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Photographer removes smartphones to show dystopic, lonely world — Quartz
"US photographer Eric Pickersgill has created 'Removed,' a series of photos to remind us of how strange that [increasingly normal hunched pose of the phone-absorbed] pose actually is"
eric_pickersgill  quartz  photography  photo  smartphone  technology  society  culture  image  b&w  mobile 
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Twitter @NathanZed
"do yall realize we literally got devices in our hands where we can talk to anybody in the world face to face at any time bruh thats wild. nobody calling me but still wow"
NathanZed  tweet  quote  technology  2017  2010s  smartphone  culture  from twitter_favs
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Twitter @thisaintmyland
RT : the audacity of focusing on kids with their tech and not on adjusting to no air-conditioning, refrigera…
ricardo_ramos  puerto_rico  hurricane  maria  shame  disaster  power  electricity  2017  2010s  technology  from twitter_favs
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How To Add A Security Key To Your Gmail (Tech Solidarity)
"Plug the key into any USB port, with the gold disk facing upwards. If you're on a newer mac, you may have to use a USB adapter, like an animal:"  technology  security  gmail  how_to  guide  privacy  google  computer  password  chrome  email 
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The Reductive Seduction of Other People’s Problems
social entrepreneurship abroad / reductive "solutions"

"Some delopment workers even have an acronym that they use to describe these initiatives: SWEDOW (stuff we don't want)."

"don't go because you've fallen in love with solvability. Go because you've fallen in love with complexity."  courtney_martin  health  activism  essay  problem  social_change  privilege  poverty  kickstarter  failure  world  risk  development  manufacturing  aidwatch  altruism  government  zambia  industry  delusion  uganda  nonprofit  david_bornstein  2000s  energy  product  question  tinder  c.z._nnaemeka  glamour  neglect  america  molly_melching  senegal  technology  culture 
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“Behind the eyes, we feel ourselves shrink” | MetaFilter #6937719
nickrussell long comment
ends with: "Without strong governance, we have no chance of protecting our individual rights and way of life. Indeed, our lives may be enabled and shaped by technology, but they're ultimately created by governance."
comment  metafilter  nickrussell  technology  surveillance  airport  hotel  amazon  alexa  retina  eye  government  privacy  nicholas_russell  america  u.k.  freedom  information  fear  threat  history  nazi  las_vegas  military  2017  2010s 
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The R.U. Sirius Interview: It’s Better to be Inspired than Wired | Lebkowsky | CTheory
"Cyberculture (a meme that I'm at least partly responsible for generating, incidentally) has emerged as a gleeful apologist for this kill-the-poor trajectory of the Republican revolution. You find it all over Wired - this mix of chaos theory and biological modeling that is somehow interpreted as scientific proof of the need to devolve and decentralize the social welfare state while also deregulating and empowering the powerful, autocratic, multinational corporations. You've basically got the breakdown of nation states into global economies simultaneous with the atomization of individuals or their balkanization into disconnected sub-groups, because digital technology conflates space while decentralizing communication and attention. The result is a clear playing field for a mutating corporate oligarchy, which is what we have. I mean, people think it's really liberating because the old industrial ruling class has been liquefied and it's possible for young players to amass extraordinary instant dynasties. But it's savage and inhuman. Maybe the wired elite think that's hip. But then don't go around crying about crime in the streets or pretending to be concerned with ethics."  interview  1996  1990s  r.u._sirius  technology  wired  internet  corporation  power  corruption  society  politics  humanity  republican  theory  1989  1980s  mondo_2000  ethics  communication  jon_lebkowsky  quote  oligarchy  injustice 
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Japan researchers warn of fingerprint theft from 'peace' sign
"Research by a team at Japan's National Institute of Informatics (NII) says so, raising alarm bells over the popular two-fingered pose"  news  japan  identity  privacy  theft  crime  peace  finger  gesture  fingerprint  technology  research  digital  copy  2016  2010s  from twitter_favs
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Number of signatories: 2843:
"We have educated ourselves on the history of threats like these, and on the roles that technology and technologists played in carrying them out. We see how IBM collaborated to digitize and streamline the Holocaust, contributing to the deaths of six million Jews and millions of others. We recall the internment of Japanese Americans during the Second World War. We recognize that mass deportations precipitated the very atrocity the word genocide was created to describe: the murder of 1.5 million Armenians in Turkey. We acknowledge that genocides are not merely a relic of the distant past—among others, Tutsi Rwandans and Bosnian Muslims have been victims in our lifetimes."  pledge  list  technology  protest  action  politics  data  history  genocide  society  2010s  rights  whistleblower 
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ada dun goofed at tom moody
tom takes on... Ada the Algorithm: "The best business to be in right now is selling digital snake oil to doctors, lawyers, soldiers, and politicians."
tom_moody  washingtonpost  ada  algorithm  campaign  hillary_clinton  google  eric_schmidt  technology  secret  2016  2010s 
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Noahpinion: Freedom of speech in the digital age
via metafilter

