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Strawberry generation - Wikipedia
草莓族 cǎoméi zú / 草莓世代 cǎoméi shìdài
"Chinese-language neologism for Taiwanese people born after 1984 who 'bruise easily' like strawberries – meaning they cannot withstand social pressure or work hard like their parents' generation; the term refers to people who are insubordinate, spoiled, selfish, arrogant, and sluggish in work."
wiki  wikipedia  taiwan  china  chinese  generation  name  millenial  1980s  1990s  2000s  youth  language  strawberry  fruit  social_change 
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Great white nope case file #45: Kreayshawn’s Somethin’ ‘Bout Kreay · My World Of Flops · The A.V. Club
"In hindsight, it’s a little odd that a Kreayshawn album exists at all. She’s a consummate YouTube phenomenon, and there is a huge gulf between the level of commitment required to press a button and watch a music video for free and the level required to spend actual money on an artist’s album. There were lots of folks willing to press a button to watch 'Gucci Gucci' on YouTube—and almost none willing to actually buy her album."
avclub  nathan_rabin  culture  kreayshawn  album  flop  2015  2010s  2011  2012  youth  record_label  video  writing  tacky  somethin_bout_kreay  failure  success  music  pop  icon 
september 2015 by cluebucket
Textual Relations: The Young-Girl and the Selfie
"...we spend inordinate amount of money on emphasizing the important of beauty, the importance of fashion, the importance of youthfulness and desirability and individuality. If the best way of making your womanhood legible is to adorn your body in a particular way — whether femme or punk rock or teeny bopper or whatever — then there is an injunction to perform that work. Women who do not do that work, particularly teenage girls who ‘opt out’ as it were, face social repercussions far more meaningful than some 40-year-old dude calling them narcissists. We elevate the work women do on their bodies to the utmost importance, and then punish the outcome of that labour."

"The selfie, in the end is about the gendered labour of young girls under capitalism. Do we honestly think that by ceasing to take and post selfies, the bodies of young women would cease to be spectacles? Teenage girls are Young-Girls, are spectacles, are narcissists, are consumers because those are the very criterion which must be met to be a young woman and also a part of society."
2013  2010s  cbc  writing  textual_relations  text-relations  john_berger  sarah_gram  the_current  andrew_keen  selfie  self-portrait  photography  culture  hegemony  capitalism  consumerism  punishment  disgust  gender  body  hal_niedviecki  sarah_nicole_pritchett  tiqqun  immanuel_kant  girl  young-girl  youth  instagram 
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Cultural Literacy for Old People - The Morning News
"Are they visual artists? Cultural critics? Their main talent seems to be an ability to stand in front of a mirror holding a phone. If they have gained this many followers for doing so little, what do their futures hold? The safest bet is to fear them."
themorningnews  kfan  internet  celebrity  youth  star  instagram  disney  boyband  pop  meme  writing  2013  2010s 
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Los Angeles Review of Books - Judy Blume: Three Essays
"In Blume’s writing is evidence of an immensely talented listener. In her hands, Margaret’s voice is so authentic that it’s practically inaudible. “Our new car is a Chevy. It’s green,” is the unassumingly note-perfect conclusion to one paragraph. “She had a big behind. Also, she wore a hat” isn’t played out as a body-parts joke; it’s simply what Margaret sees. Blume employs no tricks: no pointedly botched grammar, punctuational explosions, or would-be comically incongruous “adult” observations ripped from the pages of a Disney Channel teleplay. “The booklet recommended that we use Private Lady sanitary supplies. It was like one big commercial. I made a mental note never to buy Private Lady things when and if I ever needed them.” Blume may be editorializing here, but because we know Margaret so well by now, the comment seems incontestably Margaret’s own."
judy_blume  deenie  tiger_eyes  are_you_there_god  1970s  1970  1973  1980s  1981  essay  writing  youth  book  reading  teenage  nostalgia  puberty  growing_up  life  death  nell_beram  nina_berry  andrea_kleine  fiction  review  lareviewofbooks  2012  2010s  religion  faith  adolescence  novel 
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