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Radish (band) - Wikipedia
woke up from a newborn-sleep-dep nap thinking of downloading Radish "Little Pink Stars" on Napster
band  wiki  wikipedia  radish  texas  ben_kweller  nostalgia  1990s 
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Paper sons - Wikipedia
"Only in the 1960s did new legislation broaden immigration from Asia and gave paper sons a chance to tell the truth about who they were and restore their real names in 'confessional' programs. But many chose to stick with their adopted names for fear of retribution and took their true names to their graves."
immigration  history  wikipedia  wiki  paper  bureaucracy  mystery  chinese  china  america  1882  1880s  1900s  1960s 
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Atlantis High - Wikipedia
Bianca's rec... watched a really long screener-trailer for the series
atlantis_high  wiki  wikipedia  tv  new_zealand  2001  2000s  spoof  teenage  comedy  surreal 
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Kabedon - Wikipedia
Love affairs, Frustrations with accomodation
I dunno this just made me chuckle
日本語  vocabulary  sound  symbol  kabedon  wall  slap  noise  trope  tv  壁ドン  少女漫画  漫画  action  wiki  wikipedia 
january 2019 by cluebucket
Swatch Internet Time - Wikipedia
"Instead of hours and minutes, the mean solar day is divided into 1000 parts called ".beats". Each .beat is equal to one decimal minute in the French Revolutionary decimal time system and lasts 1 minute and 26.4 seconds (86.4 seconds) in standard time. Times are notated as a 3-digit number out of 1000 after midnight. So, @248 would indicate a time 248 .beats after midnight representing 248/1000 of a day, just over 5 hours and 57 minutes.

"There are no time zones in Swatch Internet Time; instead, the new time scale of Biel Meantime (BMT) is used, based on Swatch's headquarters in Biel, Switzerland and equivalent to Central European Time, West Africa Time, and UTC+01. Unlike civil time in Switzerland and many other countries, Swatch Internet Time does not observe daylight saving time."
wiki  wikipedia  swatch  time  clock  system  1990s  1998  beat  bmt  switzerland  world  internet 
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Skeuomorph - Wikipedia
example pic is my fave, Simulated woodgrain on a woodie-style station wagon
skeuomorph  definition  style  design  object  influence  wiki  wikipedia 
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Strawberry generation - Wikipedia
草莓族 cǎoméi zú / 草莓世代 cǎoméi shìdài
"Chinese-language neologism for Taiwanese people born after 1984 who 'bruise easily' like strawberries – meaning they cannot withstand social pressure or work hard like their parents' generation; the term refers to people who are insubordinate, spoiled, selfish, arrogant, and sluggish in work."
wiki  wikipedia  taiwan  china  chinese  generation  name  millenial  1980s  1990s  2000s  youth  language  strawberry  fruit  social_change 
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Gunnysacking - Wikipedia
Gunnysacking is when someone silently collects irritations and slights until "the last straw is placed on them" causing an overblown reaction.

Gunnysacking has been described as 'an alienating fight tactic in which a person saves up, or gunnysacks, grievances until the sack gets too heavy and bursts, and old hostilities pour out'.

