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Radish (band) - Wikipedia
woke up from a newborn-sleep-dep nap thinking of downloading Radish "Little Pink Stars" on Napster
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sad pictures for children by Ono One (deleted) — Kickstarter
"I am making the loudest sound I know how to make. I know that some people will be personally offended that I am doing this, but I am doing this in large part because our culture has developed in such a way that some of the intelligent, empathetic people who follow me will believe they feel more psychological pain because of books being burnt, their money and my attitude about them than because of the destruction of the natural world, the continuation of classist, racist, abusive patterns of behavior and representation, etc."
john_campbell  kickstarter  manifesto  writing  capitalism  money  sad_pictures_for_children  pictures_for_sad_children  comic  artist  fight  resist  privilege  herman_melville  texas  paypal  book  writer  q&a  church  calvinism  hell  fire  value  joke  change  life  social_media  internet  2000s  2010s  income  2014  breakdown 
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Twitter @People4Bernie
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for the record / saving a click:
"Senators up for reelection in 2018 who voted DeVos,
vote  resist  2017  2010s  senator  2018  betsy_devos  arizona  mississippi  nebraska  nevada  tennessee  texas  utah  wyoming  jeff_flake  roger_wicker  dean_heller  bob_corker  ted_cruz  orrin_hatch  john_barrasso  list  reference  election  from twitter
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D. Alfred Jones - N.M.J. (New Millenium Jazz) - YouTube
"This was my go-to whenever I needed a reminder about how beautiful doing your own freaky thing is. " --Anna
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The List - The New Yorker
“High school was bliss for me,” DuBuc said recently. “I tried not to dwell on the stuff that wasn’t good.” But, as she was about to start her freshman year at Western Michigan University, she got a call from a close childhood friend, Victoria, who asked, “Did you know you’re on the public sex-offender registry?”


The [Texas sex offender treatment] plan also included a monthly polygraph ($150) and a computerized test that measured how long his eyes lingered on deviant imagery ($325). He would also have to submit to a “penile plethysmograph,” or PPG. ... Metts would be billed around $200 per test.


The prosecutor pushed for two years in prison... Metts’s attorney urged alternatives that would be less costly for taxpayers. None of Metts’s violations, he noted, had any connection to the original charges of sexual assault of a child. A typical mistake was failing to charge his ankle bracelet’s battery. The judge took some time to think it over. The next morning, she sentenced Metts to ten years in prison.
sarah_stillman  newyorker  problem  2016  2010s  crime  abuse  database  assault  violence  children  childhood  punishment  2000s  high_school  sex  michigan  texas  virginia  north_carolina  montana  minnesota  illinois  sexting  policy  legal  1930s  1990s  jacob_wetterling  adam_walsh  treatment  elizabeth_letourneau  consent  teenage  government  morality  shame  injustice  money  criminal  therapy  vigilantism  threat  outcast  society  south_carolina  new_york  georgia  depression  suicide  parenting  prison  rehab  oregon  reform  nicole_pittman 
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In oral arguments for the Texas abortion case, the three female justices upend the Supreme Court’s balance of power.
"I counted two instances in which Roberts tried to get advocates to wrap up as Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor simply blew past him with more questions. There was something wonderful and symbolic about Roberts losing almost complete control over the court’s indignant women, who are just not inclined to play nice anymore."

slate  dahlia_lithwick  scotus  court  politics  abortion  choice  feminism  law  elena_kagan  sonia_sotomayor  ruth_bader_ginsburg  texas  2016  2013  2010s  HB2  clinic  health  women  argument  logic  takedown 
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Molly Ivins July 3 by Molly Ivins on - A Syndicate Of Talent
"Our motto is the poet Marianne Moore's observation, 'It is an honor to witness so much confusion.' ... I'd like to begin by thanking rural Texans for their natural assumption that Osama bin Laden is called "Osama-Bin," as though he had two front names, like Billy Bob or Jerry Jeff."
molly_ivins  2000s  2003  politics  texas  america  op-ed  writing  osama_bin_laden  marianne_moore  quote  independence_day  patriotism 
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Paris, Texas - OST - Ry Cooder - YouTube
Brian Stack: "Super Bowl producers hate my halftime idea of having Ry Cooder sit on a stool and play the Paris, Texas soundtrack"
1984  soundtrack  music  film  wim_wenders  ry_cooder  youtube  streaming  audio  1980s  guitar  texas  instrumental  from twitter_favs
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Remembering Will Spong
"... '"Who the hell are we?" and "What’s it all about?" ... [I]f you’re not asking those questions, if you’re just here to learn how to put the vestments on right, go home. Don’t come here for that. The world is too important.'”  texas  john_spong  will_spong  father  writing  rememberance  memory  priest  episcopal  church  belief  activism  teacher  teaching  religion  baseball  accident  death  grief  wisdom  north_carolina  son  family  love  bible  1960s  1970s  1980s  1990s  2000s  2015  2010s  piano  alfie  chaplain  pain  hospital 
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Learning to Be Beyoncé From Her Terrible Father - Racked
"The lights dim, then go out, and a movie trailer-sounding voiceover starts to list inspirational business nouns over the sound system.

"'Drive, determination, vision.'

"A projector screen at the front of the theater illuminates to show someone’s Windows desktop and a cursor frantically clicking between programs."
christine_friar  mathew_knowles  beyoncé  father  presentation  funny  sad  scandal  divorce  manager  motivation  2015  2010s  texas  ego  control 
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Rick Perry says Wendy Davis should be pro-life because her mother didn’t abort her. We disagree. - Slate Magazine
"To me, the pro-lifer position is 'I love my mother, and I’m so grateful she had me.' The pro-choice position is 'I love my mother, and I’m so grateful she had the right to choose what was best for her and her family.' Both positions are honorable in their way. But only one of them imagines my mother as more than my mother—as a person autonomous of me, and certainly autonomous of the blastocyst that turned into me.

"Before I started writing this piece, I called my mother to ask for her permission. As we were getting off the phone, she said, 'I’m just glad you’re here.' I’m glad I’m here, too. But she was here first."
jessica_winter  2010s  2013  pro-choice  abortion  argument  philosophy  fetus  what-if  double_x  rick_perry  texas  bill  wendy_davis  frances_kissling  derek_parfit  elizabeth_harman  eric_t._olson  slate  life 
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D. Alfred Jones - Song: "N. M. J." [Jazz - Oak Cliff, Texas] - YouTube
I am two years late to the D. Alfred Jones party, but thanks to Mattie Mark this WILL be my summer 2013 jam/life:
d._alfred_jones  texas  jazz  instrument  youtube  2010s  keyboard  recorder  sax  fake  fun  funny  music  instrumental  car  glove  from twitter
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The US schools with their own police | World News | the Guardian
"Such cases are not limited to Texas. In one notorious instance in California, a school security officer broke the arm of a girl he was arresting for failing to clear up crumbs after dropping cake in the school canteen. In another incident, University of Florida campus police tasered a student for pressing Senator John Kerry with an awkward question at a debate after he had been told to shut up."
jesus. via John
guardian  uk  texas  police  school  education  punishment  judge  court  crime  child  teenage  discipline  criticism  2010s  security  misbehavior  california  violation  rights  death  jaime_gonzalez  ticket  sarah_bustamantes  teacher  brutality  21st_century 
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