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Cultural Literacy for Old People - The Morning News
"Are they visual artists? Cultural critics? Their main talent seems to be an ability to stand in front of a mirror holding a phone. If they have gained this many followers for doing so little, what do their futures hold? The safest bet is to fear them."
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Life After Long-Term Unemployment - The Morning News
"When meeting new colleagues, smile. Practice now. No, not a grimace. Don’t show lower teeth. Look less like you just lost a baby in a shopping mall. Look less like the baby."
patrick_coleman  themorningnews  advice  work  employment  office  workplace  television  bbc  community  money  iphone  satire  silly  writing  tip 
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The Revolution Will Be Streamed - The Morning News
"Tim went up to another one. 'Do you think we could chitchat?' he proposed.

"The cop shook his head.

"Tim tried two more police officers. Each time, he used the absurd word 'chitchat.' I began to feel love for Tim."
themorningnews  sparrow  writing  occupywallstreet  liberty_square_park  nyc  demonstration  police  streaming  feed  tv  protest  revolution  camera  communism  cooperation  1970s  2010s  2011  21st_century  20th_century 
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What I Didn’t Write About When I Wrote About Quitting Facebook - The Morning News
"I hadn’t written about feeling like Facebook was a job. Like I was running on a digital hamster wheel. But a wheel that someone else has rigged up. And a wheel that’s actually a turbine that’s generating electricity for somebody else. That’s how I felt, which is what I should have written."
facebook  themorningnews  michael_erard  quit  social_media  technology  relationship  writing  exile  goodbye  2011  2010s  21st_century 
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