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Spider Robinson - Wikiquote
"Shared pain is lessened; shared joy, increased — thus do we refute entropy."
1996  1990s  quote  spider_robinson  sci-fi  writing  fiction  pain  joy  life  callahan 
october 2018 by cluebucket
"if your zodiac sign is asparagus dont even bother being my friend because im a caprisun and we are not compatible"  tweet  quote  astrology  friendship  jordanbenning  2017  2010s 
january 2018 by cluebucket
History in the present tense is making me tense - english language resolved | Ask MetaFilter
"For observe, always one most important element is surreptitiously (we not noticing it) withdrawn from the Past Time: the haggard element of Fear!"
comment  ask.metafilter  history  narrative  storytelling  language  grammar  past  present  thomas_carlyle  quote  verstegan  1837  1830s  writing  french_revolution  fear  tense  2017  2010s 
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Jazz Icon Sonny Rollins on Giving Up Playing and His Legacy
love him a long time <3

"You know, I listen to the radio a lot and there’s a guy that comes on and says, 'Have a good day today and enjoy.' I hate the word 'enjoy.' Because to me life is not about enjoyment or, in other words, getting for yourself. That’s not why we’re here. The reason of life, to me, is all about giving. Giving is what gives me happiness. Making somebody else happy is the greatest thing you can do."
sonny_rollins  musician  interview  2017  2010s  elderly  jazz  saxophone  health  giving  quote  philosophy  career  brooklyn  archive  1950s  david_marchese  thelonius_monk 
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Twitter @NathanZed
"do yall realize we literally got devices in our hands where we can talk to anybody in the world face to face at any time bruh thats wild. nobody calling me but still wow"
NathanZed  tweet  quote  technology  2017  2010s  smartphone  culture  from twitter_favs
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Michael Mason (@MichaelPorfirio) | Twitter
emphatically via Will. from August 25:

"Most people Put themselves in Losing Scenarios.

The Best Put themselves in Win-Win Scenarios.

I Am in Win-Win-Win-Win-Win-Win+ Scenarios."

I do not wanna follow this account, and it is one of the most perfect Twitter accounts. very captivated. also we have very similar names.
michael_mason  michael_porfirio  michaelporfirio  twitter  poetry  motto  weesh  soy  swooping  most_people  no_one  masculinity  weird  mantra  nsfw  image  painting  quote 
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Twitter @YareYareZawa
"I'm gonna be thinking about this for months "

got that PMA
mookie_wilson  baseball  athlete  scan  quote  belief  dinosaur  comfort  motivation  mets  1980s  from twitter_favs
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Martha Graham’s Divine Dissatisfaction | A Sacred Fool
"'It is not your business to determine how good [your artistic expression] is nor how valuable nor how it compares with other expressions. It is your business to keep it yours clearly and directly, to keep the channel open. You do not even have to believe in yourself or your work. You have to keep open and aware directly to the urges that motivate you.' ...
"'No artist is pleased... There is only a queer divine dissatisfaction, a blessed unrest that keeps us marching and makes us more alive than others.'"
martha_graham  dancer  sandie_hum  quote  artist  art  1950s  agnes_de_mille  excerpt  life  inspiration  negative  vision  perfection  creativity  expression 
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Twitter @GenePark
"'People don't ask that question, but why was there a Civil War?' - President Trump

You need to be asked this quest… "
gene_park  tweet  quote  test  examination  citizen  america  donald_trump  takedown  question  q&a  president  stupid  2017  2010s  from twitter_favs
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Twitter @ianbremmer
RT : "Mr. Attorney General: You voted for that judge. And that island is called Oahu. It's my home. Have some respect. "

continuing to log glaring idiocy/trumpism...
ian_bremmer  quote  jeff_sessions  hawaii  politician  ignorant  america  2017  2010s  judge  stupid  from twitter
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GRID: Times of Crisis - John Berger and Noam Chomsky (4/22/14) - YouTube
Gender Research Institute at Dartmouth

