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The Heart of Whiteness: Ijeoma Oluo Interviews Rachel Dolezal, the White Woman Who Identifies as Black - Features - The Stranger
"Even if there were thousands of Rachel Dolezals in the country, would their claims of blackness do anything to open up the definition of whiteness to those with darker skin, coarser hair, or racialized features?"
ijeoma_oluo  interview  privilege  washington  spokane  america  white_supremacy  rachel_dolezal  white  black  race  racism  narcissism  2017  2010s  2015  scandal  culture 
april 2017 by cluebucket
Fairfax County, USA | Jacobin
"The Clinton campaign carried this brand of liberalism faithfully forward. It represented the apotheosis of a Democratic Party leadership that primarily envisions the working class as a downtrodden group in need of help, rather than a sleeping giant in need of organization. A leadership that views politics as a room where clever experts hash out benevolent policies for the neediest, rather than a field of mass struggle in which everybody’s basic welfare is at stake. A leadership that may be genuinely tolerant, inclusive, and compassionate, but whose own class blinders make it almost impossible for them to think about progressive politics in terms of collective self-interest."
politics  2016  2010s  election  hillary_clinton  campaign  strategy  failure  work  class  poverty  wealth  statistic  matt_karp  donald_trump  race  income  state  suburb  democrat  vote 
march 2017 by cluebucket
Asian Americans Advancing Justice :: Welcome!

"Since 1991, Asian Americans Advancing Justice | AAJC has fought to create a seat at the table for Asian Americans in the national conversations that determine the policies that shape our lives. We educate lawmakers, the public, and the media about our diverse community and its needs. We advocate on behalf of our most vulnerable communities, as well as other minority communities whose liberation is essential to creating a more just society for all. We litigate in order to defend and promote the voices of Asian Americans and underserved communities on significant civil rights issues."
aajc  justice  resist  policy  chicago  los_angeles  america  asian  asian-american  aapi  litigation  education  advocacy  society  immigration  vote  race  rights  civil_rights  2010s 
january 2017 by cluebucket
Twitter @beyupdates_
RT : Wikihow turned Obama, Beyoncé, and Jay Z white to explain "How to become a congressman."
wikihow  image  photo  photoshop  illustration  racism  race  white  black  barack_obama  beyoncé  jay-z  erasure  model  2010s  from twitter
january 2017 by cluebucket
The Seattle Review of Books - Revenge
"But I finally found the argument against suicide and it’s us.
We’re the effigies that haunt America’s nights harder
the longer they spend burning us,
we are scaring the shit out of people by spreading,
by refusing to die: what are we but a fire?"
elisa_chavez  revenge  poetry  poem  2017  2010s  race  nazi  future  safety  fear  strength  america  war  politics 
january 2017 by cluebucket
White Nationalism and the Ethics of Medieval Studies | MetaFilter #6861797
"this pre-nationalism world-view is, indirectly, part of what draws racists to the medieval period. For their world-view to make sense, there must be some mystical past in which the races were separate, because if there have always been just random groups of people mingling genetics, languages, and cultures, then the whole idea of distinct races is holed below the waterline."
comment  metafilter  history  racism  racist  medieval  white_supremacy  myth  race  analogy  ideology  firechicago  logic  historian  2017  2010s 
january 2017 by cluebucket
The Problem We All Live With | This American Life
1619 = arrival of black people in US as slaves
300+ years pass...
1971 - 1988 (peak) = integration efforts in US schools
1988 ~ = resegregation?
nikole_hannah-jones  education  racism  segregation  this_american_life  radio  audio  america  reform  missouri  race  integration  statistic  discrimination  parenting 
march 2016 by cluebucket
The Weight Of James Arthur Baldwin
"One didn’t need to worship him, or desire to emulate him, to know this and respect him for it. And yet, for me, there had always been something slightly off-putting about him — the strangely accented, ponderous way he spoke in the interviews I watched; the lofty, “theatrical” way in which he appeared in “Good Citizens,” an essay by Joan Didion, as the bored, above-it-all figure that white people revered because he could stay collected. What I resented about Baldwin wasn’t even his fault."
james_baldwin  rachel_kaadzi_ghansah  writer  france  black  america  death  1950s  2016  2010s  race  influence  magazine  internship  immigration  los_angeles  survival  house  legacy  memory  the_fire_this_time  essay 
march 2016 by cluebucket
I’m a black actor. Here’s how inequality works when you’re not famous. - Vox
"I looked around the theater and realized there was not another black face besides my one fellow actor. There was no one, in any position of power or influence, who would immediately understand what kind of position I had been put in by this actor ad-libbing hate speech at me onstage."
bear_bellinger  actor  audition  theater  hair  race  racism  acting  chicago  miss_saigon  epithet  slur  black  white  2016  2010s 
february 2016 by cluebucket
Twitter @AGirl4Bernie
"Whenever someone accuses Bernie of being a communist I just laugh and remember this picture "
WeAreBernie  bernie_sanders  communism  1950s  panic  morality  sign  protest  image  photo  b&w  racism  race  interracial  marriage  america  discrimination  from twitter_favs
january 2016 by cluebucket
How Corporations Profit From Black Teens' Viral Content | The FADER
"'I gave the world a word,' Newman said. 'I can’t explain the feeling. At the moment I haven’t gotten any endorsements or received any payment. I feel that I should be compensated. But I also feel that good things happen to those who wait.'"

