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2015 Minnesota State High School All Hockey Hair Team - YouTube
via Kenji... this is so creepy but also so funny and there are also so many videos in the backlog.
2015  2010s  minnesota  high_school  youtube  creepy  video  review  hair  salad  classic  style  teenage 
april 2019 by cluebucket
Skeuomorph - Wikipedia
example pic is my fave, Simulated woodgrain on a woodie-style station wagon
skeuomorph  definition  style  design  object  influence  wiki  wikipedia 
september 2018 by cluebucket
Improvising in the style of different classical composers | Practice Notes 34 - YouTube
j.s. bach, jean-philippe rameau, mozart, beethoven, chopin, franz liszt, rachmaninoff, scriabin, debussy, shostakovich, prokofieff, messiaen, schöenberg, philip glass, steve reich
music  video  classical  youtube  composer  style  piano  guide  breakdown  how_to  nahre_sol  composition  melody  improvisation 
december 2017 by cluebucket
The Unsettling Vision of Rei Kawakubo - The New Yorker
In Kawakubo's voluminous clothes one felt provocative yet mysterious and protected. They weren't sized, they weren't conceived on a svelte fitting model, then inflated to a sixteen. Their cut had the rigor, if not the logic, of modernist architecture, but loose flaps, queer trains, and other sometimes perplexing extrusions encouraged a client of the house to improvice her own style of wearing them. ... these 'multiple open endings' were a tactic for liberating female dress from an 'omniscient male narrator.'"
judith_thurman  2005  2000s  newyorker  rei_kawakubo  1980s  paris  japan  fashion  design  designer  comme_des_garçons  style  clothing  writing  women  textile  brutalism  rebel  tokyo 
march 2017 by cluebucket
Duck's ass - Wikipedia
"This article possibly contains original research."
wiki  wikipedia  hair  style  haircut  1950s  definition  duck  ducktail  d.a.  オールバック  greaser 
march 2017 by cluebucket
10 Different ways to tie a scarf in your hair
I feel like these are only 3~4 different ways but what da fuh i mean

ehhh  how_to  hair  hairstyle  style  scarf  accessory  tie  guide  image  photo 
april 2016 by cluebucket
The Sensualist - The New Yorker
"Seducing another man’s wife could be forgiven; a bad poem, clumsy handwriting, or the wrong perfume could not."

"In Chapter 4, titled 'Yugao,' Genji comes across a run-down house, the abode of a young woman he is about to seduce.

Waley describes the entrance like this: 'There was a wattled fence over which some ivy-like creeper spread its cool green leaves, and among the leaves were white flowers with petals half-unfolded like the lips of people smiling at their own thoughts.'

Seidensticker: 'A pleasantly green vine was climbing a board wall. The white flowers, he thought, had a rather self-satisfied look about them.'

Tyler: 'A bright green vine, its white flowers smiling to themselves, was clambering merrily over what looked like a board fence.'

Washburn: 'A pleasant-looking green vine was creeping luxuriantly up a horizontal trellis, which resembled a board fence. White flowers were blooming on the vine, looking extremely self-satisfied and apparently without a care in the world.'”
ian_buruma  newyorker  tale_of_genji  genji  2015  2010s  review  literature  book  11th_century  translation  murasaki_shikibu  novel  seduction  sex  poetry  dennis_washburn  heian  平安  adultery  源氏物語  junichiro_tanizaki  ivan_morris  buddhism  style  privilege  royalty  sei_shonagon  pillow_book  gender  men  women  royall_tyler  13th_century  history  japanese  1930s  arthur_waley  1976  1970s  edward_seidensticker  prose  moral  utagawa_kunisada  hishikawa_moronobu  polygamy  culture 
march 2016 by cluebucket
25 Fascinating Charts Of Negotiation Styles Around The World | Business Insider
"Scandinavians often have entrenched opinions that they have formulated “in the long dark nights,” though they are reasonable conversationalists. Swedes often have the most wide-ranging discussions, Finns tend to value concision, and most Norwegians fall somewhere in between."
businessinsider  communication  infographic  chart  culture  country  language  linguistics  style  speech  conversation  richard_d_lewis  linguist  america  canada  england  france  italy  germany  english  china  hong_kong  israel  india  switzerland  singapore  indonesia  hungary  finland  bulgaria  norway  denmark  turkey  poland  spain  sweden  netherlands  stereotype  2010s  research 
april 2014 by cluebucket
Why I Love Marilynne Robinson : The New Yorker
"'On some impulse, plain exuberance, I suppose, the fellow jumped up and caught hold of a branch, and a storm of luminous water came pouring down on the two of them, and they laughed and took off running, the girl sweeping water off her hair and her dress as if she were a little bit disgusted, but she wasn’t. It was a beautiful thing to see, like something from a myth. I don’t know why I thought of that now, except perhaps because it is easy to believe in such moments that water was made primarily for blessing, and only secondarily for growing vegetables or doing the wash.'
"Robinson discusses her conviction that the capacity to make imaginative connections with other people, familiar and foreign, is the basis of community"
mark_o'connell  newyorker  marilynne_robinson  writer  author  book  writing  style  eloquence  religion  christianity  novel  2012  2010s  gilead  morality  imagination  fiction  community  review  21st_century 
september 2012 by cluebucket

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