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ABBA - Slipping Through My Fingers - YouTube
I watch her go with a surge of that well-known sadness
And I have to sit down for a while
abba  song  music  audio  photo  family  parenting  youtube  daughter  linda_ulvaeus  1981  1980s  the_visitors 
11 weeks ago by cluebucket
Suicide's Dream Baby Dream – the unlikely anthem of 2016 | Music | The Guardian
Where Curtis drew on the song’s darkness, Bruce Springsteen found hope. His cover version, which he recorded in 2014 after performing it live for nearly a decade, shaves off some of the original’s eeriness – with its purposely flat, unresolved melodies – and sneaks in a little more sentimentality. Where Vega mumbles the line, “I see that smile on your face now baby, yeah you got the idea now”, Springsteen sings, “I just wanna see you smile / Now I just wanna see you smile”. He adds new lyrics too: “Come on and open up your hearts … come on darling and dry your eyes.” Suicide’s refrain is a vague suggestion, of which even they don’t seem entirely convinced. Springsteen’s is a command: “Dream, baby, dream.”

“A lot of bands have done my stuff, Suicide stuff, and they basically try and copy and do it the way that you do it,” Vega said of Springsteen’s cover back in 2005. “Thank God – finally somebody did their version of it. He did it his way, and such a great way, that I’m going to have to sing it that way, or not sing it at all any more.”
2016  2010s  suicide  alan_vega  martin_rev  song  music  cover  bruce_springsteen  soundtrack  adam_curtis  hypernormalisation  dream  1979  1970s  punk 
12 weeks ago by cluebucket
すてきなホリデイ 竹内まりや - YouTube
KFC commercial song

悲しかった出来事を 消し去るように
すてきなホリデイ  竹内まりや  mariya_takeuchi  christmas  holiday  ad  song  music  audio  youtube 
november 2018 by cluebucket
Townes Van Zandt - Second Lovers Song - YouTube
don't want tears from you
Don't build your love on shame
All that we've done is through
And all we can do remains
My lady can't you see
I love not jealously

townes_van_zandt  song  music  audio  country  folk  1969  1960s  our_mother_the_mountain  love  youtube 
may 2018 by cluebucket
5-10-15-20 | Pitchfork
might as well go through these. Jarvis C brought me here
*to_read  music  list  memory  musician  interview  song  growing_up  archive  writer 
april 2018 by cluebucket
Giant Sand - 'Yer Ropes' - YouTube
mentioned in mefi thread about Radiohead suing Lana Del RayRey about "Creep" stuff (and the Hollies, etc.) because of people talking about chords... good song anyway
giant_sand  1994  1990s  glum  video  pv  music  rock  pop  indie_rock  song 
january 2018 by cluebucket
Low - Hatchet (Optimimi Version) (OFFICIAL VIDEO) - YouTube
let's bury the hatchet like the beatles and the stones

drums & guns
low  youtube  music  pv  animation  song  groove  subpop  2007  2000s 
october 2017 by cluebucket
Joe Smooth - Promised Land - YouTube
guess what - Joe Arpaio NOT allowed in the promised land
joe_smooth  1987  1980s  audio  music  dance  house  inspiration  chicago  youtube  song  from twitter
august 2017 by cluebucket
1985 Greg Phillinganes :: Behind the Mask @ 432 Hz - YouTube
via Anna! who can never not air-keyboard along to this dang song?!

グレッグ・フィリンゲインズ 「ビハインド・ザ・マスク」
greg_philliganes  yellow_magic_orchestra  song  music  1980s  1985  youtube  pv  video  michael_jackson  ryuichi_sakamoto  pop  electronic 
june 2017 by cluebucket
Hammond Song - YouTube
aw, this song kept me company @ crucial moments the past decade... RIP m.roche :-{
roches  maggie_roche  youtube  audio  music  song  singer  harmony  sister  hammond  folk  1979  1970s 
january 2017 by cluebucket
Jim White - The Wound That Never Heals - YouTube
"When he says, 'Honey, what's wrong?' she says, 'Oh, nothing dear -- except that tears are a stupid trick of God'"
jim_white  wound  pain  cry  youtube  audio  music  no_such_place  song  2001  2000s  luaka_bop 
december 2016 by cluebucket
A love letter to the lyrics of Levi Stubbs’ Tears by Billy Bragg | Coffee House
"he described how as a teenager he lugged his heavy reel to reel tape machine round to his friend’s house to record an elder sister’s copy of Tamla Motown Chartbusters Volume 3, which is an epic compilation album. Included on the track list is I’m In A Different World by The Four Tops, the opening two verses of which could have been written for the woman in Levi Stubbs’ Tears.
>> In this world of ups and downs
>> My dreams all fall through.
>> Things just don’t work out
>> No matter what I do.
billy_bragg  2016  writing  music  song  lyrics  phil_adams  character  1980s  four_tops  levi_stubbs  motown  empathy  abuse  loneliness  cry  1986 
november 2016 by cluebucket
Said the Gramophone - an mp3 blog
going back to the music blogs... StG now features an Osakan (!)  said_the_gramophone  music  blog  mp3  audio  pop  indie  montreal  canada  song 
january 2016 by cluebucket
Twitter @hdkHz
「ジョアンナ・ニューサム@大阪 セットリスト 」
really missing Osaka, esp fancy new live-house venues
setlist  list  song  musician  joanna_newsom  harp  2016  2010s  osaka  japan  japanese  image  photo  concert  live  title  from twitter_favs
january 2016 by cluebucket
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