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Baby Games Calendar | Development Games by Week |
"Find activities, milestones, and over 300 games based on baby’s date of birth"
reference  baby  child  development  growing_up  skill  game  how_to  muscle  exercise  cognition  guide  tip  infant 
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Neil Gaiman - Paul Magrs
"‘I still keep the mask, of course. This is it, now. Look.’"
david_bowie  story  anecdote  children  childhood  labyrinth  1980  1980s  paul_magrs  autism  mask  tip  magic  fear  face 
december 2017 by cluebucket
Avoid Dr. Douglas Berger for therapy : japan
roommate saw this guy once and realized straight away how baaaad he was
reddit  japan  tokyo  therapy  doctor  fake  scam  tip  therapist  english  japanese  patient  mental_health  money  mistake  2010s 
november 2017 by cluebucket
The Day of Laconic Authority
secret language of my birthday
Innocent Laconic Authority

the day of laconic authority
the week of the ruler
the way of innocence
the path of the innocent ruler
the month of supporter
the season of evaluation
?  report  profile  personality  astrology  birthday  capricorn  card  ruler  innocence  supporter  evaluation  winter  season  gary_goldschneider  thomas_rezek  december  me  advice  emotion  tip 
may 2017 by cluebucket
We Are All Very Anxious | We are Plan C
"When misery stopped working as a control strategy, capitalism switched to boredom."
"There has been a partial recuperation of the struggle against boredom. Capitalism pursued the exodus into spaces beyond work, creating the social factory – a field in which the whole society is organised like a workplace. Precarity is used to force people back to work within an expanded field of labour now including the whole of the social factory."
"Today’s public secret is that everyone is anxious. Anxiety has spread from its previous localised locations (such as sexuality) to the whole of the social field. All forms of intensity, self-expression, emotional connection, immediacy, and enjoyment are now laced with anxiety. It has become the linchpin of subordination."
"Our success in this performance in turn affects everything from our ability to access human warmth to our ability to access means of subsistence, not just in the form of the wage but also in the form of credit. Outsides to the field of mediatised surveillance are increasingly closed off, as public space is bureaucratised and privatised, and a widening range of human activity is criminalised on the grounds of risk, security, nuisance, quality of life, or anti-social behaviour.

"In this increasingly securitised and visible field, we are commanded to communicate. The incommunicable is excluded."
"We’ve noticed a certain tendency for insurrectionists to refuse to take seriously the existence of psychological barriers to militant action. Their response tends to be, 'Just do it!' But anxiety is a real, material force – not simply a spook. To be sure, its sources are often rooted in spooks, but the question of overcoming the grip of a spook is rarely as simple as consciously rejecting it."  plan_c  capitalism  anxiety  system  control  misery  boredom  19th_century  20th_century  history  organization  strategy  secret  society  social_change  resist  1960s  protest  culture  work  employment  surveillance  consumerism  social_media  japan  u.k.  repression  regulation  war  parenting  poverty  theory  public  punishment  fear  compliance  situationist  action  activism  anger  power  revolution  tip  psychology  depression  apathy  BenCarson 
april 2017 by cluebucket
Stuff What Boys Can Do | Fugitivus
"This is a list of ways that boys can ally themselves against misogyny. Examples, anecdotes, and stories. This list is for men that want to help but don’t know what to do. It is also for anybody who wants to share a story of something good that they saw."
fugitivus  wordpress  list  anecdote  idea  guide  tip  misogyny  feminism  activism  action  men  sexism  culture  society 
february 2017 by cluebucket
Autocracy: Rules for Survival | by Masha Gessen | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books
"One of the falsehoods in the Clinton speech was the implied equivalency between civil resistance and insurgency. This is an autocrat’s favorite con, the explanation for the violent suppression of peaceful protests the world over."