"Whereas Meechie’s dance videos are considered a threat to record companies’ bottom line, his cultural production—and Kayla Newman’s 'on fleek,' too—is treated as ripe for the taking by those same companies."
doreen_st_felix  2015  2010s  kayla_newman  peaches_monroee  catchphrase  on_fleek  innovation  social_media  linguistics  sociolinguistics  credit  ownership  denzel_meechie  youtube  copyright  intellectual_property  culture  k.j._greene  internet  trend  copy  dance  slang  race  black  appropriation  money 
january 2016 by cluebucket
It Happened To Me: I Read An Essay About A White Woman’s Yoga Class/Black Woman Crisis And I Cannot
"By the way, I swore up and down I wouldn’t write about Macklemore, but as I read your piece he kept coming to mind."

thank god Pia Glenn wrote this
xojane  pia_glenn  response  takedown  ihtm  yoga  racism  writing  op-ed  essay  race  white  black  jen_caron  2014  2010s  imagination 
october 2015 by cluebucket
Star Trek Goldberg, Whoopi
>> On the U.S.S. Enterprise, the presence of Uhura on the Bridge crew connected with the young Goldberg, and her lifelong love of Star Trek had begun. "Well, when I was nine years old Star Trek came on," Goldberg says. "I looked at it and I went screaming through the house, 'Come here, mum, everybody, come quick, come quick, there's a black lady on television and she ain't no maid!' I knew right then and there I could be anything I wanted to be."
whoopi_goldberg  profile  biography  star_trek  actor  tng  tv  black  race 
june 2015 by cluebucket
The Cost of Becoming White | MetaFilter
haven't read the linked article yet. but yes to semi-thoughtful discussions
metafilter  racism  asian-american  white  minority  race  meritocracy  society  culture  ethnicity  discussion  2014  2010s  power 
december 2014 by cluebucket
Face it, black people. Michael Brown let you down. — Culture Club — Medium
"A man was born under magical circumstances, lived among the poor and sick, and performed miracles. He was sentenced to a brutal and unjust death, which he accepted, because it was for the good of his neighbors — even those that hated him. He was, literally, perfect.

"Maybe that’s why the recent revelation that Jesus may have had a wife is so controversial. People are angry about this, but they shouldn’t be. After all, what’s the matter with having a wife? If you believe, it doesn’t change anything, at all. He still performed miracles. He still died. He still came back. He’s still God’s son. You can still pray to him.