yarp. glad to find there's a specific term for this! good riddance!
behavior  relationship  psychology  silence  definition  conflict  fight  gunny_sack  wikipedia  wiki 
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Mental Health Systems Act of 1980 - Wikipedia
"The Mental Health Systems Act of 1980 (MHSA) was United States legislation signed by President Jimmy Carter which provided grants to community mental health centers. During the following Ronald Reagan administration, the United States Congress repealed most of the law."
1980  1980s  1970s  mental_health  law  jimmy_carter  ronald_reagan  wikipedia  wiki  america 
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Gyaru-moji - Wikipedia
私 (watashi, "I") → 禾ム
神 (kami, "god") → ネ申
林 (hayashi, "woods") → 木木
おはよう (ohayō, "Good morning") → 才(よчoぅ
ポケモン (pokemon) → 尓o ヶ 毛 ω
タケシが好き (Takeshi ga suki, "I like Takeshi") → 夕ヶ =/ カゞ 女子(キ
wiki  wikipedia  japanese  language  日本語  ギャル文字  gal  下手文字  hetamoji  sms  text  message  phone  cell_phone  culture  slang  teenage  2000s 
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Fred Ho - Wikipedia
American jazz baritone saxophonist, composer, bandleader, playwright, writer and Marxist social activist
fred_ho  biography  wiki  wikipedia  musician  writer  activism  marxism  侯维翰  1980s  1990s  2000s  jazz  saxophone  asian-american 
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Kitchen sink realism - Wikipedia
aka all those films that made me buy a Film Forum membership.
genre  realism  1950s  1960s  art  literature  film  theater  british  u.k.  writing  definition  anger  disillusionment  wiki  wikipedia 
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古井戸 - Wikipedia

wiki  wikipedia  fluid  furuido  古井戸  ふるいど  japanese  band  musician  日本語  duo  folk  加奈崎芳太郎  yoshitaro_kanazaki  仲井戸麗市  reichi_nakaido  1970s 
february 2018 by cluebucket
Defenestration - Wikipedia
comes from the New Latin de- (out of or away from) and fenestra (window or opening).
wiki  wikipedia  defenestration  definition  prague  history  1610s  1410s  window  war 
february 2018 by cluebucket
Karen Silkwood - Wikipedia
"Skid marks from Silkwood's car were present on the road, suggesting that she was trying to get back onto the road after being pushed from behind."
karen_silkwood  wiki  wikipedia  biography  labor  activism  nuclear  death  killing  1970s  mystery  america  accident  1974  kerr-mcgee  corruption  health  plutonium  whistleblowing  union 
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Church Committee - Wikipedia
United States Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities
frank_church  wiki  wikipedia  church  committee  senator  corruption  government  cia  nsa  fbi  irs  investigation  1975  1976  1970s  william_colby  america  assassination 
november 2017 by cluebucket
Anomie - Wikipedia
"Contact is no longer sufficient. The producer can no longer embrace the market at a glance, nor even in thought. He can no longer see its limits, since it is, so to speak limitless. Accordingly, production becomes unbridled and unregulated"

this was open on my phone for like 7 months (in case'at means anything)
anomie  émile_durkheim  wikipedia  wiki  society  morality  breakdown  sociology  1890s  suicide  labor  inertia  industry  desire  despair  concept  theory  idea  definition  dysfunction 
october 2017 by cluebucket
Catoptromancy - Wikipedia
(Gk. κάτοπτρον, katoptron, "mirror," and μαντεία, manteia, "divination"), also known as captromancy or enoptromancy
catoptromancy  mirror  greek  vision  fortune  occult  divination  rome  russia  spirit  wiki  wikipedia 
october 2017 by cluebucket
Déjà vu
OMG that thing where in a dream you see heretofore-unseen places/things is called "déjà rêvé" HOLY CRAP FINALLY I KNOW IT