"...we recognized that speech that disseminates ideas is more valuable than speech whose purpose is to intimidate others."
twitter  noahpinionblog  blogspot  speech  censorship  harassment  hate  public  private  ricky_vaughn  2016  2010s  noah_smith  technology  monopoly  nazi  leslie_jones  4chan  scott_alexander  social_media 
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Islamic art inspires stretchy, switchable materials - BBC News
"'In conventional materials, when you pull in one direction it will contract in other directions,' said Dr Ahmad Rafsanjani, from McGill University in Montreal.
"'But with "auxetic" materials, due to their internal architecture, when you pull in one direction they expand in the lateral direction.' ... Dr Rafsanjani's search for new designs to create such 'auxeticity' found inspiration in the stonework of two 1,000-year-old tomb towers in Iran."
islam  art  bbc  pattern  rubber  canada  iran  geometry  technology  construction 
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Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
"Our mission is to engage, educate and empower individuals to protect their privacy. We identify trends and communicate our findings to advocates, policymakers, industry, media and consumers."
prc  privacy  rights  fact  reference  law  technology  mail  medical  internet  bank  credit  harassment  legal  fraud  hacking 
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The New, Ugly Surge in Violence and Threats Against Abortion Providers | MetaFilter #6300938
long good comment (partial excerpt here)

I hold that the "life starts at conception" model of life, that presents life as a set of instructions rather than a specific, embodied, material entity, is in fact of itself anti-woman, anti-worker, and anti-human. I say this because it neglects the role of work in the making of a human, specifically the grueling, health-wrecking, dangerous work done by women's bodies in realizing a baby through following the fertilized zygote's instructions for babymaking. Because the (fundamentally Platonist) "life from conception" model presents instructions as perfect and complete in and of themselves — as already alive — the only contributions the mother makes are understood as negative. By doing the wrong thing, or eating the wrong thing, or aborting the process of baby-making, a woman might screw up her baby, but all of her positive work done in turning a set of instructions into a real baby is ignored. This is because the baby is already real, in this model, even when it's just a set of instructions and not much else. No woman required, at least not once she's provided the half-set of instructions found in her egg.
metafilter  abortion  law  belief  technology  you_can't_tip_a_buick  white_supremacy  slacktivist  christianity  protestant  life  pregnancy  human  fundamentalist  misogyny  hate  labor  conception  philosophy  work  comment  feminism  neglect  rights  women  violence  2015  2010s 
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How to Fix Everything | Motherboard
"The Electronics Reuse Conference was full of people who reject the idea that manufacturers should have control over consumer devices. ... 'We're competing with the garbage dump.'"
apple  samsung  sony  america  computer  technology  secret  ifixit  motherboard  vice  electronic  pentalobe  tool  rights  dmca  2010  2011  2010s  2015  kyle_wiens  manufacturing  repair  reuse  conference  environment  fix  legal  problem  kenya  egypt  india  ghana  waste  control  government  cbp  copyright  john_deere  tip  guide  manual  consumerism  diy  jason_koebler  company  hacking  transparency 
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This Weird Person Might Save You From Online Harassment — Backchannel — Medium
"This is someone who cares, but who doesn't care if others agree with how they care."