JB: "ignore. ignore the jailers' talk. of course there are bad jailers who are less bad, and in certain conditions it's useful to note the difference. but what they say -- including the less evil ones -- is bullshit. their hymns, their shibboleths, their incanted words like 'security' 'democracy' 'identity' 'civilization' 'flexibility' 'productivity' 'human rights' 'integration' 'terrorism' 'freedom' -- they are repeated and repeated in order to confuse, divide, distract, and sedate all fellow prisoners. from this side of the walls, words spoken by the jailers are meaningless, and are no longer useful... they cut through nothing. so. reject them. even when thinking silently to yourself."
JB: "for the mass prison population, the aim is not to activate them, but to keep them in a state of passive uncertainty, and to remind them, remind them remorselessly, that there is nothing in life but risk, and that the earth is an unsafe place. this is done with carefully selected information, with misinformation, commentaries, rumors, fictions. and insofar as this operation succeeds, it proposes and maintains a hallucinating paradox, for it tricks a prison population into believing that the priority, for each one of them, is to make arrangements for their own personal protection, and to acquire somehow (even though incarcerated) their own particular exemption from the common fate. and this image of mankind has transmitted through a view of the world is truly without precedent. mankind is presented as a card: only winners are brave; and in addition, there are no gifts -- there are only prizes.
"but prisoners have always found ways of communicating with one another. and in today's global prison, cyberspace can be used against the interests of those who first installed it. think about it. like this, prisoners inform themselves about what the world does each day; and they follow suppressed stories from the past; and so stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the dead.
"and in doing so, they rediscover little gifts, examples of courage: a single rose in a kitchen where there's not enough to eat; indelible pains; the indefatigability of mothers; laughter; mutual aid; silence; ever-widening resistance; willing sacrifice; more laughter."
JB: "the fact that the world's tyrants are ex-territorial explains the extent of their overseeing power, but it also indicates a coming weakness. they operate in cyberspace , and they lodge in guarded condominiums, but they have no knowledge of the surrounding earth.
"furthermore, they dismiss such knowledge as superficial, not profound, because for them only extracted resources count. they can't listen to the earth. on the ground, they are blind, and in the local, they are lost.
"for fellow prisoners, the opposite is true, because cells have walls that touch each other across the world. effective acts of sustained resistance will be embedded in the local, near and far. out back resistance. listening to the earth. liberty is slowly being found not outside, but in the depths of the prison."

NC: "...the tory government is trying to turn first-class universities into third-class commercial institutions. it's happening to a lesser extent here, as well. the mentality of the administrative -- state legislators, and trustees -- increasingly is one of improving the bottom line... so, for example, if you can save money by employing ... people who are easily exploitable, who are part of the 'precariat' ... you save money. of course there's a cost, but the cost is to individuals. the cost is to the students, and the faculty. but in the moral calculus of contemporary economics and socioeconomics, that doesn't matter."
"costs to persons just don't count -- they're not calculated. and the cost to persons is enormous. every person is subjected to this. it's the same throughout society. ... that's a certain kind of, if you like, moral calculus, built into some of the professions like economics, and a large part of the business world. people just don't count. what counts is the cost to institutions... and one of the victims will, of course, be the humanities: our cultural wealth, the reasons for living, the reasons for having a rich, creative life, a life that contributes to yourself and to society and future generations. sure, why should that exist, if it costs -- if you can't sell it on the market tomorrow?

"this, incidentally, is happening in the sciences too. very striking, what's happening... in the united states, the proportion of the national income, national wealth, devoted to research and development has declined by 25% in the last decade. that's mainly under the attack of the republican right wing, which doesn't believe in science, and the willingness of democrats to go along. it's part of the neoliberal assault...

