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Protestors attack judicial system after incestuous rapist walks free:The Asahi Shimbun

"he was found not guilty on March 12 because the court recognized circumstances that could have misled him into believing that the woman had given her consent. The ruling said that although she was too drunk to resist him, she was able to utter words and gave no clear rejection of his actions at the time."  japan  crime  protest  jail  rape  abuse  injustice  2019  2010s  nagoya  tokyo  fukuoka  appeal  court  criminal  father  consent  violence 
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Twitter @emuaarubeeque
ryohei_matsunaga  松永良平  japanese  image  photo  scan  label  record  guide  drawing  children  nuclear  protest  holly_lindsay  america  archive  1960s  1970s  2017  2010s  from twitter_favs
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Craig Hodges: 'Jordan didn't speak out because he didn't know what to say' | Sport | The Guardian
a.k.a. don't be like mike

"In October 1991, the Bulls were invited to the White House to meet President Bush.
The assault on King remained fresh on his mind, as did the US bombing of Iraq that January, and so Hodges wrote an impassioned eight-page letter to the president - on behalf of 'most specifically, the African Americans who are not able to come to this great edifice and meet the leader of the nation in which they live.'

"[Hodges] wore a dashiki and George W, the president's son and a future occupant of the Oval Office, spoke slowly as if Hodges might not understand English. 'Where are you from?'

"'Chicago Heights, Illinois,' Hodges answered, amused at the way in which W's excitement at meeting the famous Bulls, which had him 'bouncing around like a kid' at his father's workplace, had disappeared into startled incomprehension."
donald_mcrae  craig_hodges  chicago  basketball  nba  athlete  interview  book  2017  2010s  protest  america  1990s  rodney_king  phil_jackson  george_w_bush  letter  george_h_w_bush  politics  iraq  colin_kaepernick 
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We Are All Very Anxious | We are Plan C
"When misery stopped working as a control strategy, capitalism switched to boredom."
"There has been a partial recuperation of the struggle against boredom. Capitalism pursued the exodus into spaces beyond work, creating the social factory – a field in which the whole society is organised like a workplace. Precarity is used to force people back to work within an expanded field of labour now including the whole of the social factory."
"Today’s public secret is that everyone is anxious. Anxiety has spread from its previous localised locations (such as sexuality) to the whole of the social field. All forms of intensity, self-expression, emotional connection, immediacy, and enjoyment are now laced with anxiety. It has become the linchpin of subordination."
"Our success in this performance in turn affects everything from our ability to access human warmth to our ability to access means of subsistence, not just in the form of the wage but also in the form of credit. Outsides to the field of mediatised surveillance are increasingly closed off, as public space is bureaucratised and privatised, and a widening range of human activity is criminalised on the grounds of risk, security, nuisance, quality of life, or anti-social behaviour.

"In this increasingly securitised and visible field, we are commanded to communicate. The incommunicable is excluded."
"We’ve noticed a certain tendency for insurrectionists to refuse to take seriously the existence of psychological barriers to militant action. Their response tends to be, 'Just do it!' But anxiety is a real, material force – not simply a spook. To be sure, its sources are often rooted in spooks, but the question of overcoming the grip of a spook is rarely as simple as consciously rejecting it."  plan_c  capitalism  anxiety  system  control  misery  boredom  19th_century  20th_century  history  organization  strategy  secret  society  social_change  resist  1960s  protest  culture  work  employment  surveillance  consumerism  social_media  japan  u.k.  repression  regulation  war  parenting  poverty  theory  public  punishment  fear  compliance  situationist  action  activism  anger  power  revolution  tip  psychology  depression  apathy  BenCarson 
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This anarchist and 'anti-fascist' activist is using facts to go after the far-right fringe - LA Times
"[Marcus] Epstein pleaded guilty to simple assault in connection with the incident, and the case soon appeared on the website of the Southern Poverty Law Center and in the New York Times. One of Epstein’s supporters, Bay Buchanan, compared the public backlash to a 'modern-day lynching.'" [ed.: !!]