"Maymay believes that people too often forget that companies' interests are not always aligned with those of their users. The services want users to stay focused on doing things that will drive the bottom line. Crane, who writes technical copy for the products and is instrumental in their design, offers a more blunt explanation: 'They don't want their users coming on a dating site and thinking about getting raped.'"  backchannel  meitar_moscovitz  maymay_moscovitz  writing  internet  tool  weapon  technology  san_francisco  open-source  safety  social_media  dating  caleb_garling  hacker  cyborg  PAT  predator  negative  anonymous  facebook  okcupid  sex_offender  creepshield  browser  homeless  freelance  work  gender  social_change  justice  doxxing  transparency  rebecca_crane  action  collective 
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I Liked Everything I Saw on Facebook for Two Days. Here’s What It Did to Me | Gadget Lab | WIRED
"By the end of day one, I noticed that on mobile, my feed was almost completely devoid of human content."

"As day one rolled into day two, I began dreading going to Facebook."

"This is a problem much bigger than Facebook. It reminded me of what can go wrong in society, and why we now often talk _at_ each other instead of _to_ each other. We set up our political and social filter bubbles and they reinforce themselves—the things we read and watch have become hyper-niche and cater to our specific interests. We go down rabbit holes of special interests until we're lost in the queen's garden, cursing everyone above ground."
mat_honan  culture  facebook  technology  like  favorite  internet  algorithm  advertising  conservative  news_feed  website  2014  2010s  writing  experiment 
august 2014 by cluebucket
Cover Story: All Together Now : The New Yorker
"Steve Jobs, along with whatever else we’re crediting to him, should be granted the patent on converting the universal human gesture for trying to remember something from looking above one’s head to fumbling in one’s pants pocket.
"Sometimes, I’ve noticed with horror that the memories I have of things like my daughter’s birthday parties or the trips we’ve taken together are actually memories of the photographs I took, not of the events themselves, and together, the two somehow become ever more worn and overwrought, like lines gone over too many times in a drawing. The more we give over of ourselves to these devices, the less of our own minds it appears we exercise, and worse, perhaps even concomitantly, the more we coddle and covet the devices themselves. The gestures necessary to operate our new touch-sensitive generation of technology are disturbingly similar to caresses."
chris_ware  writing  newyorker  cover  image  art  magazine  technology  smartphone  steve_jobs  2014  2010s  memory  photo  mary_zimmerman  jungle_book  children  newtown  2013 
january 2014 by cluebucket
This Asshole Misses the Shutdown
"San Francisco is, says Palihapitiya, 'where the value is created.' The value. The Value. All of it! And to someone like this, who truly believes he's living in the most powerful, creative, resplendent urban center on our planet, what else could the government, public works, or anything outside his own interest be but a distraction, a reason to look somewhere else but Twitter or the mirror? And what's someone struggling with furlough but a loser without a vague app idea and a wealthy friend?"
sam_biddle  writing  news  valleywag  gawker  criticism  san_francisco  technology  company  economy  asshole  money  entitlement  government  value  shutdown  nymag  kevin_roose  chamath_palihapitiya  twitter  tweet  jason_calacanis  gridlock  individualism  wealth 
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Living LivingSocial: How D.C.'s homegrown coupon giant is trying to change its culture—and ours - Washington City Paper
comment section hehe

