‘I Don’t Really Want to Work for Facebook.’ So Say Some Computer Science Students. - The New York Times
“Employees are wising up to the fact that you can have a mission statement on your website, but when you’re looking at how the company creates new products or makes decisions, the correlation between the two is not so tightly aligned,” said David Chie, the head of Palo Alto Staffing, a tech job placement service in Silicon Valley. “Everyone’s having this conversation.”
career  nytimes 
Overcome Guilt for Setting Boundaries [10 Ways] | Post Male Syndrome
At the end of your life, I pinky promise you – there’s no way you’re going to wish that you spent more of it feeling guilty and scared.
boundaries  postmalesyndrome 
3 days ago
Ian Mathews's answer to What is the saddest truth about smart people? - Quora
Intelligence helped, but resilience was more important.

You had to be comfortable failing over and over, hearing no on a regular basis and making the next phone call anyway. Selling is humbling and you have to check your ego at the door.

But those who master the skill tend to work their way up in a company much faster than someone in a technical role. Without customers, a company has nothing so high value is placed on someone who knows how to find and grow sales.

...The most successful people I know weren’t necessarily the best students. A few spent more time on academic probation than the Dean’s List. They learned that failure wasn’t permanent and could be overcome with hard work.

When nothing comes easy growing up, you embrace the grind in life and business. You expect adversity and plan for it.

When everything comes easy, you fear adversity and avoid situations that could compromise your winning record.
quora  sales  growth  risk  psychology  mastery 
4 days ago
RR Online Masterclass on Self-Acceptance for coaches | Copy Chief
But the copy needs a nudge in the direction of DR. Before I get into the specifics, what I'm missing most is REAL benefits. Benefits your target market can hear, taste, feel, sense, etc.


This is a great start!

However, you're missing the most important piece...

And I would argue -- the ONLY piece that matters...

Why is she doing all this? Why is she a life coach? What's her story behind that?

...why does she want to transform her self relationship from "hard" to "compassionate?"

...and WHY does she want to help others with this knowledge?

Because once you speak to THAT, then you can nail your copy (and then Finn's suggestions will fall into place almost automatically).


Jimmy and Finn's entire breakdown on this copy is magic. Read the whole thing.
copychief  benefits 
4 days ago
7 Rules of Writing Emails
Infuse each email with curiosity and benefit.

Consistency and frequency sells. The more often you email and the most consistent you email, the more money you'll make.
chrisorzechowski  emails 
4 days ago
Five Reasons Why People Code-Switch : Code Switch : NPR
We lived in Ireland some years ago and noticed there were often two prices for goods and services — reasonable prices for the locals and much more expensive costs for others (Americans). It was not easy, but I practiced my Irish accent until we qualified for 'local pricing'. Still, they would often ask me where I was from, as my accent was anything but flawless. But I'd come up with the name of some obscure town hundreds of miles away, which explained my 'odd' Irish accent and usually satisfied them. Once, to my, "Ack, I'm from dahn twards Clara Bog," the guy responded in Gaelic.

I had no idea what he was saying. I continued to smile, laugh, and nod at what I hoped were appropriate times as he excitedly talked on and on. Finally, another English speaking customer entered the shop and he flipped back to English then whispered to me, "We need to be careful here (in Northern Ireland) about speaking Irish." "Oh, aye," I replied.

I pulled my wallet out to pay for my my flowers and he held up his hands, "No, me lass, keep yer money. 'twas a pleasure speakin' to ya."
language  npr  funny 
8 days ago
How a Woman Becomes a Lake
In the past month, Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court; a United Nations climate report predicted widespread environmental disaster by 2040; the Trump Administration sought to alter civil-rights law in a way that would prevent the legal recognition of trans and intersex people; many conservatives became consumed with racist paranoia over a caravan of desperate people marching north in legal pursuit of asylum; eleven devout Jews were murdered in their synagogue; and the President declared his hope to end birthright citizenship by executive order. These days of fear and sadness show no sign of abating. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt lake-like—cool and still.
politics  gender  newyorker  women  men 
9 days ago
Caitlin Moran asked men on Twitter about the downsides of being a man.
We simply don't have anyone to talk to. Going to a psychiatrist is expensive and looked down on socially, friends don't take you seriously unless there's something REALLY wrong, and it's hard to trust people with sensitive subjects. It's probably why many people drink.