"that's also the basis for the future economy. so, they're perfectly willing to cut out, destroy the future economy, if you can make more money tomorrow. that's the same thing as not caring about destroying the environment, if in fact we can make a little more money tomorrow, by fracking, let's say. well, that's -- it's a way of looking at the world, it's destructive, it'll lead us to destruction. and what you describe about what's happening to the humanities and the arts is just one part of it -- one part of the whole large system which is part of sociopathic society."
2014  2010s  noam_chomsky  john_berger  lecture  discussion  video  youtube  college  crisis  capitalism  society  prison  labor  death  resist  writer  audio  philosophy  thought  dartmouth  safety  fear  nature  power  humanity  environment  q&a  activism  economics  greed  climate_change  quote  education  university  republican  america  canada  england  neoliberal  exploitation 
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George Saunders: what writers really do when they write | Books | The Guardian
"It might be more accurate to say that it occurred to him to do so; in a split-second, with no accompanying language, except maybe a very quiet internal 'Yes.'
"He just liked it better that way, for reasons he couldn’t articulate, and before he’d had the time or inclination to articulate them.
"An artist works outside the realm of strict logic."
"The artist, in this model, is like the optometrist, always asking: Is it better like this? Or like this?
"The interesting thing, in my experience, is that the result of this laborious and slightly obsessive process is a story that is better than I am in 'real life' – funnier, kinder, less full of crap, more empathetic, with a clearer sense of virtue, both wiser and more entertaining.
"And what a pleasure that is; to be, on the page, less of a dope than usual."
george_saunders  guardian  writer  writing  author  essay  book  2017  2010s  art  expression  logic  donald_barthelme  gerald_stern  albert_einstein  quote  method  empathy  social_media  leo_tolstoy  problem  fiction  metaphor 
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firecat | a simile on community activism
"The way to change things is for more people to sing rather than for the same small group of people to try to sing louder and never breathe."
firecat  quote  simile  analogy  sexism  activism  community  strength  resist  2006  2000s  singer  ozarque  livejournal  health  chorus  fight 
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The R.U. Sirius Interview: It’s Better to be Inspired than Wired | Lebkowsky | CTheory
"Cyberculture (a meme that I'm at least partly responsible for generating, incidentally) has emerged as a gleeful apologist for this kill-the-poor trajectory of the Republican revolution. You find it all over Wired - this mix of chaos theory and biological modeling that is somehow interpreted as scientific proof of the need to devolve and decentralize the social welfare state while also deregulating and empowering the powerful, autocratic, multinational corporations. You've basically got the breakdown of nation states into global economies simultaneous with the atomization of individuals or their balkanization into disconnected sub-groups, because digital technology conflates space while decentralizing communication and attention. The result is a clear playing field for a mutating corporate oligarchy, which is what we have. I mean, people think it's really liberating because the old industrial ruling class has been liquefied and it's possible for young players to amass extraordinary instant dynasties. But it's savage and inhuman. Maybe the wired elite think that's hip. But then don't go around crying about crime in the streets or pretending to be concerned with ethics."  interview  1996  1990s  r.u._sirius  technology  wired  internet  corporation  power  corruption  society  politics  humanity  republican  theory  1989  1980s  mondo_2000  ethics  communication  jon_lebkowsky  quote  oligarchy  injustice 
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That's just how you negotiate with a Nazi. Ask your grandfather. | MetaFilter #6886229
first published 1945:
"Less well known is the paradox of tolerance: Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance. If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them.
"We should therefore claim, in the name of tolerance, the right not to tolerate the intolerant. We should claim that any movement preaching intolerance places itself outside the law, and we should consider incitement to intolerance and persecution as criminal, in the same way as we should consider incitement to murder, or to kidnapping, or to the revival of the slave trade, as criminal."
HarshCoffee  metafilter  nazi  tolerance  society  culture  karl_popper  argument  paradox  crime  justice  freedom  2017  2010s  rights  limit  writing  book  quote 
january 2017 by cluebucket
Twitter @RepRichmond @EvanMcMurry
.: Every senator who votes for Jeff Sessions will be marked as a "co-conspirator in an effort to move this country backwards."
congress  representative  cedric_richmond  louisiana  jeff_sessions  senator  quote  rights  civil_rights  history  america  2017  2010s  conspiracy  politician  politics  vote  from twitter_favs
january 2017 by cluebucket
Twitter @threelisabeth
"please honor carrie fisher's wishes and include in her obituaries that she 'drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra'"
carrie_fisher  obituary  legacy  writing  quote  feminist  moon  bra  book  threelisabeth  star_wars  george_lucas  sexism  2016  2010s  1970s  from twitter_favs
december 2016 by cluebucket
The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction by Ursula K. Le Guin
"We've heard it, we've all heard all about all the sticks spears and swords, the things to bash and poke and hit with, the long, hard things, but we have not heard about the thing to put things in, the container for the thing contained. That is a new story. That is news."
"The trouble is, we've all let ourselves become part of the killer story, and so we may get finished along with it. Hence it is with a certain feeling of urgency that I seek the nature, subject, words of the other story, the untold one, the life story."
ursula_le_guin  author  theory  writing  1986  1980s  sci-fi  fiction  essay  work  story  narrative  caveman  hunting  action  virginia_woolf  container  bag  elizabeth_fisher  tool  lillian_smith  human  women  hero  book  quote 
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I want to marry my wife’s stepmother -
aw I miss Cary Tennis.
" each person comes up to me I hand them a yellow 3-by-5 card and say, 'Quit drinking. See a therapist. Next.'"
"See a professional. I'm not a professional anything. I am just a person with an Internet connection. You should see a professional. But here is what I think anyway. I think that before you do this you need to figure out why you want to do it."
"Self-knowledge is not just a luxury. It's more a responsibility. It's like learning to drive right so you don't run people down."
salon  advice  cary_tennis  2011  2010s  therapy  relationship  affair  divorce  family  self-help  awareness  life  driving  metaphor  quote  suicide 
february 2016 by cluebucket
Molly Ivins July 3 by Molly Ivins on - A Syndicate Of Talent
"Our motto is the poet Marianne Moore's observation, 'It is an honor to witness so much confusion.' ... I'd like to begin by thanking rural Texans for their natural assumption that Osama bin Laden is called "Osama-Bin," as though he had two front names, like Billy Bob or Jerry Jeff."
molly_ivins  2000s  2003  politics  texas  america  op-ed  writing  osama_bin_laden  marianne_moore  quote  independence_day  patriotism 
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Carolyn Hax: A forgotten birthday saddens mom - The Washington Post
"As you know, it’s not about cake, it’s about being treated like wallpaper in the lives of the ones you love most." via the epic mefi emotional labor post