"(2) Simon's piece also shows the complexities of company culture, in particular how a culture that initially has a business purpose (innovation) can grow and cross a line, until you have an undefined "culture" that is effectively just "the type of people we like to hang out with". I'm always skeptical when people in my company or other companies evaluate potential or current employees based on "cultural fit" without having a specific definition of their culture and the business purpose their culture serves. That inevitably leads to discriminatory hiring and promotions, which multiple commenters here point to as a problem at LS."
—Ken Archer
washingtoncitypaper  dc  simon_van_zuylen-wood  2012  2010s  business  technology  coupon  internet  management  takedown  comment  ego  city  livingsocial  groupon  tax  marketing  culture 
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Japan’s Cleanup After a Nuclear Accident Is Denounced -
"There had been high hopes about the government’s disaster reconstruction plan. It was announced four months after the March 2011 disaster, which declared Japan would draw on the most advanced decontamination know-how possible.

"But confusion over who would conduct and pay for the cleanup slowed the government response. It took nine months for the central government to decide that it would take charge of decontamination work in 11 of the heaviest-contaminated towns and cities in Fukushima, leaving the rest for local governments to handle."

oh wait, there's this little nut:

"'Even if a method works overseas, the soil in Japan is different, for example,' said Hidehiko Nishiyama, deputy director at the environment ministry, who is in charge of the Fukushima cleanup. 'And if we have foreigners roaming around Fukushima, they might scare the old grandmas and granddads there.'"

hiroko_tabuchi  nytimes  japan  fukushima  cleanup  environment  disaster  nuclear_plant  2013  2011  2012  2010s  contamination  criticism  technology 
january 2013 by cluebucket
Having A Website vs. A Web Presence · daily
"The difference between having a presence on a site vs having a site is sort of like the difference between having a favorite restaurant and owning a farm. In the end, both may allow you to eat food, but the level of involvement and work involved is very different."
trenchant  adam_mathes  website  social_media  technology  service  blogging  presence  ownership  participation  audience  writing  medium  vllm  ev_williams  2012  2010s  speculation 
november 2012 by cluebucket
Does anything say so much about the times we live in... - more than 95 theses
" the fact that the word sharing has almost everything to do with personal information and almost nothing to do with personal wealth?"
garret_keizer  writing  privacy  wealth  inequality  poverty  sharing  loss  economics  society  alan_jacobs  2000s  technology  information  book  excerpt 
august 2012 by cluebucket
How Apple and Amazon Security Flaws Led to My Epic Hacking | Gadget Lab |
"...what happened to me exposes vital security flaws in several customer service systems, most notably Apple’s and Amazon’s. Apple tech support gave the hackers access to my iCloud account. Amazon tech support gave them the ability to see a piece of information — a partial credit card number — that Apple used to release information. In short, the very four digits that Amazon considers unimportant enough to display in the clear on the web are precisely the same ones that Apple considers secure enough to perform identity verification. The disconnect exposes flaws in data management policies endemic to the entire technology industry, and points to a looming nightmare as we enter the era of cloud computing and connected devices."
"He said the hack was simply a grab for my three-character Twitter handle. That’s all they wanted. They just wanted to take it, and fuck shit up, and watch it burn. It wasn’t personal. “I honestly didn’t have any heat towards you before this. i just liked your username like I said before” he told me via Twitter Direct Message."
mat_honan  hacking  google  twitter  apple  amazon  security  flaw  internet  data  wired  2012  2010s  writing  essay  technology  iCloud  disconnect  computer  cloud  windows  password  applecare  ruin  takedown  fraud  crime  breach  e-mail  exploit  steal  identity  troll  phobia  mac  gardgetlab  itunes  21st_century 
august 2012 by cluebucket
Humans are Humans are Humans | Cluster Mag
so many good thoughts. amazin' eighteen:
"Scavenging is basically always keeping your eyes peeled. If there’s something on the curb, it’s almost always worthwhile to check out. My friends and I have gotten so many ridiculous things for free this way. There’s a culture of free boxes around here, where folks just put stuff on the curb with a sign, and usually it’s all cleaned out come next day. There’s also a transient student population because West Philly is connected to several college campuses. The trash is plentiful, especially when the U Penn students move out in May. Good lord. We call that Penn Christmas. My housemate makes about $2,000 easy every year just from selling their old thrown-out textbooks.

