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Nightcrawlers - Push The Feeling On (The Dub of Doom) - YouTube
Mikailnyc 6 months ago: "OK, for years and years, this song's lyrics have baffled me, kinda like Quest's Electric Relaxation... well finally I did a little web sleuthing and uncovered what they were saying.

The lyrics don't make sense on their own, they're cut up from the 1992 release. The vocals are John Reid.
Original Lyrics -
"And those who suffer pain, will begin to live their Lives again.
And this world will be a place to learn, but its up to you, to pull us through."

Re-sampled Lyrics -
"Their Lives again / Their Li / to pull us through" (Main Loop Throughout Song)

"Place to learn / Their Liv / its up to you" (Secondary Loop)

from dragontorc on this board

Listen for yourself while you read the lyrics"
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march 2017 by cluebucket
Who Was the Baby on Aaliyah’s “Are You That Somebody?” > Red Bull Music Academy
"He once skidded a car near some condenser mics, then went to a junkyard in Brooklyn and lifted a trashed vehicle on a magnetic crane and dropped it on a pile of headlights and headlamps; he then spliced the skidding and the junkyard drop together to make a car crash effect. He captured barnyard sounds from a live poultry market that used to operate where the Lincoln Center now stands. Shel Silverstein, who lived right around the corner from Goldbaum in the Village, actually played a role in his recordings, too: As Goldbaum recounts, “I just handed him the microphone and said, ‘Be a sheep,’ and he’d be a perfect sheep.”
"Goldbaum goes on to talk about all the various human sounds he recorded, going into people’s houses to record their laughs and cries, their burps and sneezes, their yawns and snores, their horrified screams and birthday parties."
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july 2016 by cluebucket Feminist Radical Thinkers: A Sampler
"Feminist Radical Thinkers: a FREE ebook collection from second-wave socialist-feminist texts"

via twitter, this is free at least in Jan 2015. ISBN: 9781784783129  verso  book  ebook  epub  download  feminism  text  reading  socialism  education  20th_century  michèle_barrett  mary_mcintosh  lynne_segal  sheila_rowbotham  juliet_mitchell  woman  sex  family  consciousness  estate  radical  radical_thinkers  sample  from twitter_favs
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U2's lost song NEGATIVLAND - YouTube
forgot about this song, but am remembering now... "diddly shit" lol
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february 2014 by cluebucket
Word Theft by Ruth Graham
"T.S. Eliot, who relied on other sources for much of 'The Waste Land' (plagiarism or allusion?), famously wrote, 'Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal.' Less often quoted is the next line, 'Bad poets deface what they take.' This is what seems to gall many victims of plagiarists: to see their poems reprinted in weaker versions than the original."  poetry  writing  ruth_graham  plagiarism  2013  2014  2010s  cynicism  prize  theft  crime  idea  creativity  copy  copyright  sample  scandal  taboo  literature  author  narcissism  self-esteem  internet  u.k.  australia  america  stalking  apology 
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