confession: one year I forgot to say hbd to my mom until just before midnight and will never live it down... really feel it now though
carolyn_hax  advice  birthday  mother  parenting  emotion  sad  sadness  quote  2010s  washingtonpost  neglect  forget 
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Letters of Note: I can't look you in the voice
2011  2010s  dorothy_parker  poet  lettersofnote  letter  telegram  quote  writers_block  writing  pascal_covici  nyc  1945  1940s  1930s  1920s 
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The Coquette - There is an ancient custom amongst Zen monks and...
"You know those bumper stickers where it says, 'Shit happens and then you die'? They should have 'em where 'Shit happens and then you live', because that's really the truth of it."
anna_nicole_smith  quote  screengrab  tv  shit  zen  poem  jisei  death  life  writing  blog  tumblr  tragedy  philosophy  bumper_sticker  2000s 
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From Brighton Beach to Santa Monica
from Alasdair's fingertips to our eyes... pleased it's still updated :)
alasdair_maclean  the_clientele  clientele  blogspot  blog  literature  musician  music  u.k.  quote  amor_de_dias  2000s  2010s 
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Twitter / billclinton: "Once in a lifetime the longed ...
"Once in a lifetime the longed for tidal wave of justice can rise up, and hope and history rhyme." - Seamus Heaney
seamus_heaney  quote  poet  twitter  tweet  bill_clinton  billclinton  obituary  2013  2010s  justice  history  hope  from twitter_favs
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xkcd: The Pace of Modern Life
"The cause of the ... increase in nervous disease is increased demand made by the conditions of modern life upon the brain." --1896

