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Suicide's Dream Baby Dream – the unlikely anthem of 2016 | Music | The Guardian
Where Curtis drew on the song’s darkness, Bruce Springsteen found hope. His cover version, which he recorded in 2014 after performing it live for nearly a decade, shaves off some of the original’s eeriness – with its purposely flat, unresolved melodies – and sneaks in a little more sentimentality. Where Vega mumbles the line, “I see that smile on your face now baby, yeah you got the idea now”, Springsteen sings, “I just wanna see you smile / Now I just wanna see you smile”. He adds new lyrics too: “Come on and open up your hearts … come on darling and dry your eyes.” Suicide’s refrain is a vague suggestion, of which even they don’t seem entirely convinced. Springsteen’s is a command: “Dream, baby, dream.”

“A lot of bands have done my stuff, Suicide stuff, and they basically try and copy and do it the way that you do it,” Vega said of Springsteen’s cover back in 2005. “Thank God – finally somebody did their version of it. He did it his way, and such a great way, that I’m going to have to sing it that way, or not sing it at all any more.”
2016  2010s  suicide  alan_vega  martin_rev  song  music  cover  bruce_springsteen  soundtrack  adam_curtis  hypernormalisation  dream  1979  1970s  punk 
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Annoyed by Restaurant Playlists, a Master Musician Made His Own - The New York Times
“Who chose this? Whose decision of mixing this terrible roundup? Let me do it. Because your food is as good as the beauty of Katsura Rikyu.” (He meant the thousand-year-old palatial villa in Kyoto, built to some degree on the aesthetic principles of imperfections and natural circumstances known as wabi-sabi.) “But the music in your restaurant is like Trump Tower.”
ryuichi_sakamoto  nytimes  restaurant  music  musician  composer  nyc  japanese  ippodo  kokage  kajitsu  soundtrack  2018  2010s 
july 2018 by cluebucket

totally got caught by this as Hanさん's theme song
stephen_boyd  youtube  audio  music  pop  rock  soundtrack  tv  terrace_house  ballad 
march 2018 by cluebucket
Technotronic - Rockin' Over the Beat (Remix) - YouTube
get into the sound~ "Pure Bernard Sumner"
this is kinda bland but I think a worthwhile artifact from TMNT III ;-P
technotronic  ya_kid_k  bernard_sumner  remix  soundtrack  1993  1990s  tmnt  sequel  nostalgia  dance  pop  audio  music  youtube 
february 2017 by cluebucket
Guy who loves music - Vine
I think I've seen this character before but nevertheless this collection is very worthwhile  music  guy  clueless  humor  video  soundtrack 
october 2016 by cluebucket
Paris, Texas - OST - Ry Cooder - YouTube
Brian Stack: "Super Bowl producers hate my halftime idea of having Ry Cooder sit on a stool and play the Paris, Texas soundtrack"
1984  soundtrack  music  film  wim_wenders  ry_cooder  youtube  streaming  audio  1980s  guitar  texas  instrumental  from twitter_favs
february 2016 by cluebucket
User Account @davismv Kmart Week Of

"I worked at Kmart between 1989 and 1999 and held onto them with the hopes that they would be of use some day. Enjoy!"

!!!!  davismv  upload  audio  music  radio  KMRT  kmart  1989  1999  1990s  1980s  store  soundtrack  nostalgia  muzak  tape  archive  retail  mix  download  mp3  ogg 
october 2015 by cluebucket
Deep Phunky Clav - Alan Partridge Lapdance music - YouTube
wish I could play 'I'm Alan Partridge' lapdance fantasy music at work ... and just giggle
deep_phunky_clav  dance  music  youtube  audio  lapdance  strip  comedy  alan_partridge  steve_coogan  tv  soundtrack  1990s  from twitter
july 2014 by cluebucket
Outpost Daria - Song List: Season One
Nearly all of the entries in these lists apply only to episodes and movies that were originally broadcast on television, not the ones that were released on VHS and DVD (which were replaced with a "generic" soundtrack due to music licensing costs).
daria  song  list  tv  outpost-daria  episode  soundtrack  musician  1990s  rock  mtv  grunge  20th_century 
june 2012 by cluebucket
Good Brisk Blues - Mayo Thompson - YouTube
'corky's debt to his father' always helps me clean a room. rather than question it, will tweet it. then, clean it.
youtube  audio  music  mayo_thompson  brisk  blues  soundtrack  clean  hygiene  1970  1970s  20th_century  from twitter
april 2012 by cluebucket
Jonny Greenwood, Radiohead’s Runaway Guitarist -
"Greenwood tends to wince when he walks into a room, as if in anticipation of mortification to come. He was wearing a wrinkled white dress shirt; his black pants were tight but hung low on his hips; and his hair was a heedless mop. The overall schoolboy vibe was enhanced by the fact that he was still wearing his backpack, which contained a pinkish-orange T-shirt, a copy of the manga master Yoshihiro Tatsumi’s graphic novel 'Abandon the Old in Tokyo,' a MacBook and a spiralbound copy of the score for Pen­derecki’s 'Polymorphia.'"

omg he's carrying around Tatsumi!
jonny_greenwood  radiohead  musician  composer  orchestra  nytimes  alex_pappademas  thom_yorke  poland  krzysztof_penderecki  soundtrack  paul_thomas_anderson  film  popcorn  polymorphia  audio  music  there_will_be_blood  1990s  2010s  mtv  conductor  yoshihiro_tatsumi  creep  electronic  21st_century  20th_century 
march 2012 by cluebucket
welcome to the picture show (MPSU #6)
This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Thank you for being here to share it with us…

MUSIC AND MOVIES. These two things pretty much rule my world and I’ve been waiting for their forces to collide here on the blog. I’ve been scouring THE NETZ for a good soundtrack mix for a hot minute now and of course just when I was ready to give up someone sends one to me. I dig the way this universe thing works yo.

JC of playjazzloud hit me with some mixes and I wetted myself when I saw that a soundtrack mix was among them. Then I started listening to the mix and I wetted myself again as it starts off with Johnny Greenwood’s Future Markets from everybody’s favorite MILKSHAKE movie, There Will Be Blood. By the time the mix bumps Air’s High School Lover from The Virgin Suicides I had to change my pants completely. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

-A rad selection and deftly mixed! EBERT & ROEPPER

-The thrill ride of the summer! REX REED

-Kiss me and I’ll kiss you back! DIGITAL UNDERGROUND


mixes_people_sent_us  rockbluesfolk  mixtapes  movies  music  soundtrack  there_will_be_blood  virgin_suicides  from google
june 2008 by cluebucket

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