I literally only began learning in the last 2-3 years how to share my emotions with my wife; and how to hear her problems without feeling pressure to try and 'solve' them away. I never knew that just saying it and hearing it was good enough. This might be an overshare, sorry.

men  psychology 
10 days ago
Trainings | Page 2 | Copy Chief
We ambassadors were talking about this the other day, because copywriters ask us this question all the time. Here's further reading courtesy of @AlixPenning. (Thanks, Alix.)

How do I find someone who wants to pay me? All about prospecting.

Angie Colee drops some serious knowledge bombs on upping your client base.

Joyce Hollman sets a high goal for her prospecting, and Angie shares tips.

How to Cold Contact.

How to get higher response rates to cold pitches (from Ross O'Lochlainn).

Max Rouzier shares how to pitch.
proposals  leadgeneration  copychief 
10 days ago
The Story Behind Bucky’s Groundbreaking Comic-Book Reinvention As the Winter Soldier
The story in which Bucky would come back would be called “The Winter Soldier,” a title that alludes to the fraught relationship the U.S. has with its veterans. In 1776, Thomas Paine published the first installment in a series of pamphlets called The American Crisis. In it, he decried the “summer soldier” who “will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country.” Two centuries later, Vietnam Veterans Against the War referenced Paine when they staged a 1971 event called the Winter Soldier Investigation, during which they drew attention to the immorality of America’s actions in Southeast Asia. A young John Kerry spoke there, giving an incendiary testimony about what America was doing to its drafted men. “The country doesn’t know it yet, but it has created a monster,” he said. “A monster in the form of millions of men who have been taught to deal and to trade in violence … men who have returned with a sense of anger and a sense of betrayal which no one has yet grasped.”
comics  culture  military  storytelling  history 
18 days ago
So You Want to Open a Small Press Bookstore/Artist-Run Space? A Cautionary Tale by Noel Black | Poetry Foundation
I’d like to say that this account is unique to Mountain Fold, but in the nearly two years since we closed, I’ve spoken to at least half a dozen other poets and artists who’ve had similar experiences with poet- and artist-run spaces. So, for all you out there who can’t help yourselves (you know who you are), here are some small points of advice:

Get really good insurance.

Consider being a for-profit. It doesn’t mean you’ll make any, but you can be sure who the buck (you won’t have) stops with at all times.

Consider converting your garage into a reading/art space (and get really REALLY good insurance).

If you’re going to be a non-profit collective, consider the way acequias work. Acequias are tried-and-true Spanish-style irrigation ditches that farmers in Southern Colorado have been using for hundreds of years and still use to water their land. Everyone has to take a turn being the mayordomo/Executive Director. If you screw someone else in the collective over, you can be sure they’ll return the favor when it’s their turn to be in charge. Behave accordingly. Set one-year terms. Anyone who isn’t willing to be in charge for at least a year and do all the insanely boring crap you have to do gets zero say in any creative decisions. And get really good insurance.

If you’re going to have a public space, try to find a cheap place you can buy and own. Nothing like landlords to vacuum up your already limited resources. Sure, property is theft, but being a tenant leaves you constantly vulnerable.

I’d never say don’t do business/non-profit with friends, but seriously consider the pitfalls.

Remember the back yard, and good luck.
business  art  books  failure 
21 days ago
Behind the Control: Dan Ferrari REPLAY and SLIDES added | Copy Chief
Talk to your client and customers. Ask them for their opinions on the market. Jeremey advised Dan to take the California angle on the promo.

Leverage the assets. Minimize or reframe the liabilities.

Success in DR comes down to numbers and volume.
danferrari  copychief  salesletters  supplements 
26 days ago
Herculaneum Skeletons - The Eruption of Mount Vesuvius
The skeletons found at Herculaneum are unique because there are no other groups of actual skeletons of people from ancient Rome over 1900 years ago that have been so well preserved and it is because of the significant eruption of Mt Vesuvius that we have such valuable evidence of different aspects of life in ancient Rome.
4 weeks ago
Ethan Hawke Dropped Out Of College For "Dead Poets Society" - YouTube
"Being an out of work actor is a great lifestyle if you don't have a family. Let's go to Mexico!"

