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「悪そうに登場したのにちゃんと閉めに戻るの萌えポイント高い。 」

moe point hehe
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The 7 Stages of Gaijinhood Revisited | Gakuranman - illuminating Japan
going through old bookmarks whose originals are now off the face of the web, linking to responses to the originals; this has got the graph ("optimistic view"):
"wide-eyed wonderer, eager student, witless cynic, indigenous wannabe, ill-informed activist, semantic gatekeeper, accidental gaijin, recovery?"
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january 2012 by cluebucket
How to Think Creatively - Tony Schwartz - Business - The Atlantic
1. Saturation: "a left hemisphere activity that paradoxically requires absorbing one's self in what's already known. Any creative breakthrough inevitably rests on the shoulders of all that came before it."

2. Incubation: "The second stage of creativity begins when we walk away from a problem, typically because our left hemisphere can't seem to solve it." ... "shift into right hemisphere in order to access new ideas and solutions."

3. Illumination: "Ah-ha moments... when you've given your left hemisphere a rest, and you're doing something else, whether it's exercising, taking a shower, driving or even sleeping."

4. Verification: "the left hemisphere reasserts its dominance. This stage is about challenging and testing the creative breakthrough you've had."
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