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Wine & Liquor Store in Jersey City, NJ 07310 - Jersey City Super Buy-Rite
This place was good for delivery. Note, they only deliver to JC and Hoboken.
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october 2018 by cmananian
Discount Cheap Prices Liquor DC | Rare Bourbon | Small Batch Liqueurs - Hop, Cask & Barrel
Try this place for sending booze long distance. Owner/manager's name is Krishna, nice guy. NEVER USE VIVINO AGAIN.
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october 2018 by cmananian
If you got accidentally thrown back to like the medieval era, people wouldn't think you're a genius for knowing that the earth revolves around the sun and stuff. They'd think you're a moron for speaking weird and having no idea how to run a farm. : Shower
I hate to burst your bubble but: food in medieval times wasn't shitty because people were morons. It was because there was no good food around in Europe.

Salt was prohibitively expensive because it had to be harvested from the ocean by sun-drying the water. Only advanced mining gear from the industrial period made digging for rock salt feasible.

Pepper originally comes from Asia and is the product of extensive selective breeding.

So that's just the basic spices out. There's lots of tasty fruit and vegetables around, right? No, not really: Tomato, maize, beans, banana, avocado, potato... none of them from the old word. You won't even be able to make fucking French Fries because of no salt and no potato.

That leaves you with the same shitty ingredients as everyone else: various types of grain, root vegetables, deer which you can't hunt if you are not a noble, or the occasional pig or beef. But basically you are stuck with either fried meats or grain-based foods because there's no interesting spices and barely any vegetables around.

You could make the argument that the age of Colonialism was basically just Europe's Quest to escape porridge.
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july 2018 by cmananian
What question do you ask a date to get a genuine insight into who they are? : AskReddit
Edit: amongst Mexicans, you can tell what region someone is from by how they eat their menudo. Apparently, only norteños eat their menudo with bread (the way god intended). Also, what constitutes a quesadilla and whether a quesadilla is supposed to have cheese or not.
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july 2018 by cmananian
DNA Analysis Of Ancient Excrement Reveals The Diets Of Centuries Past : The Salt : NPR
Just another reminder that living in the 21st century is fucking awesome.
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april 2018 by cmananian
History of the word "tea": How the word "tea" spread over land and sea — Quartz
With a few minor exceptions, there are really only two ways to say “tea” in the world. One is like the English term—té in Spanish and tee in Afrikaans are two examples. The other is some variation of cha, like chay in Hindi.
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january 2018 by cmananian
Stop Spending Money on Food! -- BUY A CROCKPOT : personalfinance
"Wait. Where did all my money go? And how the hell did I gain 40 pounds in six months? If you're nodding your head you've fallen into the brand-new-job-big-salary-eat-out-because-I-can trap. And you have to stop it. It's killing your bank account, it's killing your financial freedom and it's killing you. (Literally--I was on the edge of type 2 diabetes and had hyperglycemia during routine physicals.)"

This person is a good writer.
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october 2017 by cmananian
A refugee-run grocery story has revitalized a Pennsylvania food desert like never before
"The timing was right - a large number of Erie residents are immigrants and refugees, Upreti noted, explaining he serves roughly 15,000 people in Erie. Roughly 20,000 residents are immigrants, and 10,000 of those are refugees."
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december 2016 by cmananian
WinCo Foods
Employee-owned grocery store with $1m in savings and paying their people $11-$17/hour (much higher than the national average).
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january 2016 by cmananian
The Second Most Famous Thing to Happen to Hiroshima - Roads & Kingdoms
Fantastic story about the history of a quintissential dish in Hiroshima.
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october 2015 by cmananian
Best sushi restaurants in NYC: Top spots for Japanese food
Includes Sushi Nakazawa, run by an apprentice from Jiro Dreams of Sushi.
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october 2015 by cmananian
Reviver NYC
934 8th Ave, New York City, 10019
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february 2015 by cmananian
Cheap at sea, pricey on the plate: The voodoo of lobster economics - The Globe and Mail
So much lobster had been landed in Nova Scotia by the second week of June that the shore price dropped to $3.50 a pound, which was why everyone was so cranky. I’d been calling it a glut until a couple of local exporters begged me to refer to a “bountiful harvest” instead. They didn’t want their customers to think lobster was cheap.
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july 2014 by cmananian

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