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Stuart Kauffman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
He is best known for arguing that the complexity of biological systems and organisms might result as much from self-organization and far-from-equilibrium dynamics as from Darwinian natural selection
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march 2008 by cmillward
The Physics of Information: What the Universe Doesn't Want You to Know [CBC Radio]
"Do ideas about information and reality inspire fruitful new approaches to the hardest problems of modern physics? What can we learn about the paradoxes of quantum mechanics, the beginning of the universe and our understanding of black holes, by thinking
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january 2008 by cmillward
Checkers 'solved' after years of number crunching [New Scientist]
The game was killed by the publication of a mathematical proof showing that draughts always results in a draw when neither player makes a mistake.
complexity  ai  proof  math  2007  algorithms  games  cs  checkers 
july 2007 by cmillward
Cameron's Mambo Page
Mambo is a boardless tile-laying game in which players strive to enclose enemy groups in the patterns that emerge.
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july 2007 by cmillward
Challengelist {Searching}
challenging problems in CS, web stuff
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july 2007 by cmillward
21st Annual ACM Symposium on Computational Geometry
has a list of publications to look at as jumping off points for complexity analysis
2005  complexity  conference  cs 
july 2007 by cmillward
Computational Complexity; Problem Hierarchy
"There are three dimensions of problem complexity, time, space, and politics. In computer science, computational complexity refers to the first two dimensions, time and space. Problems having a social aspect often have a political dimension that requires
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july 2007 by cmillward
Open Problems in Number Theoretic Complexity, II - Adleman, McCurley (ResearchIndex)
this paper contains a list of 36 open problems in numbertheoretic complexity.
1994  complexity  math  cs  theory  research 
july 2007 by cmillward
The Open Problems Project
This is the beginning of a project to record open problems of interest to researchers in computational geometry and related fields.
complexity  cs  theory  lists  open 
july 2007 by cmillward
PSU CS410/510 Combinatorial Games
This course covers the theory and practice of finding optimal and satisfying solutions to one-player and two-player combinatorial games,
cs  theory  algorithms  complexity  games  courses 
june 2007 by cmillward
Knowledge, Understanding, and Computational Complexity
[pdf] very interesting refutation of Searle's Chinese room mental exercise. Searle’s arguments that intelligence cannot arise from formal programs are
refuted by arguing that his analogies and thought-experiments are fundamentally
flawed: he imagines
paper  research  cogsci  complexity  ai  1997  filetype:pdf  media:document 
june 2007 by cmillward
UCF Library Catalog - Holdings
Barton, G. Edward.: Computational complexity and natural language / Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c1987.
books  research  nlp  complexity 
june 2007 by cmillward
Fall 2006 - CS 290/577: Language, Parsing, and Complexity
a list of academic papers on complexity in computational linguistics
complexity  theory  parsing  nlp  linguistics  research  lists  cs 
june 2007 by cmillward
My Biased Coin
blog by a "Professor of Computer Science at Harvard University. A theorist by training, but always looking to expand my work into other areas."
blog  complexity  cs 
june 2007 by cmillward
notes about the Proceedings of the 1st symposium on the Complexity of Computer Computations
The symposium held March 20-22, 1972 at IBM Yorktown marked a shift in theoretical computer science towards more algorithms and complexity from logic, automata and grammars.
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june 2007 by cmillward
COS 522: Complexity Theory - Spring 2007.
has examples of LaTeX source for formatting computational complexity proofs.
cs  complexity  cot6410  latex 
may 2007 by cmillward
Rationale for a Large Text Compression Benchmark
The Large Text Compression Benchmark and the Hutter Prize are designed to encourage research in natural language processing (NLP). I argue that compressing, or equivalently, modeling natural language text is "AI-hard".
ai  nlp  toread  compression  wikipedia  aihard  computational  complexity 
september 2006 by cmillward

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