Also, Hawke shares awesome stories about mastery.
interviews  ethanhawke  mastery  film  theater  funny 
5 weeks ago
Training Day Movie: screenwriting tips
By the end of the film, Jake has metaphorically become a "wolf"--someone who is willing to abandon the rules to defend himself and all that he loves. That's the change he undergoes.
writing  film  storytelling 
5 weeks ago
Sorry to Bother You, black Americans and the power and peril of code-switching | AT McWilliams | Opinion | The Guardian
Soon after the main character, Cassius Green, begins a new job as a telemarketer – and fails to make a single sale – a black co-worker offers a radical suggestion: “Let me give you a tip. You wanna make some money here? Use your white voice.” Cassius’s new white voice quickly becomes his greatest asset.

Sorry to Bother You then uses Cassius’s surreal code-switching to illustrate the tragedy of assimilation, but the reality of the linguistic act is far more complex. And as a tool for social mobility – or in the case of black people, a tool for survival – it must be examined for both its power and potential peril.
guardian  linguistics  race  language 
5 weeks ago
Prospect Analysis: Rural America | Copy Chief
You need to see how people truly feel in the moment you ask them the question, "how did that make you feel?"

You absolutely MUST talk to your prospect.

When you do, you realize she's not a prospect anymore... she's not a "market," either...

She's a real person.

So love her, like a real person.


When I do research, I need some advance clarity before I start climbing mountains.
For me, there's two halves to research (for starters) and I identify them independently of each other:
1. Who you want to sell to and why
2. What you want to sell and why.

...The degree of interest decides the answer.
Some people read Batman comics.
Some people dress up like Batman and go to Comic-Con.

...So what is sold is secondary to why it's sold - the highest ranked
objective of making the sale(to you):
Profit, relationship, increasing market share, etc.
Those two answers can decide the how you sell something.
The how may have you revisit the who and the what.

For example, you may decide as CVS Pharmacy that selling cold medicine is great.
But you don't want to "just" sell cold medicine and fill prescriptions.

You want to be the insurance company the pharmacy calls to approve the prescriptions as well.

In that case, you go and buy a health insurance company.

But wait a minute.
When you change what you sell,
That changes who you are to who you sell to.
And that might call for another round of changing who you sell to again.
In the CVS example, now you're not just a pharmacy any more.
So you change your name to CVS Health.
Now your name is different. (Notice we're currently not talking about the avatar?)
CVS Health is "helping people get better."
That means you need to get rid of some unhealthy things you sell.
and you stop selling cigarettes
which was probably a high profit item for them.

So hopefully that real world example shows why
just naming a group of people and connecting it
with a broad market doesn't really nail things down.
copychief  jimmyparent  avatars  robertgibson 
5 weeks ago
How I Get Clients To Accept My Copy Without Lots Of Nit-Picking Over The Copy | Copy Chief
Why don't I record a screen capture video with me reading through the final copy, explaining the 'why' behind each sentence?

I started doing this with every big project now.

This has given me the ability to show the clients how much thought and energy has went into creating each line of the copy.
copychief  clients 
5 weeks ago
Dordogne, France: Memory, Disrupted by Loss - The New York Times
Here is the terrible beauty of being in love: that you will know things together that no one else will know, events that exist only in the commingling and exchange of memories.
nytimes  writing  love  travel  france 
5 weeks ago
Wine & Liquor Store in Jersey City, NJ 07310 - Jersey City Super Buy-Rite
This place was good for delivery. Note, they only deliver to JC and Hoboken.
gifts  food 
6 weeks ago
Discount Cheap Prices Liquor DC | Rare Bourbon | Small Batch Liqueurs - Hop, Cask & Barrel
Try this place for sending booze long distance. Owner/manager's name is Krishna, nice guy. NEVER USE VIVINO AGAIN.
gifts  food 
6 weeks ago
The Power Of One | Copy Chief
But the bigger risk is letting cheap people
decide the height of your worth.
If all your money and time needs were met,
would that affect how you care about people?
I'm not talking about writing checks.
I'm talking about how you feel
right now about other people.

