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The “Nathan for You” Finale, My New Favorite Love Story | The New Yorker
"As Nathan and Bill’s quest unfolds, and the story about long-lost romance quickly descends into a series of bunko schemes, Bill’s feelings for Frances come into question. His is worse than a case of unrequited love. It’s nothing. The dream evaporates in some acrid vapor. But, almost as suddenly, a new dream is born."
"I’m starting to see my own life as an experiment in Nathan Fielder’s weird business curriculum. Years ago, for instance, when I was an out-of-work filmmaker, I got a job as a private investigator. In order to get information in one investigation, I had to pose as a filmmaker. I remember the internal confusion this caused, the internal monologue: 'But I am a filmmaker. But I’m also posing as one, because in this context no one can know that I am a filmmaker.' It’s not exactly that I was pretending to be something that I wasn’t. I was pretending to be something that I no longer was but would eventually be again. Still, a kind of uneasiness ensued."
errol_morris  nathan_for_you  documentary  filmmaker  tv  newyorker  2017  2010s  love  belief  review  business  truth  imposter  philip_k_dick  nathan_fielder 
december 2017 by cluebucket
Truth in Jest? | Hazlitt
"This is why C.K.’s failure to address these allegations is not a good enough reason for his fans to avoid the difficult, uncomfortable issues they bring up. If you like this guy’s work because of its ethical spine, and yet you can keep enjoying it exactly the same way once these allegations are introduced—without any traces of concern or creeping dread or cognitive dissonance or confusion or frustration—then maybe it’s worth thinking about why they’re so easy for you to ignore. This is the exact same idea that runs under C.K.’s work like a third rail, makes him seem so insightful: the moments when an issue is small enough for you to register it and then turn away comfortably are the moments when it probably deserves your closest scrutiny."  louis_ck  comedian  abuse  assault  rumor  tig_notaro  2017  2010s  empathy  emma_healey  truth  privilege  betrayal  jen_kirkman  culture  silence  tv  writing  essay 
september 2017 by cluebucket
That's just how you negotiate with a Nazi. Ask your grandfather. | MetaFilter #6887028
"Maybe part of the problem here is that at some point we conceded that valuing someone's life, health, and security of person based on their race, gender or sexual identity is something you're even allowed to have an opinion about."
dry_white_toast  metafilter  comment  nazi  discrimination  bigotry  hate  power  debate  america  truth  freedom  2017  2010s  life  fight  attack 
january 2017 by cluebucket
Did Media Literacy Backfire?
"too many students I met were being told that Wikipedia was untrustworthy and were, instead, being encouraged to do research. As a result, the message that many had taken home was to turn to Google and use whatever came up first. They heard that Google was trustworthy and Wikipedia was not."
danah_boyd  internet  culture  trust  media  wikipedia  information  teenage  bias  america  research  pizzagate  conspiracy  doctor  vaccination  doubt  news  fake  politics  clickbait  truth 
january 2017 by cluebucket
Twitter @thealmighty_o
RT : Every Trump supporter voted for a racist.
Every Trump supporter voted for a racist.
Every Trump supporter voted for…  donald_trump  election  racism  truth  2016  2010s  bigotry  vote  from twitter
november 2016 by cluebucket
Cognitive bias cheat sheet
useful + also there's big azz infographic w/ tiny text
1. We don’t see everything. Some of the information we filter out is actually useful and important.
2. Our search for meaning can conjure illusions. We sometimes imagine details that were filled in by our assumptions, and construct meaning and stories that aren’t really there.
3. Quick decisions can be seriously flawed. Some of the quick reactions and decisions we jump to are unfair, self-serving, and counter-productive.
4. Our memory reinforces errors. Some of the stuff we remember for later just makes all of the above systems more biased, and more damaging to our thought processes.
guide  buster_benson  list  category  reference  cognition  bias  knowledge  information  mistake  problem  truth  psychology  logic  imagination  memory  infographic 
october 2016 by cluebucket
After the Fact - The New Yorker
"An American Presidential debate has a lot more in common with trial by combat than with trial by jury, which is what people are talking about when they say these debates seem 'childish': the outcome is the evidence. The ordeal endures."