~somethin' like a phenom-enon~
wiki  wikipedia  definition  french  prediction  psychic  psychology  memory  cognition  dream  phenomenon 
october 2017 by cluebucket
Kakekotoba - Wikipedia
"It is important to note that both these and the majority of Japanese kakekotoba are highly dependent on vocal recitation, not writing."
掛詞  japanese  wikipedia  language  poetry  waka  homophone  pun  word  phonetics  linguistics  和歌 
may 2017 by cluebucket
The Authoritarian Personality - Wikipedia
The "F" Scale (pre-Fascist):
- Conventionalism: Adherence to conventional values.
- Authoritarian Submission: Towards ingroup authority figures.
- Authoritarian Aggression: Against people who violate conventional values.
- Anti-Intraception: Opposition to subjectivity and imagination.
- Superstition and Stereotypy: Belief in individual fate; thinking in rigid categories.
- Power and Toughness: Concerned with submission and domination; assertion of strength.
- Destructiveness and Cynicism: hostility against human nature.
- Projectivity: Perception of the world as dangerous; tendency to project unconscious impulses.
- Sex: Overly concerned with modern sexual practices.
book  wiki  wikipedia  personality  psychology  sociology  theodor_adorno  elise_frenkel-brunswik  daniel_levinson  nevitt_sanford  research  uc_berkeley  1950  1950s  fascism  definition  america  holocaust  jewish  antisemitism  conservative  theory  politics  power  fear 
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Duck's ass - Wikipedia
"This article possibly contains original research."
wiki  wikipedia  hair  style  haircut  1950s  definition  duck  ducktail  d.a.  オールバック  greaser 
march 2017 by cluebucket
United States bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade - Wikipedia
"the target was checked against 'no-strike' databases but these raised no alarms; these are lists of protected sites such as schools, hospitals and places of worship."
1999  1990s  history  attack  bomb  mistake  america  scandal  CIA  george_tenet  bill_clinton  belgrade  serbia  yugoslavia  china  embassy  NATO  killing  diplomacy  wiki  wikipedia  war  observer  investigation  protest  database  airplane 
february 2017 by cluebucket
Sailing By - Wikipedia
This is "Sailing By" composed by Ronald Binge in 1963, and performed by the Alan Perry/William Gardner Orchestra, and is the version used by the BBC for its late night shipping forecast:
shipping  sailing  bbc  radio  melody  jingle  u.k.  instrumental  arpeggio  music  wiki  wikipedia  library_music  orchestra  ronald_binge  1963  1960s 
january 2017 by cluebucket
Did Media Literacy Backfire?
"too many students I met were being told that Wikipedia was untrustworthy and were, instead, being encouraged to do research. As a result, the message that many had taken home was to turn to Google and use whatever came up first. They heard that Google was trustworthy and Wikipedia was not."
danah_boyd  internet  culture  trust  media  wikipedia  information  teenage  bias  america  research  pizzagate  conspiracy  doctor  vaccination  doubt  news  fake  politics  clickbait  truth 
january 2017 by cluebucket
Four Freedoms (Norman Rockwell) - Wikipedia
"The four freedoms refer to President Franklin D. Roosevelt's January 1941 Four Freedoms State of the Union address in which he identified essential human rights that should be universally protected." why do I only recognize the Thanksgiving/eating one?
freedom  norman_rockwell  painting  series  rights  1940s  1943  1941  wwII  wiki  wikipedia  america  human_rights 
january 2017 by cluebucket
Foreign policy of the United States - Wikipedia
1949 Syrian coup d'état
1949–1953 Albania
1951–56 Tibet
1953 Iranian coup d'état
1954 Guatemalan coup d'état
1956–57 Syria crisis
1960 Congo coup d'état
1961 Cuba, Bay of Pigs Invasion
1961 Dominican Republic
1963 South Vietnamese coup
1964 Bolivian coup d'état
1964 Brazilian coup d'état
1966 Ghana coup d'état
1971 Bolivian coup d'état
1973 Chilean coup d'état
1980 Turkish coup d'état
1979–89 Afghanistan, Operation Cyclone
1981–87 Nicaragua, Contras
2001 Afghanistan
2011 Libyan civil war
2011–present Syria
america  wikipedia  wiki  policy  international  world  covert  action  war  secret  government  attack  list  regime  change  military  coup  syria  albania  tibet  iran  guatemala  congo  cuba  dominican_republic  vietnam  bolivia  brazil  ghana  chile  turkey  afghanistan  nicaragua  libya  operation  1940s  1950s  1960s  1970s  1980s  2000s  2010s  CIA 
december 2016 by cluebucket
Lou Andreas-Salomé - Wikipedia
"The neutrality of this article is disputed."

