[1411.1209] MultiQueues: Simpler, Faster, and Better Relaxed Concurrent Priority Queues
Priority queues with parallel access are an attractive data structure for applications like prioritized online scheduling, discrete event simulation, or branch-and-bound. However, a classical priority queue constitutes a severe bottleneck in this context, leading to very small throughput. Hence, there has been significant interest in concurrent priority queues with a somewhat relaxed semantics where deleted elements only need to be close to the minimum. In this paper we present a very simple approach based on multiple sequential priority queues. It turns out to outperform previous more complicated data structures while at the same time improving the quality of the returned elements.
concurrency  algorithms 
5 weeks ago
Kafka tools and examples built on top of the sarama package.


consumergroup: Distributed Kafka consumer, backed by Zookeeper, supporting load balancing and offset persistence, as defined by the Kafka documentation: https://kafka.apache.org/documentation.html#distributionimpl.
golang  kafka  libs 
9 weeks ago
poetryarchive.org | Poetry archive
My eldest brother is a doctor - I was a schoolboy when he was a medical student and one day he came back from working in the operating theatre in Cardiff when he was a dresser to a well-known brain surgeon by the name of Lambert Rogers. He came back as I say and told us a very strange story, a haunting story, and years passed and it still haunted me and eventually I put down what he said in this poem. You ought to know that brain surgery is done under a local anaesthetic - it was so since the First World War, this for blood pressure reasons. The operation in question took place in 1938 when they didn't have the scanning devices they now have which can pick out a lesion in the brain very cleverly, whereas in the past sometimes a surgeon, searching for the tumour or whatever it was, broke down more brain tissue than was necessary. 'In the theatre' - a true incident.
11 weeks ago
Black Leather Tri-Pocket Jacket w/ Asymmetrical High Collar, Ribbed Hemline, and Extended Sleeve
Antique cow hide, Japanese screenprinted cotton lining.
12 weeks ago
Bloop - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bloop was an ultra-low-frequency and extremely powerful underwater sound detected by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in 1997. The sound was consistent with the noises generated by icequakes in large icebergs, or large icebergs scraping the ocean floor.
audio  sound 
12 weeks ago
9th Ave: John Darnielle & Robin Sloan | Green Apple Books
Please join us at Green Apple Books On The Park on Monday, September 29th at 7pm as we celebrate the release of John Darnielle’s (of The Mountain Goats) debut novel, Wolf in the White Van. He will be in conversation with Robin Sloan (Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore).
sf  events  2014 
12 weeks ago
tungsten-replicator - A high performance, open source, data replication engine for MySQL - Google Project Hosting
Tungsten Replicator is an open source replication engine supporting a variety of different extractor and applier modules. Data can be extracted from MySQL, Oracle and Amazon RDS, and applied to transactional stores, including MySQL, Oracle, and Amazon RDS; NoSQL stores such as MongoDB, and datawarehouse stores such as Vertica, InfiniDB, and Hadoop.

During replication, Tungsten Replication assigns data a unique global transaction ID, and enables flexible statement and/or row-based replication of data. This enables data to be exchanged between different databases and different database versions. During replication, information can be filtered and modified, and deployment can be between on-premise or cloud-based databases. For performance, Tungsten Replicator includes support for parallel replication, and advanced topologies such as fan-in, star and multi-master, and can be used efficiently in cross-site deployments.

Tungsten Replicator is the core foundation for Continuent Tungsten clustering solution for HA, DR and geographically distributed solutions.
mysql  replication 
september 2014
vitess/primecache.go at master · youtube/vitess · GitHub
// primecache primes the MySQL buffer cache with the rows that are
// going to be modified by the replication stream. It only activates
// if we're falling behind on replication.
db  vitess  mysql 
september 2014
Sidekiq is a full-featured background processing framework for Ruby. It aims to be simple to integrate with any modern Rails application and much higher performance than other existing solutions.
september 2014
[1406.2294] A Fast, Minimal Memory, Consistent Hash Algorithm
We present jump consistent hash, a fast, minimal memory, consistent hash algorithm that can be expressed in about 5 lines of code. In comparison to the algorithm of Karger et al., jump consistent hash requires no storage, is faster, and does a better job of evenly dividing the key space among the buckets and of evenly dividing the workload when the number of buckets changes. Its main limitation is that the buckets must be numbered sequentially, which makes it more suitable for data storage applications than for distributed web caching.
research  caching  hashing  algorithm 
august 2014
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