"When we Google-know, Lynch argues, we no longer take responsibility for our own beliefs, and we lack the capacity to see how bits of facts fit into a larger whole. Essentially, we forfeit our reason and, in a republic, our citizenship."
newyorker  philosophy  thought  fact  truth  trial  history  historian  barbara_shapiro  michael_p_lynch  jill_lepore  politician  2016  2010s  america  president  lie  culture  1215  1210s  magna_carta  13th_century  20th_century  debate  data  internet  google  author  paradox  truthiness  2005  stephen_colbert  2000s  enlightenment  politics  essay  belief 
march 2016 by cluebucket
How abortion opponents secretly bought a Va. abortion clinic to deceive women - The Washington Post
"Did they consider reporting a sexually active 11-year-old to authorities?
"'Oh no, we don't do that. We're not doctors, so we don't have to,' Lohman said."
petula_dvorak  washingtonpost  virginia  clinic  abortion  rights  anti-choice  deception  amethyst  A-A-A  crisis  pregnancy  manassas  health  women  pat_lohman  real_estate  bvm_foundation  indiana  2015  2016  2010s  alena_yarmosky  lie  truth  news 
february 2016 by cluebucket
Just asking questions - RationalWiki
"a way of attempting to make wild accusations acceptable (and hopefully not legally actionable) by framing them as questions rather than statements."

"JAQing off" -- lol!  wiki  ration  logic  argument  question  jaq  rhetoric  definition  technique  speech  debate  truther  truth 
december 2015 by cluebucket WHY WE ARE NOT TELETUBBIES.
shkrobius: "Our language is not designed for speaking truth, it has no built-in features for trustworthiness and reliability, and it does not even aim at them. It aims at imagining and reimagining worlds."
languagehat  shkrobius  chris_knight  language  philosophy  thinking  teletubbies  truth  humanity  belief  proof  evidence  behavior  communication  oliver_sacks  2013  2010s 
march 2013 by cluebucket
girls can wear jeans and cut their hair short
wear shirts and boots
because its okay to be a boy
but for a boy to look like a girl is degrading
because you think being a girl is degrading
nmbr18  tumblr  image  axiom  truth  gender  androgyny  girl  boy  male  female  transvestite  trans  james_franco 
october 2012 by cluebucket
How did you find your passion? - career work motivation | Ask MetaFilter
1. I've identified my passion as X. I am now going to define X as fully as possible. For X to be X, it MUST include A and B. C is optional. It can't include D.
2. I've realized that I won't be happy unless I'm doing X for a living.
3. Are there any jobs that will allow me to do X as I've defined it? (Or that will let me gradually work towards a pure version of X?)
4. If not, then I need to either brainstorm other ways I could be happy (compromised X? doing X as a hobby?) or resign myself to unhappiness.
5. If so, then I need to make sure that I can live with non-X aspects of the job. (Wow! I can do full time, paid theatre, but I'd have to work with the dreaded Mr. Y!)
advice  life  metafilter  askmefi  career  work  motivation  passion  how_to  occupation  psychology  truth  self-actualization  theatre  job  happiness  grumblebee  2009  2000s  21st_century  decision  tip 
september 2012 by cluebucket
Guys keep dumping me -
"People respond to our authentic self. If our authentic self is hidden, then they lose interest. We are of course taught to hide our authentic self. Most of us have an authentic self that is at odds with social expectations, so we learn to suppress it. In rare cases, people we think of as “charismatic” have authentic selves that merge well with the social moment. Such people are lucky and become famous and well-loved. But in your case, and in my case, the authentic self may not be the self you show the world, the successful, cheery self. But it is real."
cary_tennis  advice  salon  2012  2010s  dating  identity  truth  society  personality  authenticity  self  21st_century 
september 2012 by cluebucket
Jenny Holzer: Truisms
in case this website lasts longer than @jennyholzer's Twitter account - plus, these are alphabetized...
jenny_holzer  text  truism  philosophy  art  archive  list  axiom  motto  quote  1980s  1990s  2010s  war  life  dasburo  english  german  truth  21st_century  20th_century 
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