"But maybe the issue is that as a (formerly) Puritan society, we need our saviors to be spotless, to be clean. Perhaps that’s what all the fuss is about."
dex_digital  dexdigi  culture  society  america  michael_brown  dexter_thomas  writing  ferguson  2014  2010s  trayvon_martin  oscar_grant  jesus_christ  iftheygunnedmedown  perfection  morality  religion  human  race  racism  death  christianity  killing  punishment  media 
august 2014 by cluebucket
Ghetto Fabulous: 13 Voices Speak On Fashion's Appropriation of Urban Culture
"Miley’s urban affectations fueled the frenzy around her. “Was her ratchet styling racist?” the media asked, as a barrage of incendiary tweets were fired in reply. Our thought at BULLETT: few questions that can be answered by an 8-ball are worth asking, and this wasn’t one of them. We wanted to know how."  bullett  discussion  fashion  appropriation  culture  black  urban  pop  race  miley_cyrus  2014  2010s  2013  america  mykki_blanco  juliana_huxtable  class  prince_franco  matthew_josephs  dean_kissick  jeremy_lewis  jenna_sauers  akeem_smith  identity  ayesha_siddiqi  london  ella_plevin  andreas_aresti  writer  design  mih-ha_pham  junglepussy 
january 2014 by cluebucket
When “Life Hacking” Is Really White Privilege — Get Bullish — Medium
instead of "in bed," add "because I'm white"

"[T]he right way to talk about this — about 'ruling your world' with mind-control (and servicepeople-control) techniques — involves acknowledging structural barriers that allow some people to do this while punishing others for trying. And it involves a healthy discussion of whether we should."  writing  2013  2010s  takedown  racism  privilege  entitlement  wealth  stealing  justice  injustice  jen_dziura  get_bullish  james_altucher  quora  access  race  class  society  white  service  rule  boundary 
december 2013 by cluebucket
OKWONGA.COM » Mandela will never, ever be your minstrel.
"You will try to make out that apartheid was some horrid spontaneous historical aberration, and not the logical culmination of centuries of imperial arrogance."  nelson_mandela  death  obituary  revisionist  history  minstrel  peace  apartheid  reduction  activism  activist  south_africa  imperialism  colonialism  discrimination  race  writing  politics  human  takedown 
december 2013 by cluebucket
Hijacking feminism - Opinion - Al Jazeera English
"US women do not need to change their attitude; they need, first, job security, good childcare, livable wages for the work they do, and physical security."
"Indeed, it is extremely disturbing that for these high-powered women the 'woman problem' is no longer about social justice, equity and women's emancipation - as if these have already been achieved - but about affect, behaviour modification and well-roundedness."
aljazeera  op-ed  catherine_rottenberg  feminism  class  race  wealth  economics  culture  hype  criticism  lynne_huffer  zillah_eisenstein  sheryl_sandberg  anne-marie_slaughter  elite  justice  society  america  1970s  2010s  2013  2012  theatlantic  women  facebook  balance  revolution  work  family 
march 2013 by cluebucket
Django, the N-Word, and How We Talk About Race in 2013 - Hollywood Prospectus Blog - Grantland
"While ideas of a 'post-racial' society are but a single cute step below thinking the world was going to end on December 21 on the 'awwww, that's cute' scale, what we are in 2013 is post-'race and things typically associated with a single race existing only within that racial silo.' Finally."

Jackson: "It wasn't a great question if you can't say the word."
rembert_browne  grantland  writing  film  django_unchained  2013  2012  2010s  race  racism  language  nigger  culture  samuel_l_jackson  interview  chief_keef  rgIII  parker  blackness  quentin_tarantino  spike_lee  audience  public 
january 2013 by cluebucket
‘How to tell your friends from the Japs’ in TIME, 1941 vs. ‘Turban Primer’ in RedEye, 2012 – Sixteen Minutes to Palestine
"Two weeks after the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, TIME Magazine ran an article titled “How to tell your friends from the Japs”, an arbitrary and insensitive guide on how to differentiate the Japanese from the Chinese. Today, just over a day after the shooting in Milwaukee that left six dead in a Sikh house of worship, Chicago’s RedEye printed a “Turban Primer”, a similarly insensitive guide on arbitrary religio-cultural distinctions between, essentially, Brown people from South East Asia and the Middle East."