Rule #1: Believe the autocrat.
Rule #2: Do not be taken in by small signs of normality.
Rule #3: Institutions will not save you.
Rule #4: Be outraged.
Rule #5: Don’t make compromises.
Rule #6: Remember the future.
masha_gessen  nybooks  russia  autocracy  president  warning  america  hillary_clinton  politics  authoritarianism  election  tip  how_to  2016  2010s  dictatorship  survival  rule  donald_trump  dmitry_peskov  vladimir_putin  ted_cruz  journalism 
november 2016 by cluebucket
Respecfully agree to disagree - disagreement respect opinion | Ask MetaFilter
"Very few people hold fixed opinions about things that matter deeply to them. Instead the[y] hold nuanced and thoughtful interests."
salishea  ask.metafilter  advice  tip  argument  communication  canada  aboriginal  respect  land  politics  1990s  british_columbia  government  utah_phillips  cowboy  discrimination  opinion 
november 2016 by cluebucket
My girlfriend elaborately made me homeless. : legaladvice
~this is how you do it~
maybe Katie Holmes read this before leaving Scientology?
reddit  how_to  abuse  relationship  homeless  legal  legaladvice  escape  tip 
october 2016 by cluebucket
glyn: The 10 assertive rights of an individual
Assertive Right #1: I have the right to judge my own behavior, thoughts, and emotions and to take the responsibility for their initiation and consequence.
Assertive Right #2: I have the right to offer neither reason nor excuse to justify my behavior.
Assertive Right #3: I have the right to judge whether I am responsible for finding solutions to others' problems.
Assertive Right #4: I have the right to change my mind.
Assertive Right #5: I have the right to say, ``I don't know.''
Assertive Right #6: I have the right to make mistakes and be responsible for them.
Assertive Right #7: I have the right to be independent of the good will of others before coping with them.
Assertive Right #8: I have the right to be illogical in making decisions.
Assertive Right #9: I have the right to say, ``I don't understand.''
Assertive Right #10: I have the right to say, ``I don't care.''

these were not told/modeled to me as a child (rather, sometimes anti-modeled?) lol cry
glyndk  blogspot  rights  assertion  behavior  coping  consequence  emotion  mistake  life  stress  logic  independence  2008  2000s  list  tip  rule  confidence  self-esteem 
january 2016 by cluebucket
The Ultimate Hostess Challenge: Non-Drinkers -- The Cut
pinned for shrub recipe:

"[Vinegar Hill House] chef Mike Poiarkoff suggests the following method of preparation:

Chop and pack three to five beets, two small apples, and a thumb of ginger into an airtight plastic or glass container with one-and-a-half cups of sugar. Press plastic wrap against the mixture to remove all air, then cap and store in the fridge for three to five days, mixing daily until the sugar has dissolved and the fruit has expelled its juices. Once this dissolving and expelling is complete, remove the plastic, pour white vinegar over the mixture, and refrigerate again for three to five days, continuing to stir daily. When the mixture turns to syrup, strain and toss any fruit chunks, then measure two-ounces into a Collins glass and top with club soda. For garnish, any fresh herb will do."
drink  cocktail  party  how_to  recipe  shrub  seltzer  nymag  the_cut  jamie_lauren_keiles  hosting  tip  mike_poiarkoff  vinegar  soda  ginger  beet  apple  syrup  2015  2010s 
december 2015 by cluebucket
Midori Traveler's Notebook: A Comprehensive Guide -
bristle @ the idea of branding it "an extension of you" but I spend maybe 10 hours a month thinking about stationery so  midori  notebook  travel  guide  tip  japanese  brand  stationery  paper  accessory  2015  2010s  2000s 
december 2015 by cluebucket
How to Fix Everything | Motherboard
"The Electronics Reuse Conference was full of people who reject the idea that manufacturers should have control over consumer devices. ... 'We're competing with the garbage dump.'"
apple  samsung  sony  america  computer  technology  secret  ifixit  motherboard  vice  electronic  pentalobe  tool  rights  dmca  2010  2011  2010s  2015  kyle_wiens  manufacturing  repair  reuse  conference  environment  fix  legal  problem  kenya  egypt  india  ghana  waste  control  government  cbp  copyright  john_deere  tip  guide  manual  consumerism  diy  jason_koebler  company  hacking  transparency 
november 2015 by cluebucket
Captain Beefheart Issues His "Ten Commandments of Guitar Playing" | Open Culture
1. Listen to the birds.
2. Your guitar is not really a guitar.
3. Practice in front of a bush.
4. Walk with the devil.
5. If you’re guilty of thinking, you’re out.
6. Never point your guitar at anyone.
7. Always carry a church key.
8. Don’t wipe the sweat off your instrument.
9. Keep your guitar in a dark place.
10. You gotta have a hood for your engine.