"Jenkins believes in shaming with information. Joining the alt-right today could mean getting turned down for a job tomorrow if an employer punches someone’s name into Google and finds it on Jenkins’ website. His slogan: 'Hate has consequences.'"
"Jenkins’ opponents on the far right have criticized him repeatedly over the years, variously attacking him for his weight, for posting phone numbers and addresses, and for 'irrelevant posturing' by publishing '‘outings’ of minor costume Nazi and scenester types who revel in the attention,' the far-right site Occidental Dissent wrote in 2010. Yet they seem to agree he is, at minimum, an irritant.

"Jenkins said he often received emails from people asking him to remove their names from his website. 'Usually I get the email, ‘Please, I’ve grown up. I don’t want this hurting me any further.’' Jenkins said he often removed the information.

"'Really, the only condition is that you’re not involved any more,' Jenkins said. 'I just want you to stop being a Nazi! Is that too much to ask?'"  daryle_lamont_jenkins  activism  one_peoples_project  reporting  conservative  protest  politics  2010s  matt_pearce  2017  2016  diligence  conference  cpac  republican  hate 
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5 Ways Powerful People Trick You Into Hating Protesters
5. Wait For One Of Them To Break The Law, Then Talk Only About That
4. Convince The Powerful Majority That They're The Oppressed Ones
3. Focus On Their Most Frivolous Complaints (And Most Unlikable Members)
2. Pit Two Disadvantaged Groups Against One Another (And Insist That Only One Can "Win")
1. Insist That Any Change Will Ruin The World  list  reference  protest  strategy  argument  belief  lie  government  conservative  fascism  power  occupywallstreet  david_wong  2015  2010s  criminal  crime  destruction  martin_luther_king_jr  excuse  bullshit  boycott  logic  injustice  change 
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United States bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade - Wikipedia
"the target was checked against 'no-strike' databases but these raised no alarms; these are lists of protected sites such as schools, hospitals and places of worship."
1999  1990s  history  attack  bomb  mistake  america  scandal  CIA  george_tenet  bill_clinton  belgrade  serbia  yugoslavia  china  embassy  NATO  killing  diplomacy  wiki  wikipedia  war  observer  investigation  protest  database  airplane 
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43 Group - Wikipedia
"The 17-year-old Vidal Sassoon joined the group in 1947" wha!
43_group  antifa  u.k.  england  jewish  group  protest  fascism  antisemitism  1940s  1950s 
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Exiting the Vampire Castle

"Class consciousness is fragile and fleeting. The petit bourgeoisie which dominates the academy and the culture industry has all kinds of subtle deflections and pre-emptions which prevent the topic even coming up, and then, if it does come up, they make one think it is a terrible impertinence, a breach of etiquette, to raise it. I’ve been speaking now at left-wing, anti-capitalist events for years, but I’ve rarely talked – or been asked to talk – about class in public.

"But, once class had re-appeared, it was impossible not to see it everywhere in the response to the Brand affair. Brand was quickly judged and-or questioned by at least three ex-private school people on the left. Others told us that Brand couldn’t really be working class, because he was a millionaire. It’s alarming how many ‘leftists’ seemed to fundamentally agree with the drift behind Paxman’s question: ‘What gives this working class person the authority to speak?’ It’s also alarming, actually distressing, that they seem to think that working class people should remain in poverty, obscurity and impotence lest they lose their ‘authenticity’."