all about implications.
2012  2010s  1941  1940s  turban  race  islam  religion  culture  america  japanese  chinese  sikh  iran  taliban  india  asia  middle_east  foreigner  guide  sami_kishawi  smpalestine  japan  china  war  fear  muhammad_shareef  roqayah_chamseddine  redeye  chicago  implication  21st_century  20th_century 
august 2012 by cluebucket
I find it so ironic (actually, disgusting) that...
'...that the media continues to disseminate this image of the scary terrorist looking to undermine Western “freedom” and “values,” who is generally portrayed as a non-white/foreign individual, follower of Islam/any other “Asian”/”Middle Eastern” religion, etc., only to further perpetuate hatred of a people and embed irrational fear into the populace. Then, when something like the shooting today happens, they throw their hands in the air and deliver the usual “How could something like this happen?” Really? Well, I have a pretty good idea…'
mohandasgandhi  tumblr  outrage  media  opinion  other  freedom  morality  hatred  politics  society  culture  writing  race  religion  2012  2010s  america  21st_century 
august 2012 by cluebucket
Our “white people problems” problem: Why it’s time to stop using “white” as a pejorative  | TV | For Our Consideration | The A.V. Club
"To some extent, this is mainly a personal beef. I get annoyed whenever anyone slaps a label on something and then presumes that the label itself says all that needs to be said. Whenever a critic or a potential audience member sniffs about “dad rock” or “chick lit” or “one for the fanboys,” it raises my hackles. If you’d rather not engage with what a piece of art actually is—as in, what it expresses and how well it expresses it—then fine. But don’t presume some kind of superiority because of that choice. One of the biggest fallacies in the way we talk about art is this idea that somehow personal taste equates to quality: That each of us miraculously only enjoys movies and music that are the best of their respective medium, and ergo, any movies and music we don’t enjoy must be terrible."
noel_murray  avclub  writing  tv  culture  media  whiteness  white  whitepeople  catchphrase  snark  pejorative  race  race-baiting  criticism  label  2012  2010s  girls  hbo  21st_century 
may 2012 by cluebucket
Here Is Bruce Lee Beating Up Racist Writer John Derbyshire, Who Has Cancer
apart from the roundup/summary of Derbyshire dreadfulness, bookmarked for especially cogent comments re being Asian-American in America (not necessarily redundant):

Michael Cho:
"So Asian-Americans, when they do have legitimate issues of racism and discrimination that face them, get reactions of, 'Its not that bad, especially if you consider what has happened to African-Americans or Latinos.' And this argument is especially prevalent in Southern California. Or, because Asian-Americans are still a growing group with no solid definition, as in we have 5th generation Asian-American as well as people who immigrated 3 months ago, America still treats us as "the other," and is dismissive of our issues.
"And the reaction for a long time was, 'Keep your head down, study hard, make money and Americans will respect you.' But there are generations of Asian-Americans, who have read Ron Takaki, Maxine Hong-Kingston, Helen Zia, Carlos Bulosan, Frank Chin, Urvashi Viad, Frank Wu, David Henry Hwang, etc. who want a voice in American politics, and want to have a more active role for Asian-Americans politically and socially. The want you to remember the internment and Vincent Chin, they want you to know how fucked up it is when NBC Sports runs headlines like 'Michelle Kwan Beaten By American Lipinski.' When those voices are raised, people don't want to hear them. There are a lot of reasons for that. But because Asian-American issues have constantly be delegitimized, or marginalized by American society, or other communities of color, we are forced to elevate these incidents which affect our community..."

"...But then, as you pointed out so well, that attitude also renders actual complaints about discrimination or bias illegitimate. Look at all the "don't be so sensitive" comments on Gawker's own stories about Jeremy Lin, as though Asians need to wait until some "real" racial incident to call out racist attitudes, while completely ignoring all the many instances of actual violence against Asians..."
gawker  comment  racism  john_derbyshire  prejudice  america  racist  black  white  supremacy  asian_american  bias  race  minority  2012  2010s  national_review  scandal  taki_magazine  taki_theodoracopoulos  mandolyna_theodoracopoulos  cancer  rosie_qi  spouse  yellow_fever  asia  immigration  latino  21st_century 
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