05/08, sounds very interesting. pretty much compositions for multiple electric guitars.
metal  experimental  drone  band  music  myspace 
january 2008 by cmillward
Karlheinz Stockhausen, Influential Composer, Dies at 79 [New York Times]
He had taken a leading part in the development of electronic music, and his early instrumental compositions similarly struck out in new directions, in terms of their formal abstraction, rhythmic complexity and startling sound.
music  news  2007  obituary  experimental  composer  people  karlheinz_stockhausen 
december 2007 by cmillward
Karlheinz Stockhausen [Guardian]
Both a rationalist and a mystic, the composer's influence stretched from Boulez to the Beatles
music  news  2007  obituary  experimental  composer  people  karlheinz_stockhausen 
december 2007 by cmillward
Delusion of the Fury - Harry Partch - Music - Review - New York Times
Almost every composer is part inventor. But Harry Partch, the eclectic, visionary and self-taught California-born composer who died at 73 in 1974, was primarily an inventor, in the most creative sense of the term.
harry_partch  music  2007  instruments  experimental  microtonal 
december 2007 by cmillward
American Mavericks: Harry Partch's Instruments
Below you can play the Partch instruments, listen to Partch explain each instrument, and hear musical examples.
harry_partch  instruments  experimental  microtonal  music 
december 2007 by cmillward
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