can't tell if I'd have really enjoyed her company or been irked? guess I'd better read!
salomé  lou_andreas-salomé  writer  psychology  psychoanalysis  sigmund_freud  rainer_maria_rilke  germany  history  biography  wiki  wikipedia  friedrich_nietzsche  russia 
december 2016 by cluebucket
Chinese sexagenary cycle - Wikipedia
reckoning time...
"Each term in the sexagenary cycle consists of two Chinese characters, the first being one of the ten Heavenly Stems of the Shang-era week and the second being one of the twelve Earthly Branches representing the years of Jupiter's duodecennial orbital cycle."

i'm yang wood rat yall
reference  calendar  chinese  japanese  korean  vietnamese  mandarin  cantonese  time  measurement  history  birthday  sexagenary  chart  year  wiki  wikipedia  element 
november 2016 by cluebucket
Sanpaku - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"refers to eyes in which the white space above or below the iris is visible."
sanpaku  wiki  wikipedia  三白眼  三白  eye  phrase  crazy  emotion  superstition  japanese  chinese  george_ohsawa  white  sclera  prediction  face 
september 2016 by cluebucket
Jann Wenner - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
so this person is the editor of Rolling Stone, which just decided to endorse Hillary Clinton (putting exactly zero compelling/new arguments forward, and blissfully ignoring real issues/questions)

one of the comments characterizes it succinctly as a 70-year-old businessman / media mogul 'with a private jet endorses Hillary? Shocking'

tangential but I think also fairly important is to know about the Hootie & the Blowfish kerfuffle in which he was involved (pinned here)
wikipedia  wiki  biography  hootie_and_the_blowfish  1990s  jann_wenner  rolling_stone  controversy  control  criticism  money  dumb  review  wealth 
march 2016 by cluebucket
Voting paradox - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
the prob w/ 3-party ish depending on this conditional spread: "the voting paradox of cyclical societal preferences implies that the election has no Condorcet winner: no candidate who can win a one-on-one election against each other candidate."
paradox  vote  wiki  wikipedia  election  problem  logic  candidate  condorcet  marquis_de_condorcet  18th_century  politics  group  individualism  choice  correlation  majority 
march 2016 by cluebucket
Sasha and Zamani - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Sasha are spirits known by someone still alive, while Zamani are spirits not known by anyone currently alive. Sasha are concerned with, and are expressed as, the present time, the recent past, and the near future; while Zamani is the limitless past."

"Sasha time can extend into the future for about six months or, at the most, one year. Zamani time overlaps sasha time to some extent in the present, but it also goes back very far into the past time."
time  spirit  ghost  past  memory  sasha  sasa  zamani  wiki  wikipedia  society  belief  life  africa  swahili  john_mbiti  james_loewen  death  ancestry  ontology  philosophy  dimension  future  thought  idea  perception 
february 2016 by cluebucket
Stammtisch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"In the United States a group of regulars (such as in the T.V. series Cheers) would be a close equivalent"
Stammtisch  german  word  expression  wiki  wikipedia  meeting  society  germany  tertulia 
february 2016 by cluebucket
Don Lennon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
via TH / pinboard tab set from a couple years ago...
"my debut album, bum, bum, bum..."
musician  don_lennon  wiki  wikipedia  1999  1997  1990s  secretly_canadian  singer  boston  umpteens 
february 2016 by cluebucket
Splitting (psychology) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Splitting creates instability in relationships because one person can be viewed as either personified virtue or personified vice at different times, depending on whether they gratify the subject's needs or frustrate them."
wiki  wikipedia  psychology  defense  behavior  splitting  coping  cognition  depression  borderline  narcissism  ronald_fairbairn  personality  Spaltung  consciousness  repression  ego  black  white  psychologist  relationship 
january 2016 by cluebucket
Lost Decade (Japan) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I still don't even understand bubble-keiki but logging this because it's a real Era
wikipedia  wiki  lost_decade  era  japan  economy  wage  gdp  recession  失われた10年  失われた20年  1990s  2000s  1980s  boom  bubble  crash  stock_market 
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