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On the trail for the final week of the Trump campaign.
"Behold, Trump said to his fans, I’ve rounded up a passel of those elites you detest. And I’ve caged them for you! Allow me to belittle them for your delight. Here, now you take a turn—go ahead, have at it! Do it again, don’t be shy! Under President Trump, the other elites will be in cages, too. We’ll lock them up, just like the chant goes. Just like you wanted. You’ll be their captors."
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At Mercy Multiplied, troubled young women come to believe their mental-health counselors speak for God.
"Today, the sixth step in Alcorn’s seven-step counseling model is called Freedom From Oppression—but before 2009, it was called “Demonic Oppression,” according to three former residents. Mercy changed the name shortly after administrators at Mercy-branded facilities in Australia were found to have stolen residents’ welfare checks and local papers reported that employees at these homes were practicing exorcisms."
"Mercy put this disclaimer on its website: “Mercy Ministries does not practice Recovered Memory Therapy.” This past October, when the organization rebranded itself as Mercy Multiplied, the disclaimer disappeared."

Christian crooks ugh
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Ashkenazi names: The etymology of the most common Jewish surnames.
patronymics, matronymics, place names, occupational names, personal traits, insulting names, animal names (Einhorn: unicorn!), Hebrew names, Hebrew acronyms, other Hebrew- and Yiddish-derived names, invented "fancy shmancy" names.... and a separate correction article.
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Creating a life that reflects your values and satisfies your soul is a rare achievement
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