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Fairfax County, USA | Jacobin
"The Clinton campaign carried this brand of liberalism faithfully forward. It represented the apotheosis of a Democratic Party leadership that primarily envisions the working class as a downtrodden group in need of help, rather than a sleeping giant in need of organization. A leadership that views politics as a room where clever experts hash out benevolent policies for the neediest, rather than a field of mass struggle in which everybody’s basic welfare is at stake. A leadership that may be genuinely tolerant, inclusive, and compassionate, but whose own class blinders make it almost impossible for them to think about progressive politics in terms of collective self-interest."
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Twitter @People4Bernie
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for the record / saving a click:
"Senators up for reelection in 2018 who voted DeVos,
vote  resist  2017  2010s  senator  2018  betsy_devos  arizona  mississippi  nebraska  nevada  tennessee  texas  utah  wyoming  jeff_flake  roger_wicker  dean_heller  bob_corker  ted_cruz  orrin_hatch  john_barrasso  list  reference  election  from twitter
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Asian Americans Advancing Justice :: Welcome!

"Since 1991, Asian Americans Advancing Justice | AAJC has fought to create a seat at the table for Asian Americans in the national conversations that determine the policies that shape our lives. We educate lawmakers, the public, and the media about our diverse community and its needs. We advocate on behalf of our most vulnerable communities, as well as other minority communities whose liberation is essential to creating a more just society for all. We litigate in order to defend and promote the voices of Asian Americans and underserved communities on significant civil rights issues."
aajc  justice  resist  policy  chicago  los_angeles  america  asian  asian-american  aapi  litigation  education  advocacy  society  immigration  vote  race  rights  civil_rights  2010s 
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Twitter @RepRichmond @EvanMcMurry
.: Every senator who votes for Jeff Sessions will be marked as a "co-conspirator in an effort to move this country backwards."
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Twitter @yashar
K I h8 CNN (got explicit reasons why) but this is kinda gold
cnn  yashar  video  tv  news  stupid  donald_trump  vote  logic  fallacy  2016  2010s  america  from twitter
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National Popular Vote
Reform the Electoral College so that the electoral vote reflects the nationwide popular vote for President.  government  reform  election  electoral_college  politics  myth  q&a  democracy  vote 
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Twitter @thealmighty_o
RT : Every Trump supporter voted for a racist.
Every Trump supporter voted for a racist.
Every Trump supporter voted for…  donald_trump  election  racism  truth  2016  2010s  bigotry  vote  from twitter
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Join the Battle for Net Neutrality
., you/I should get to decide when Comcast sells our data. Pls vote YES on rules next week
FCCPrivacy  fcc  privacy  comcast  cable  vote  data  from twitter
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Voting paradox - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
the prob w/ 3-party ish depending on this conditional spread: "the voting paradox of cyclical societal preferences implies that the election has no Condorcet winner: no candidate who can win a one-on-one election against each other candidate."
paradox  vote  wiki  wikipedia  election  problem  logic  candidate  condorcet  marquis_de_condorcet  18th_century  politics  group  individualism  choice  correlation  majority 
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Voter Harassment, Circa 2012 -
"True the Vote grew out of a Tea Party group in Texas, the King Street Patriots, with the assistance of Americans for Prosperity, a group founded by the Koch brothers that works to elect conservative Republicans. It has developed its own software to check voter registration lists against driver’s license and property records. Those kinds of database matches are notoriously unreliable because names and addresses are often slightly different in various databases, but the group uses this technique to challenge more voters.
"The Voting Rights Act of 1965 prohibits intimidation or interference in the act of voting, but the penalties are fairly light. Many states have tougher laws, but they won’t work unless law enforcement officials use them to crack down on the illegal activities — handed down from Jim Crow days — of True the Vote and similar groups. "
nytimes  op-ed  editorial  voting  vote  voter  harassment  intimidation  scare  inaccuracy  identity  politics  tea_party  1965  1966  interference  law  illegal  gov._scott_walker  1960s  2010s  2012  true_the_vote  fraud  2009  2010  2011  21st_century  20th_century 
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What does a General Assembly do? « Disaster Notes
"'There’s no ideal form of action. What’s essential is that action assume a certain form, that it give rise to a form instead of having one imposed on it... As for deciding on actions, the principle could be as follows: each person should do their own reconnaissance, the information would then be put together, and the decision will occur to us rather than being made by us. The circulation of knowledge cancels hierarchy; it equalizes by raising up.'"
disaster_notes  queldesastre  2011  2010s  occupywallstreet  austin  ga  assembly  meeting  group  anarchism  vote  politics  oakland  2008  coming_insurrection  quote  book  criticism  traxus4420  action  decision  communication  community  commune  21st_century 
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