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Introducing the Bespin Bookmarklet [Mozilla Labs]
The new Bespin Bookmarklet lets you use the Bespin editor to edit code or other text on any page with a textarea.
bespin  bookmarklet  editors  mozilla  textarea  html  javascript 
july 2010 by cmillward
Google Site Search bookmarklet [HubLog]
Here's an update of an existing Google Site Search bookmarklet: it lets you search the current site—using Google—for a) the currently selected text, b) entered search terms or c) all pages.
bookmarklet  search  google  web 
march 2008 by cmillward
mux it video converter bookmarklets by cruxy
A mux it! bookmarklet that lets you send a page you're viewing to Mux for transcoding in one click.
bookmarklet  video  conversion 
march 2007 by cmillward
Make.text is a bookmarklet for turning a web page into Markdown syntax.
bookmarklet  markdown  web  markup 
october 2006 by cmillward

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