To me, it's not about
all the good you could do with more money.
It's the illusion that money
decides your conduct right now.
You decide. And you always will.
robertgibson  copychief 
6 weeks ago
Late in life I've realized that with History, I have no need for fiction anymore. I'd love to hear what you consider the most fascinating period of history and why? : history
The end of the Roman Republic is an amazing historical period. Lucius Cornelius Sulla marching an army on Rome and massacring his political enemies. The rise of Julius Caesar, Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus, and Marcus Licinius Crassus in the first triumvirate. The political drama between the optimates and the populists such as the killing of the Tribune's gaius gracchus and his brother Tiberius. The Cataline conspiracy. Huge territorial changes and the sheer corruption shown by goverers of these new provinces and all culmulating in a huge cvil war this period has it all!

I think a big reason for enjoying this period is it's just so well documented by people alive at or near the time like Cicero, Livy and Plutarch as well as many modern books, games and tv shows covering the events.
6 weeks ago
Should I learn MSA or a 'Dialect' - Living Language Expert Forums
MSA First. I am lucky to have befriended an Arabic Liban man.  He told me he will not teach me the Arabic spoken on he streets (or poor Arabic as calls it)  Arabic until I have learned MSA. I asked why and he said it was so I could Read, write and understand the news. Also he said that the majority of Arabs understand MSA.
6 weeks ago
I live in Egypt. Should I learn MSA or Egyptian Arabic? - Quora
I actually found that knowing MSA made me a bit embarrassed to speak in Egyptian Arabic at first, so if I did it again and needed to communicate quickly I would start with Egyptian Arabic. Since then when talking with non-Egyptian Arabic speakers I have never once used MSA. To me, it just feels wrong to have an informal chat in MSA, like reciting phrases from Shakespeare when buying a pint of milk.
6 weeks ago
Standard Arabic or Local Dialect - Which Should You Learn First? - Fluent in 3 months - Language Hacking and Travel Tips
Let me say that again because it bears repeating: Most people in Arabic speaking countries do NOT speak Modern Standard Arabic. They ONLY speak their dialect.

...Generally speaking, these European style dialects are split offs that occurred in the last 500 years or less (and sometimes they incorporate features of a second language).

Modern Standard Arabic though, despite the name, is based entirely on Arabic from the Koran written in the 7th century.


With a spoken focus, you can get into reading later, and that's more suited to an MSA focused approach anyway, because dialect is pretty much never written in script (I'm told that subtitles for children's TV shows use it for instance).

Finally, when you are a confident speaker of the dialect, then start working on MSA. You should already know how to read out words, but get lots of practice to read faster, and learn alternative versions of words you already know that are likely to come up in texts.

By not learning them in parallel, but in a written-only context, you are less likely to mix things up, and will use the correct word when writing and the correct one when speaking dialect.
6 weeks ago
[Image] See what happens : GetMotivated
This really is an important thing to realize, acknowledge, and understand. Criticisms need to accompany active change. You can't do that if you continuously hold yourself up to what you the way others appear to you. Note appear. That's not how they truly are. That's how you perceive them, and that creates your own personally colored lenses. That coloring comes from highly subjective perceptions, which are exaggerated due to the constant inner dialogue that grates on and wears down your own self-esteem. The more you do that, the greater others look and the crappier you look.

So, where this started was with the comment that criticism needs to accompany active change. Use criticisms to hone yours skills and abilities to reflect things you value. This is a vital part of the whole thing. The first thing you need to know is who you are aiming to be. Most people really don't have a good perception of that. They just look around and measure themselves against images seen through those colored lenses but they never consider who they are.
6 weeks ago
Erynn Brook on Twitter: "I want to tell you a story about how my mum taught me that I’m allowed to leave an uncomfortable situation."
It’s radical to have boundaries. And to exercise them. Three things I think were really really important in what she did:

1. She always explicitly said “you can leave if you want to.”
2. She never questioned why, or whether I was overreacting.
3. She showed up.
boundaries  women 
6 weeks ago
I guess I work here now. : IDontWorkHereLady
The phrasing of this story is violently British.

Well, I'm violent and British.
6 weeks ago
bitparity comments on How did the Byzantines view the Holy Roman Empire and vice versa?
Neat explanation of how people identified themselves in Byzantium and ancient Rome.
6 weeks ago
Olive Oatman - Wikipedia
Oatman later claimed (in Stratton's book and in her lectures) that she was tattooed to mark her as a slave of the Mohaves, but this is inconsistent with the Mohave tradition, in which such marks were given only to their own people to ensure that they would both enter the land of the dead and be recognized as Mohaves by their ancestors.
indian  tattoos  death  rituals 
6 weeks ago
Whats Your Super Power? | Copy Chief
Focus on the skills that provide tons of value and are in high demand. Pay less attention to what others are doing.
rossolochlainn  copychief  batsignal 
6 weeks ago
The county near me has a drug sniffing goat. His name is S’mores. : mildlyinteresting
Imagine being high and you see a goat in a sheriff's vest.

