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"The $120,000,000 spent for Trump's traveling adult kids

Could've provided care to

20,725 people on Medicaid(a program Trump wants to cut)"
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Fairfax County, USA | Jacobin
"The Clinton campaign carried this brand of liberalism faithfully forward. It represented the apotheosis of a Democratic Party leadership that primarily envisions the working class as a downtrodden group in need of help, rather than a sleeping giant in need of organization. A leadership that views politics as a room where clever experts hash out benevolent policies for the neediest, rather than a field of mass struggle in which everybody’s basic welfare is at stake. A leadership that may be genuinely tolerant, inclusive, and compassionate, but whose own class blinders make it almost impossible for them to think about progressive politics in terms of collective self-interest."
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Serial Killers Should Fear This Algorithm - Bloomberg
"So much attention has been paid to police racial bias cases that another sort of injustice—lack of thorough policing—gets overlooked."  crime  algorithm  detective  data  FBI  thomas_hargrove  robert_kolker  2017  2010s  homicide  murder  police  gary  statistic  investigation  indiana  america  MAP  infographic  serial_killer  jill_leovy  mark_funkhouser  1990s  2000s  reporting  information  transparency 
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The Problem We All Live With | This American Life
1619 = arrival of black people in US as slaves
300+ years pass...
1971 - 1988 (peak) = integration efforts in US schools
1988 ~ = resegregation?
nikole_hannah-jones  education  racism  segregation  this_american_life  radio  audio  america  reform  missouri  race  integration  statistic  discrimination  parenting 
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Economists Bashing Sanders's Tax Plan Admit They're Clueless
"According to CTJ’s analysis, everyone but the richest 5 percent of Americans would end up with a higher after-tax income under a single-payer health care system."  analysis  economics  tax  tax_policy_center  flaw  bernie_sanders  lie  study  statistic  government  infrastructure  leonard_burman  politico  politics  warren_gunnels  takedown  breakdown  citizens_for_tax_justice  income  mathematics  future  2016  2010s 
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America, Why Are You Naming All Your Boys Like This?
"In fact, Wattenberg finds that if you treat everything in the 'Aiden' rhyming family ('from Aaden to Zayden') as one mega-name, the group's popularity actually approaches that of perennial favorites like 'Robert.'"  trend  name  america  ssa  statistic  jayden  popularity  population  boy  male  laura_wattenberg  nytimes  2014  2010s  2000s  2008  2009  robbie_gonzalez  onomastics  visualization  data  graph  animation 
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