"Mr Long Walk" haha
xkcd  quote  1870s  1880s  1890s  1900s  1910s  19th_century  20th_century  letter  writing  mail  criticism  communication  pace  life  newspaper  travel  time  sensationalism  stimulation  mania  nervous  history  reading  imagination  op-ed  conversation  speed 
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my first note
"I'm take nap in office on empty floor where quiet"
- t-beck
travis_hallenbeck  gchat  quote  nap  quiet  from notes
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What is Found There: Adrienne Rich and a Life on the Margins | Hazlitt
"In her own life, Rich refused to accept that these public attitudes ought to guide her. She thus spent her life in what we sometimes call the 'margins.' She was a poet in a culture that came to prefer television and video games, and a radical in one that saw Planned Parenthood as a militant organization."
adrienne_rich  michelle_dean  essay  obituary  poet  politics  feminism  contradiction  life  writer  writing  culture  protest  quote  motherhood  1960s  1970s  2012  2013  hazlitt 
january 2013 by cluebucket
Maria Bamford's 'Special Special Special!' Online |
"Ms. Bamford takes a moment to imagine what’s it like to believe in God, spinning out a carefully wrought metaphor: 'You know when you are in a third-world shantytown at midnight, and you’re terrified, but then off in the distance you see the glowing logo of an international conglomerate, and you just feel like: Everything’s going to be O.K.' Then she added: 'Maybe it’s time I seek the Exxon within.'

"It’s a funny, well-written joke delivered with the solemn tone of a woman thrilled to find solace. Her parents didn’t laugh. That silence is fascinating."
maria_bamford  jason_zinoman  nytimes  2012  2010s  comedian  video  review  writing  criticism  audience  comedy  stand-up  parenting  mental_health  family  faith  joke  metaphor  quote  corporation  funny  silence 
december 2012 by cluebucket
Norm MacDonald | TV | Interview | The A.V. Club
"I tried really hard on Weekend Update to do something that I considered original, which was, I tried to cut all cleverness out of the joke. I’ve always been very averse to innuendo, especially sexual. I find it cowardly or something. Like on Will & Grace, my mother will laugh at it, then I’m like, “You know what that joke’s about, right? Like, that one guy fucked that guy in the ass.” And then she’s aghast, and I’m like, “That’s what he just said when he talked about the tunnel! So why didn’t he just say it?” It always maddens me that people can laugh at sexual innuendo, then you say what it really means, and they’re like “Ah! I can’t hear that!” So on Update, the only real original thing was trying to take away the cleverness of the punchline and make it as blunt as possible. And then I tried to make the punchline as close to the setup as I could. And I thought that was the perfect thing. If I could make the setup and the punchline identical to each other, I would create a different kind of joke."

"I don’t have any ambition. I got my computer. The great thing about the computer is that you only need enough money to buy a computer and some food, and you’re all right."
norm_macdonald  interview  tv  comedian  stand-up  comedy  joke  2011  2010s  avclub  funny  quote  snl  originality  influence  fame  steve_heisler  1990s 
december 2012 by cluebucket
The Invention of Political Consulting : The New Yorker
American Chronicles | The Lie Factory | How politics became a business: how people made the unreal so dizguztin'ly real. totally worth reading.

