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#22 - What Happens When You Tell The Whole Internet Your Password - On The Media
So the moment that defines the movie actually is there’s where Robin Williams is teaching English as a second language to a group of people. He’s talking to an elderly man, and he’s saying to this elderly man “I’m attacking you! I have a spoon and I’m attacking you with my spoon! What do you do?”

So he says, “I’m sitting here. I do nothing.”

And Robin Williams says, “Well I’m coming after you, I’ve got my spoon, I’m going for you, I’m about to kill you!” and the man said something like, “Then I am dying.”

What he’s saying is “I subscribe to peace. So if you truly have the incivility to attack me to the point of death, then what I’m doing is, I’m dying." Real bravery is staying to committed to your principles even if it means your own death. That’s quite extreme. I’m not sure that I’m that far along, but I understand the theory.
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#10 - One Hundred Songs A Day - On The Media
"This guy has written over 14,000 songs for Spotify, making a tiny bit of money on each one. Last year he made $23,000 "
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