That’s how they catch people. The goat doesn’t actually smell anything.
7 weeks ago
[Spoiler] The single word that has the most weight in The Last Jedi... : StarWars
Hux: We have twelve new resistance prisoners, what should we do with them?

Kylo: Take them to the advanced interrogation room.

Rey: Woah woah, is that a torture chamber? That is not okay!

Kylo sighs, long pause

Hux: Usually we only have to kill two or three.

Rey: And what's with all this red and black going on here? This ship is depressing.

Kylo: I'm willing to be flexible regarding our interrogation methods, but the decor is final.
funny  film  movies 
7 weeks ago
[HOT SEAT 09-28-18] RR: Banner ads for physicians | Page 2 | Copy Chief
ONE LINE and you have to RUN to that gate to board that plane. A flight you cannot miss.

What do you say?

Do any of the lines above nail it?
Will they shake him out of his trance?
Help him see that YOU get it.
That there is HOPE?
That he can CHOOSE?
That he will SURVIVE?
And soon THRIVE in his new life?

If you want to save this person, and I know you do... there's no time for shoulder taps, you've got to land a punch.

So, what would you say?
kevinrogers  deanedelson  copychief  copywriting 
7 weeks ago
noestofus comments on Why would my boyfriend (38M) of a year and a half rage and curse so suddenly at me (37F) was I in the wrong?
I feel like I post this so frequently, but why are you going out with this gross cringy loser who acts like an unemployed yet overly optimistic 20 year old Soundcloud rapper at 38?
funny  insults 
7 weeks ago
The Ford-Kavanaugh Hearings Will Be Remembered As a Grotesque Display of Patriarchal Resentment | The New Yorker
What took place on Thursday confirms that male indignation will be coddled, and the gospel of male success elevated. It confirms that there is no fair arena for women’s speech.
sexism  newyorker 
7 weeks ago
Jian Ghomeshi, John Hockenberry, and the Laws of Patriarchal Physics | The New Yorker
In all of the cases that I heard about, it seemed to me essential, as a bare first step, for the man in question to understand that his experience is not inherently more important than the experiences of women, to acknowledge what he did, and that it was wrong. This is the minimum precondition for the better world we’re struggling toward. It is amazing, if not surprising, how many of the men in question are incapable of it.
sexism  newyorker 
7 weeks ago
Armenian Literature, History, Religion, etc.
ArmenianHouse.org is an electronic library featuring a huge collection of documents on Armenian literature, history, religion and anything else Armenia-related.
armenian  books  libraries 
7 weeks ago
Adam Driver: ‘Lots of things have been said about my face’ | Film | The Guardian
You’ve spoken before about how you worry about the culture of instant gratification among your generation, specifically regarding the Internet.

Yes, you have information at your fingertips, but there’s something about going through all the steps, as painful as the process is. And I’m not by any means immune – I’m completely susceptible. I think we’re almost too interconnected, with no emphasis on putting in the time, because there’s an expectation in the culture that things will happen immediately.
adamdriver  interviews  guardian  mastery  psychology  internet 
7 weeks ago
HappyGiraffe comments on Survivors of abuse used #WhyIDidntReport to highlight the difficulties, fear, anger and shame that so often surround sexual harassment and assault
Since posting, I am up to 4 (Edit: 7) private messages from men (judging by post history) telling me that I am an embarassment, to kill myself, etc.

In response, I feel nothing. Not even a stir. There's something that happens sometimes after you've been dragged across a floor and left with floor splinters in your knees, and then you survive it. Internet harassment (paired with your long and searchable histories of your location, place of employment, casual drug use, ongoing hatred of women and minorities, peppered with the occasional self-pitying post looking for friendship or empathy) kind of... pales in comparison. I deal with the fallout of my decisions every day, and I am still here. Hopefully you will be able to say the same.
badass  sexism  gender  women 
7 weeks ago
throwawaya211 comments on [Serious]People who have had somebody die for you, what is your story?
My mother towards the end told me “that longer we stay alive the bad memories that we have will slowly be replaced by new good memories we just have to stay alive.”
stress  psychology 
7 weeks ago
Sex workers of reddit: What is the saddest experience (client wise) you've had while on the job? : AskReddit
Holy shit. You never know what people are dealing with in their private hells.