"The first law of the Vampires’ Castle is: individualise and privatise everything. While in theory it claims to be in favour of structural critique, in practice it never focuses on anything except individual behaviour. Some of these working class types are not terribly well brought up, and can be very rude at times. Remember: condemning individuals is always more important than paying attention to impersonal structures. The actual ruling class propagates ideologies of individualism, while tending to act as a class. (Many of what we call ‘conspiracies’ are the ruling class showing class solidarity.) The VC, as dupe-servants of the ruling class, does the opposite: it pays lip service to ‘solidarity’ and ‘collectivity’, while always acting as if the individualist categories imposed by power really hold. Because they are petit-bourgeois to the core, the members of the Vampires’ Castle are intensely competitive, but this is repressed in the passive aggressive manner typical of the bourgeoisie. What holds them together is not solidarity, but mutual fear – the fear that they will be the next one to be outed, exposed, condemned."
mark_fisher  blog  writing  2010s  2013  twitter  u.k.  politics  social_media  owen_jones  russell_brand  liberal  fight  comedian  inspiration  snark  class  guilt  morality  privilege  friedrich_nietzsche  behavior  protest  capitalism 
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Without a path from protest to power, the Women's March will end up like Occupy | World news | The Guardian
fft (food for thought)

"Right now, in America, there is no pro-democracy anti-establishment party that is capable of stepping forward, seizing power and governing. America needs a protest movement like Spain’s Podemos, Iceland’s Pirate Party or Italy’s 5 Star Movement. These populist democratic movements are the prototype for the future of protest. Each has achieved surprising electoral victories in a short time, but what is more important is how they are changing the way power functions."
guardian  protest  womensmarch  occupywallstreet  action  op-ed  2017  2010s  micah_white  1789  1780s  france  revolution  louis_xvi  power  civil_rights  1963  1964  1960s  myth  question  politics  campaign  party 
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Latin America’s Schindler: a forgotten hero of the 20th century | Ewen MacAskill | World news | The Guardian
"'He would come to the hot and stuffy third floor to inspect the files. We were all sweating and he's in a jacket and tie, cold as a fish. He told us that the files must be carefully taken care of, that they were not files, they were human lives, worthy of respect.'"

"'While Roberto was having a party for the military officials in his house, there would be refugees and political prisoners hiding in the attic,' Infante recalled. 'He was always playing with fire.'"
roberto_kozak  ewen_macaskill  jonathan_franklin  chile  diplomacy  history  south_america  terror  salvador_allende  augusto_pinochet  torture  escape  secret  1970s  1980s  1990s  coup  country  immigration  military  rights  2016  2015  2010s  patricio_bustos  argentina  junta  embassy  harald_edelstam  life  protest  work  party  santiago  dictator  double  prisoner  refugee  villa_grimaldi  desaparecidos  michelle_bachelet 
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Twitter @KateRoseBee
RT : Be the woman hitting a Nazi with a handbag you wish to see in the world.
photo  image  b&w  nazi  protest  from twitter_favs
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Leila de Lima: The woman who dares to defy Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte - BBC News
"Already known for being an outspoken advocate of 'justice without fear or favour,' she launched an investigation into allegations that then mayor Rodrigo Duterte was running death squads in Davao in his popular anti-crime campaign.
"She continues to campaign against the reintroduction of the death penalty. This month she was honoured by the US publication Foreign Policy as one of its top Global Thinkers of 2016, for her willingness to 'stand up to an extremist leader'."
bbc  leila_de_lima  philippines  rodrigo_duerte  politician  senator  protest  davao  luzon  attorney  2000s  justice  injustice  gloria_arroyo  church  kidnapping  murder  crime  legal  prison  scandal  killing  2016  2010s  jonathan_head 
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Number of signatories: 2843:
"We have educated ourselves on the history of threats like these, and on the roles that technology and technologists played in carrying them out. We see how IBM collaborated to digitize and streamline the Holocaust, contributing to the deaths of six million Jews and millions of others. We recall the internment of Japanese Americans during the Second World War. We recognize that mass deportations precipitated the very atrocity the word genocide was created to describe: the murder of 1.5 million Armenians in Turkey. We acknowledge that genocides are not merely a relic of the distant past—among others, Tutsi Rwandans and Bosnian Muslims have been victims in our lifetimes."  pledge  list  technology  protest  action  politics  data  history  genocide  society  2010s  rights  whistleblower 
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Twitter @zhaabowekwe
RT : ND Governor cuts off emergency services to indigenous resistance. No more ambulances for those rubber bullet wounds…
tara_houska  NoDAPL  north_dakota  native_americans  emergency  2016  2010s  jack_dalrymple  government  governor  shame  protest  from twitter
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A Force More Powerful
"Practitioners of nonviolent struggle have an entire arsenal of 'nonviolent weapons' at their disposal... A description and historical examples of each can be found in volume two of The Politics of Nonviolent Action by Gene Sharp."