also: "They began by locking themselves in a room for three days with everything he had ever written. “Upton was beaten,” Whitaker later said, “because he had written books.”"
jill_lepore  history  upton_sinclair  politics  politician  candidate  advertising  lie  1930s  2012  2010s  california  governor  clem_whitaker  leone_baxter  campaign  campaigns_inc.  article  writing  consulting  monopoly  business  author  novel  quote  1910s  1940s  1950s  democrat  republican  internment_camp  earl_warren  brainwash  carey_mcwilliams  conservative  liberal  healthcare  insurance  harry_s._truman  20th_century 
october 2012 by cluebucket
Gender Knot Revised Ed: Unraveling Our Patriarchal Legacy - Allan Johnson - Google Books
"When men feel inconsequential, it’s easier to blame women than it is to confront patriarchy - the true source of the diminishment and lack of meaning in so many men’s lives. When men feel unloved and disconnected, it’s easier to accuse women of not loving them well enough than it is to consider men’s own alienation from life. It’s easier to think of women as keeping men from the essence of their own lives than it is to see how men’s participation in patriarchy can suffocate and kill the life within themselves. It’s easier to theorize about powerful, devouring mothers than to confront the reality of patriarchy.

"Beneath the massive denial of men’s power and responsibility and its projection onto women is an enormous pool of rage, resentment, and fear. Rather than look at patriarchy and their place within it, many men will beat, rape, torture, murder, and oppress women, children, and one another. They will wage mindless war and offer themselves up for the slaughter, chain themselves to jobs and work themselves to numbed exhaustion as if their lives had no value or meaning beyond controlling or being controlled or defending against control, and content themselves with half-lives of confused, lost deprivation. What men lack, women didn’t take from them, and it isn’t up to women to give it back."
allan_johnson  quote  gender  google_books  patriarchy  men  women  life  lack  control  power  abuse  gender_roles  rage  feminism  male  1997  2005  1990s  2000s  20th_century  21st_century  theory  writing  book 
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Letters of Note: Shall we go together & look for her?
"To relate, I must see: Cinema relates with the camera, but I am certain, I feel, that with you near me, I could give life to a human creature who, following hard and bitter experiences, finds peace at last and complete freedom from all selfishness. That being the only true happiness which has ever been conceded to mankind, making life more simple and nearer to creation"
1948  1940s  ingrid_bergman  roberto_rossellini  letter  telegram  lettersofnote  affair  love  film  director  actress  stromboli  synopsis  idea  writing  fan  admiration  italy  fascism  passion  language  enthusiasm  life  quote  20th_century 
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The Theodore Roosevelt Centennial CD-ROM
"Too much cannot be said against the men of wealth who
sacrifice everything to getting wealth. There is not in
the world a more ignoble character than the mere
money-getting American, insensible to every duty,
regardless of every principle, bent only on amassing a
fortune, and putting his fortune only to the basest
uses —whether these uses be to speculate in stocks and
wreck railroads himself, or to allow his son to lead a
life of foolish and expensive idleness and gross
debauchery, or to purchase some scoundrel of high
social position, foreign or native, for his daughter. Such
a man is only the more dangerous if he occasionally
does some deed like founding a college or endowing a
church, which makes those good people who are also
foolish forget his real iniquity. These men are equally
careless of the working men, whom they oppress, and
of the State, whose existence they imperil."
theodore_roosevelt  theodoreroosevelt  quote  transcript  index  wealth  greed  sacrifice  scoundrel  1890s  1895  malefactor  businessmen  warning  politics  politician 
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The Official Guide to Legitimate Rape
"If you're unfamiliar with the exciting concept that your uterus can pick and choose between various kinds of rape, don't fret. We have just the guide for you:
Non-Pregnancy Rape
Bad Weather Rape
Politico Rape
Forcible Rape and/or Assault Rape
Marriage Rape, aka "JK LOL Doesn't Happen!" Rape
"Rape" Rape
Gray Rape
Date Rape
katie_j.m._baker  jezebel  guide  rape  legitimacy  2012  2010s  quote  politician  todd_akin  pregnancy  mistake  misinformation  1980s  stephen_freind  1988  1995  henry_aldridge  1999  john_c._willke  abortion  anti  choice  rights  law  trauma  stupid  clayton_williams  1990  1990s  james_leon_holmes  1997  dave_catanese  science  paul_ryan  chuck_winder  2011  marriage  whoopi_goldberg  roman_polanski  laura_session_stepp  cosmopolitan  linda_fairstein  katie_roiphe  mary_p._koss  1985  2007  1994  1996  definition  21st_century  20th_century 
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An Interview With Caitlin Moran | The Hairpin
"The why not to have children chapter was written as a love letter to my sister Caz. She's always made it very clear that she never wants to have kids. One of the first questions men or women ask you is "Have you got kids?" At the start of a conversation you shouldn't be having to say "My womb's all fucked up and I haven't got a boyfriend!"
"The trick is, and there's a little bit of heartbreak, you have to just give up on the idea of being a princess. You have to give up on the idea of being fabulous. My kind of base position on existence is that you just have to admit you're a bit of a twat. You're a bit of a div, you're a kind of sweaty, stumpy, well-meaning idiot and you're trying your hardest, but it's just enough to be a sort of pleasant, polite person who's working quite hard and tries to be nice to the people they're nice to. We don't need to have any more ambitions than that! This whole sassiness thing – everything's got to be sarcastic, everything's got to be knowing, everything's got to be cynical... THAT is exhausting. It's just far better to go, you know what? I'm just basically a monkey in a dress, and the best I can hope for every day is just to be nice... just kind of dial it down a bit. There's a more sustainable idea of being a woman rather than feeling like you're in a fucking movie twenty-four hours a day."
chiara_atik  caitlin_moran  interview  thehairpin  feminism  writer  author  funny  women  life  quote  culture  society 
august 2012 by cluebucket
shoup house: Eno on gifts
“Things evolve out of nothing. You know, that the tiniest seed in the right situation turns into the most beautiful forest. And then the most promising seed in the wrong situation turns into nothing. And I think this would be important for people to understand, because it gives people confidence in their own lives that that’s how things work.