"As for the stigma attached to re-use, that’s some bullshit rich people made up to control the non-affluent. Like back in feudal days when the starving peasants living on the king’s land couldn’t shoot a deer to eat because it already 'belonged' to the king. It really all goes back to power dynamics and maintaining control over the oppressed. Why can’t I eat the day-old dumpster food that is going to a landfill? It’s because it fucks up capitalist order and power dynamics. It’s about maintaining the made-up idea of scarcity so a few motherfuckers can stay in control.

"And let me just say that I am no crust punk. I listen to disco music and R&B and wear Mickey Mouse sweatshirts. It’s a shame that crust punks are the face of dumpstering, because I feel that a lot of people depend on the discarded world—they just don’t brag about it."
cluster_mag  theclustermag  2012  2010s  interview  friends  maggie18  all_that's_left  zine  sci-fi  internet  technology  dystopia  fantasy  gender  queer  sex  cyborg  scavenge  dumpster  occupywallstreet  philadelphia  digital  zinester  writer  role-play  birth_control  21st_century 
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Enemy Lurks in Briefings on Afghan War - PowerPoint -
"'It’s dangerous because it can create the illusion of understanding and the illusion of control,' General McMaster said in a telephone interview afterward. 'Some problems in the world are not bullet-izable.'"

"In General McMaster’s view, PowerPoint’s worst offense is not a chart like the spaghetti graphic, but rigid lists of bullet points... that take no account of interconnected political, economic and ethnic forces. 'If you divorce war from all of that, it becomes a targeting exercise'"
nytimes  powerpoint  software  microsoft  military  technology  intelligence  communication  ban  threat  war  strategy  afghanistan  2009  2010  2010s  elisabeth_bumiller  stanley_mcchrystal  flowchart  h._r._mcmaster  company_command  sam_nuxoll  crispin_burke  starbuck  robert_gates  david_petraeus  iraq  pakistan  richard_holbrooke  thomas_x._hammes  richard_engel  spaghetti  tommy_franks  david_mckiernan  donald_rumsfeld  helene_cooper  21st_century 
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Siri Failures, Illustrated | Amadi Talks
"Is this the most terrible programming failure ever? No. Is this worth a boycott of Apple? I don’t think so. What it is, however, is a demonstration of a problem. Especially when certain topics seem to be behind a black wall where information that’s readily available online is not being 'found' or presented. This is something that Apple and/or Wolfram Alpha need to address and rectify."
screengrab  smartphone  apple  wolfram_alpha  amaditalks  siri  iphone  technology  abuse  rape  resource  help  information  search  hospital  failure  birth_control  ec  assault  emergency  2011  2010s  21st_century 
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Salman Rushdie and Facebook's pseudonym policy. - Slate Magazine
"[I]ts stance on pseudonyms is more than a stupid policy. It's part and parcel of Facebook's noxious vision for the future of the Internet, where privacy—rather than hard-earned cash—becomes the currency of the day."
searching for Ahmed Rushdie ^_-
facebook  slate  future_tense  blog  writing  news  name  privacy  identity  policy  rule  pseudonym  salman_rushdie  mikhail_khodorkovsky  michael_anti  wael_ghonim  activist  spotify  service  technology  evgeny_morozov  consumerism  2011  2010s  21st_century 
december 2011 by cluebucket
What Ever Happened To Upward Mobility? - TIME
"A spate of new reports ... show that it's easier to climb the socioeconomic ladder in many parts of Europe than it is in the U.S. It's hard to imagine a bigger hit to the American Dream than that: you'd have an easier time getting a leg up in many parts of sclerotic, debt-ridden, class-riven old Europe than you would in the U.S.A. 'The simple truth,' says Sawhill, 'is that we have a belief system about ourselves that no longer aligns with the facts.'"
"In the 1970s, corporate chiefs earned about 40 times as much as their lowest-paid worker (still closer to the norm in many parts of Europe). Now they earn more than 400 times as much."
