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Serial Killers Should Fear This Algorithm - Bloomberg
"So much attention has been paid to police racial bias cases that another sort of injustice—lack of thorough policing—gets overlooked."  crime  algorithm  detective  data  FBI  thomas_hargrove  robert_kolker  2017  2010s  homicide  murder  police  gary  statistic  investigation  indiana  america  MAP  infographic  serial_killer  jill_leovy  mark_funkhouser  1990s  2000s  reporting  information  transparency 
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Robert Ben Rhoades: The Truck Stop Killer: Newsmakers: GQ
"I spent a week on the road in Appalachia, visiting truck stops, interviewing the older truckers and waitresses. At first, I would ask about the girl in the Dumpster, but no one had heard of her, so I asked if there had ever been any women found in truck stops. Wherever I went, I was told nothing "like that" ever happened, which was remarkable given the numbers of bodies the FBI had tracked over the past thirty years. The newspapers were equally silent. It seems our profound fascination with serial killers is matched by an equally profound lack of interest in their victims. One library archivist explained that I was looking for the kind of news nobody wanted to read. The girl, he said, "wasn't one of our own. She was a drifter." I'd never heard the word "drifter" used in earnest. It touched a nerve I didn't know I had. I had been a drifter."
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