"If you walk around with the idea that there are some people who are so gifted – they have these wonderful things in their head but you’re not one of them, you’re just a normal sort of person, you could never do anything like that – then you live a different kind of life. You could have another kind of like, where you say, well, I know that things come from nothing very much and start from unpromising beginnings. And I’m an unpromising beginning, and I could start something.”
shoup  blogspot  brian_eno  geeta_dayal  quote  another_green_world  confidence  skill  work  creativity  gift  beethoven  composition  musician  inspiration  start  make  life 
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Second Balcony, Awesome (Eno)
"So I came up with this word “scenius” – and scenius is the intelligence of a whole… operation or group of people. And I think that’s a more useful way to think about culture, actually. I think that – let’s forget the idea of “genius” for a little while, let’s think about the whole ecology of ideas that give rise to good new thoughts and good new work."
secondbalcony  quote  brian_eno  genuis  art  artist  scene  scenius  neologism  culture  creativity 
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Jenny Holzer: Truisms
in case this website lasts longer than @jennyholzer's Twitter account - plus, these are alphabetized...
jenny_holzer  text  truism  philosophy  art  archive  list  axiom  motto  quote  1980s  1990s  2010s  war  life  dasburo  english  german  truth  21st_century  20th_century 
may 2012 by cluebucket
Good Jobbb, Jr.: SCIORTINO: Your house is a bit disorderly,
via Andrew: "Cleaning is the ultimate Sisyphean task; you sweep the motes of dust into the air, where they fall back down to the ground. It makes me feel like a cartoon character to sweep, like I am a Sim-person sweeping Sim-dust."
this guy just summed up my everything about household dusting.
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What does a General Assembly do? « Disaster Notes
"'There’s no ideal form of action. What’s essential is that action assume a certain form, that it give rise to a form instead of having one imposed on it... As for deciding on actions, the principle could be as follows: each person should do their own reconnaissance, the information would then be put together, and the decision will occur to us rather than being made by us. The circulation of knowledge cancels hierarchy; it equalizes by raising up.'"
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