I am not a guitar player but man I can appreciate that stink.
philosophy  don_van_vliet  hubert_sumlin  howlin_wolf  one_string_sam  guitar  list  lettersofnote  captain_beefheart  1960s  1970s  rule  tip  musician  advice  how_to  commandment  instrument  performance  2013  2010s  devil  bird  stink  music  1974  old_grey_whistle_test  magic_band  moris_tepper  from twitter_favs
november 2015 by cluebucket
The 6 Awkward Conversations You're Dreading, And How To Deal With Them
bookmarking fer this: "remember that you don't owe anyone an uncomplicated life or a performance of happiness"
captainawkward  list  tip  advice  conversation  family  holiday  stress  trigger  response  retort  shutdown  2015  2010s  politics  politeness  distraction  confidence 
november 2015 by cluebucket
The Neurobiology of a Break-Up: 5 Things to Expect (And How to Get Through) — Everyday Feminism
Cortisol is a stress hormone - Dopamine seeks out pleasure - Norepinephrine makes you highly excitable - Serotonin is a mood stabilizer

"When you’re going through a break-up, your serotonin drops as your cortisol increases, which makes your brain pump out dopamine, which produces norepinephrine...

"In other words, when you’re in the process of trying to get over someone, all of the hormones that make you anxious and energetic are high, and the one that keeps you stable is low."  biology  brain  breakup  relationship  love  hormone  emotion  neurobiology  feminism  melissa_fabello  cortisol  dopamine  norepinephrine  serotonin  rejection  nostalgia  frustration  2015  2010s  science  obsession  self-care  self-help  tip  advice  panic  anger  grief  amygdala  despair  zinc  depression  health  helen_fisher  energy  anxiety 
october 2015 by cluebucket
Ask Polly: Why Doesn’t Anyone Like Me? -- The Cut
Thought this would be another in a series of totally boring letters from self-obsessed NYC privileged type. Then midway thru the answer, to my surprise, related real hard..!
ask_polly  nymag  thecut  advice  perfectionism  outcast  clique  growing_up  alcoholism  emotion  2015  2010s  tip  narcissism 
october 2015 by cluebucket
Deep and Dark Dominant Characteristic in the Seasonal Color Analysis | Fashion Advice or Deep Winter and Deep Autumn | Your Best Colors
deep winter yo. "Black, charcoal, black-brown, red-brown, icy grey, grey, hot pink, true red, rust, aubergine, blue red, mint, lemon yellow, light green, emerald green, olive, purple, Chinese blue, bright periwinkle, blue, navy, clear teal"

wait wth is Chinese blue? this site gives markedly improved skin/hair color analysis for POC than whatever we got in 90s teen magazines, except stillllllllll...  color  analysis  fashion  makeup  spectrum  winter  season  how_to  tip  deep 
september 2015 by cluebucket
Tomato Typologies / Blog / Need Supply Co.
brandywine, beefsteak, roma, san marzano, green, on the vine, heirloom

"I think they didn't finish the post" lol
lauren_lyon  tag_christof  blog  tomato  fruit  vegetable  food  tip  meal  sandwich  ketchup  gazpacho  sauce  salad  canning  green  salsa  heirloom 
july 2015 by cluebucket
You Want to be a Writer? — Medium
"My advice is to not only endure it or to develop a thick skin, but learn to love and seek rejection. Wallpaper your writing space with rejection letters."
rejection  process  writing  advice  tip  fred_venturini  writer  job  work  reading  motivation  satisfaction  essay  2015  2010s 
january 2015 by cluebucket
Learn something new every day: How to make learning and personal development a regular part of your life | INTO MIND
1. don't push yourself to learn something you don't enjoy
2. every little counts
3. have a goal
4. find the right study method
5. create a study plan
6. get into a routine
7. keep track of your progress
2015  2010s  self-help  learning  learn  tip  how_to  skill  topic  study  goal  progress  life  hobby  josh_kaufman  carol_dweck  hour  skillshare  coursera  treehouse  w3schools  lynda  duolingo  italki  memrise  language  coding  design  programming  ted  academic  independence 
january 2015 by cluebucket
How to Work from Home Effectively When You're Short On Space
Carve Out a Comfortable, Familiar Space to Work - go-to nook/cranny
Give Your Workspace Boundaries, Even If They're Small - "free"/"busy" sign
Make Your Space As Work-Friendly As Possible - move non-work stuff
Block Out the Rest of the World - pomodoro/music for distractions
Talk to the People You Live With - don't let them feel sidelined  alan_henry  home  office  how_to  work  space  cleaning  productivity  tip  family  boundary 
january 2015 by cluebucket
On Marrying the Wrong Person | The Book of Life
One: We don't understand ourselves
Two: We don't understand other people
Three: We aren't used to being happy
Four: Being single is so awful
Five: Instinct has too much prestige
Six: We don't go to Schools of Love
Seven: We want to freeze happiness
Eight: We believe we are special
Nine: We want to stop thinking about Love