Also, this:

"My first day stripping. A dude took me upstairs for dances and when I started dancing he abruptly was like "stop I just want to hug you." So I sat next to him and he hugged me for 5 songs straight. It was the most awkward shit, I just kinda patted him on the back the whole time.

I think men especially are just really touch starved. They don't hug or touch their friends in any way. Humans need to be touched, lack of affection can really mess a person up."
sex  sad  gender 
7 weeks ago
bladegmn comments on The Geisha Soldiers from Mulan
Great movie. Girls dressed up as boys and boys dressed up as girls. All to stop a group of guys called Huns. If that isn’t a drag race, I don’t know what is.
gender  funny  film  movies  disney 
7 weeks ago
Amid Effort to Ram Kavanaugh Through Senate, House GOP Refusing to Reauthorize Violence Against Women Act : TwoXChromosomes
I have female family members that vote Republican and it seems that they don't know exactly who or what they're supporting. I brought up that Republicans want to defund planned parenthood, and all of them responded with "No they don't! That'd be insane!".

It was baffling, I have no idea where they get their information.

It seems like they're Republicans for the same reasons they like the sports teams they like. It's more of a tribal/family/identity thing, over anything rational or any specific policies they support.
gender  politics  psychology 
7 weeks ago
We Grow Accustomed to the Dark: Emily Dickinson’s Stunning Ode to Resilience, Animated – Brain Pickings
Loss visits every human life. The degree of our acceptance and the grace with which we adapt to the sudden descent of darkness — that is, to borrow the splendid term William James borrowed from Margaret Fuller, “the manner of our acceptance of the universe” — may be the greatest measure of skillful living.
brainpickings  mastery  stress 
7 weeks ago
Chump Lady Descends Into Middle Age - ChumpLady.com
Codependency is the addiction to the POTENTIAL of things.

We bought a 100-year old fixer upper house (with my money) ... I had just moved to a no fault divorce state, financed a serial cheater’s career move, and bought a 100-year old fixer upper with this fucking sociopath.

You know what’s sexy? EFFORT. Effort is sexy. I didn’t know this until I was 42 and met my husband. I spent a lifetime in my relationships shoveling shit to one degree or another.

Betrayed folks — do not settle. Good people who make effort exist. Go find each other.
narcissism  Relationships 
7 weeks ago
Ex Machina Has a Serious Fembot Problem | WIRED
Ava demonstrates her consciousness/intelligence in a form and with a sensuality that David in Prometheus never had to. *Short Circuit'*s Number 5/Johnny Five was cute, but he never had to employ it for survival the way Pris did in Blade Runner. Even AIs with no physical form at all seem to get sexualized based simply on their voices. It's not like HAL 9000 ever sparked up a relationship with Dave in 2001: A Space Odyssey the way Samantha did in Her. "Her is playing on the fact that the audience knows what [Scarlett Johansson] looks like," Richardson says. "No one really needs to know who the voice of HAL was, because HAL was an intelligent machine. We need to know about the disembodied voices of our AI avatars if they're female so that males can buy into the ideas of the sexualized person behind the representation."

...This ongoing discourse is the reason thing like the Bechdel Test, which started out just as a comic trip referencing Alien, struck a nerve and stuck around. The thrust of Mulvey's argument is that the bulk of films are seen from a male perspective—that a woman in a film is often "tied to her place as bearer of meaning, not maker of meaning."
wired  gender  science  technology  film 
7 weeks ago
TheJoker1432 comments on Teachers with 20+ experience, what's the difference between the kids then vs the kids now?
The better perfoming students often tell about their weekend trips with family or friends while the violent or lazy students often remain silent or say they played games
7 weeks ago
How We Spend Our Days Is How We Spend Our Lives: Annie Dillard on Choosing Presence Over Productivity – Brain Pickings
“The life of sensation is the life of greed; it requires more and more. The life of the spirit requires less and less.”
brainpickings  procrastination  productivity 
7 weeks ago
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