"[T]echnology may soon be a net job destroyer. The best hope in fighting the machines is to improve education, the factor that is more closely correlated with upward mobility than any other. Research has shown that as long as educational achievement keeps up with technological gains, more jobs are created. But in the late 1970s, that link was broken in the U.S. as educational gains slowed. That's likely an important reason that Europeans have passed the U.S. in various measures of mobility. They've been exposed to the same Malthusian forces of globalization, but they've been better at using public money to buffer them."
"The mythology of the American Dream has made it difficult to start a serious conversation about how to create more opportunity in our society, since many of us still believe that our mobility is the result of our elbow grease and nothing more. But there is a growing truth, seen in the numbers and in the protests that are spreading across our nation, that this isn't so. We can no longer blame the individual. We have to acknowledge that climbing the ladder often means getting some support and a boost."
rana_foroohar  2011  2010s  1980s  1990s  america  economy  mythology  opportunity  wage  economics  society  inequality  dynamism  occupywallstreet  tea_party  unemployment  dream  class  mobility  work  conservative  income  wealth  divide  deregulation  technology  job  social_security  instability  tax  debt  crisis  21st_century  20th_century 
november 2011 by cluebucket
When Will We Learn? - TIME
admitting that I just ♡ Fareed. but there are good points in here. basically -
"We've been talking about America's education decline for three decades now, so much so that we are numbed by the discussion. But the consequences of that crisis are only just becoming fully apparent."
2011  2010s  1970s  1990s  fareed_zakaria  education  america  finland  china  asia  progress  decline  economy  wage  bureaucracy  bill_gates  sal_khan  technology  budget  california  effort  innovation  testing  teaching  teacher  21st_century  20th_century 
november 2011 by cluebucket
What I Didn’t Write About When I Wrote About Quitting Facebook - The Morning News
"I hadn’t written about feeling like Facebook was a job. Like I was running on a digital hamster wheel. But a wheel that someone else has rigged up. And a wheel that’s actually a turbine that’s generating electricity for somebody else. That’s how I felt, which is what I should have written."
facebook  themorningnews  michael_erard  quit  social_media  technology  relationship  writing  exile  goodbye  2011  2010s  21st_century 
november 2011 by cluebucket
Fake Mickey Mouse statues at the Beijing Olympics
A little over a year has passed since China’s fake Disneyland was exposed and forced to clean up its act, but high profile examples of international trademark violations seem to still exist in Beijing. With two weeks to go until the start of the Olympics, the Japanese press has discovered that Beijing has built fake Mickey Mouse statues to celebrate the games.

Below is a news report from Fuji TV (with screen capture images under it).

Japan’s TBS news also covered the mouse statues, and in both video reports, Beijing residents asked about the statues believed the character depicted was Mickey Mouse.

How did the local city government respond when asked by the press about the mouse statues? Pink Tentacle has reported the following (from the Yomiuri):

When asked about the resemblance to Mickey, a spokesperson replied, “They have square holes in their ears. They are not copies.” The spokesperson suggested the statues are unique because they incorporate the themes of old Chinese coins (the square holes), the year of the rat, the Olympics and the financial district into the design. However, children passing by the statues were seen pointing and saying, “Look! It’s Mickey!”

Do you think these statues look like Mickey Mouse?



View Results
General_Japan  Technology  bejing  disney  mickey_mouse  olympics  from google
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Video: Yamaha’s Tenori-on
It took Yamaha 6 years to develop the Tenori-on, and the electronic musical instrument will finally go on sale in Japan next month. A promotional event for the Tenori-on was held in Tokyo yesterday, and reporters got to try out making music with its 16 by 16 grid of LED switches:

It will hit stores on May 12th and cost 121,000 yen (about $1200).
Technology  gadgets  japan  music  tech  tenori-on  yamaha  from google
april 2008 by cluebucket

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