From Two: "We don’t see this as a picture of someone who has no nostrils, eight strands of hair and no eyelashes. Without even noticing that we are doing it, we fill in the missing parts. Our brains are primed to take tiny visual hints and construct entire figures from them – and we do the same when it comes to the character of our prospective spouse. We are – much more than we give ourselves credit for, and to our great cost – inveterate artists of elaboration. The level of knowledge we need for a marriage to work is higher than our society is prepared to countenance, recognise and accommodate for – and therefore our social practices around getting married are deeply wrong."
From Nine: "there is as much doubt, hope, fear, rejection and betrayal in a marriage as there is in single life. It’s only from the outside that a marriage looks peaceful, uneventful and nicely boring."  tip  list  life  relationship  marriage  commitment  emotion  neurosis  partner  couple  mismatch  pessimism  self-esteem  self-help  psychology  romanticism  romance  medieval  illusion  intimacy  avoidance  character  writing  perfectionism  projection  personality  happiness  community  kibbutz  sex  loneliness  2010s  15th_century  20th_century  21st_century  rational  business  instinct  impressionism  art  impermanence  trauma  youtube  the_school_of_life  the_book_of_life  video 
january 2015 by cluebucket
Creative ideas for turning time into money - income | Ask MetaFilter
- dog walking, DogVacay, cat sitting, house sitting
- childcare, babysitting, Nextdoor
- housecleaning
- mystery shopping
- pizza delivery, food delivery, Caviar, Postmates
- SAT prep / uni tutoring, academic editing / proofreading, CrowdSource,
- TESL tutoring
- church front desk
- DSP notetaking
- taskrabbit, mechanical turk, HITs Worth Turking For, Thumbtack
- selling textbooks on Amazon Marketplace (browse secondhand bookshops)
- writing & selling erotic short stories
- campus clinical studies
- Craigslist handyman
- helping people move
- part time work at a food place
- catering, bartending
- online poker, virtual currency mining, buying/reselling niche apparel & collector's items
- showing homes: show rental properties, do data entry
student  list  work  tip  job  income  zeri  ask.metafilter  2014  2010s  independence  business  money  task  gig  part-time  employment  freelance 
december 2014 by cluebucket
The pursuit of happiness [dive into mark]
via mefi

Stop buying stuff you don’t need
Pay off all your credit cards
Get rid of all the stuff that doesn’t fit in your house/apartment (storage lockers, etc.)
Get rid of all the stuff that doesn’t fit on the first floor of your house (attic, garage, etc.)
Get rid of all the stuff that doesn’t fit in one room of your house
Get rid of all the stuff that doesn’t fit in a suitcase
Get rid of all the stuff that doesn’t fit in a backpack
Get rid of the backpack
mark_pilgrim  2008  2000s  minimalism  list  tip  consumerism  clutter  life  simple  stuff  debt  archive  wayback_machine  blog  backpack  possession 
december 2014 by cluebucket
The Breaking News Consumer's Handbook - On The Media
via Tips for handling breaking news:
1. In the immediate aftermath, news outlets will get it wrong.
2. Don't trust anonymous sources.
3. Don't trust stories that cite another news outlet as the source of the information.
4. There's almost never a second shooter.
5. Pay attention to the language the media uses.
* "We are getting reports" ... could mean anything.
* "We are seeking confirmation" ... means they don't have it.
* "[News outlet] has learned" ... means it has a scoop or is going out on a limb.
6. Look for news outlets close to the incident.
7. Compare multiple sources.
8. Big news brings out the fakers. And photoshoppers.
9. Beware reflexive retweeting. Some of this is on you.
2013  2010s  news  onthemedia  alex_goldman  list  rule  journalism  fake  how_to  tip  accuracy  anonymous  crisis  breaking_news  from twitter_favs
december 2014 by cluebucket
How do I deal with this morass of feelings re: holidays, travel, family - thanksgiving christmas longdistance | Ask MetaFilter
tckma: "They will come around. I don't have an answer for the guilt you feel; I feel it too."
feral_goldfish: "It helped that I could cite my grandfather, who always used to say: 'Fish and visitors stink in three days.'"
ask.metafilter  advice  travel  holiday  family  stress  trip  expense  excuse  guilt  tip  parenting  in-laws  vacation  thanksgiving  christmas  duty 
november 2014 by cluebucket
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