The Methods of Nonviolent Protest and Persuasion (#1~54)
The Methods of Social Noncooperation (#55~70)
The Methods of Economic Noncooperation: Economic Boycotts (#71~96)
The Methods of Economic Noncooperation: The Strike (#97~119)
The Methods of Political Noncooperation (#120~157)
The Methods of Nonviolent Intervention (#158~198)
protest  resistance  nonviolent  persuasion  gene_sharp  list  guide  1973  1970s  action  activism  politics  society  economy  communication  book  excerpt  method  behavior  resource  reference 
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"Epic take down of Trump surrogate on the topic of “sexual assault.” Moments ago on ."

honestly this is probably the only worthwhile moment on CNN this entire year (since April, when I started to have to work next to a TV set to that channel). hope that people will remember this
cnn  republican  ananavarro  ana_navarro  aravosis  anderson_cooper  donald_trump  protest  argument  takedown  video  tv  politician  assault  crime  from twitter_favs
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Trump Days - The New Yorker
"Standing in line at the pharmacy in an Amarillo Walmart superstore, I imagined some kid who had moved only, or mostly, through such bland, bright spaces, spaces constructed to suit the purposes of distant profit, and it occurred to me how easy it would be, in that life, to feel powerless, to feel that the local was lame, the abstract extraneous, to feel that the only valid words were those of materialism ('get' and 'rise')—words that are perfectly embodied by the candidate of the moment."
george_saunders  newyorker  election  rally  group  2016  donald_trump  arizona  california  america  fight  protest  anger  fear  essay  writing  2010s 
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Is Japan Asia's Next Autocracy? - Bloomberg View
not only repealing Article 9... more insidious changes await?
"The government secrets law and other crackdowns on press freedom are a worrying sign -- Japan has already slipped from 10th in Reporters Without Borders’ global press freedom ranking in 2010 to 61st in 2015."
via Laurent
japan  2015  2010s  constitution  shinzo_abe  law  change  government  morality  autocracy  democracy  protest  oppression  asia  rights  military  noah_smith  journalism  freedom  warning  crackdown  secret  news 
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Mineful Response and the Rise of Corporatist Spirituality « Speculative Non-Buddhism
"The Mindful-One on the couch says something with a chuckle. I can only make out the first and last parts: 'maybe we should…so they don’t rush the stage.' It gets a big, nervous laugh. Then, he gets serious. So should you.

"'This is sort of an important moment,' he proclaims. Is he about to tell us that 'Corporations have historically had a giant footprint on public infrastructure, communities and the environment without paying for it, and Google is no different. They’ll avoid paying for privatizing our bus stops like they avoid paying $11 billion in federal taxes. When a company’s chairman publicly says, 'We’re proudly capitalistic. I’m not confused about this,' you know Don’t Be Evil was just a sick joke of the Googlezillionaires.'

"No, he isn’t about to tell us that. Of course not."


"In under three minutes, the clip validates Slavoj Žižek’s claims that western x-buddhism, of which mindfulness has become a dominant variety, is the perfect partner for or 'supplement' to our hyper-consumerist techno-capitalist corporations."  2014  2010s  protest  video  google  silicon_valley  mindfulness  apathy  capitalism  consumerism  conflict  glenn_wallis  corporation  san_francisco  housing  wealth  slavoj_žižek  society  change  denial  richard_payne  employment  strategy  evil  rant  takedown 
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roqayah | Rejecting Bourgeois Feminism
"They aren’t looking for women to dismantle an oppressive system but to join it, to become a part of the establishment class. This isn’t liberatory political consciousness, but the politics of superficial preservation for those at the top."
roqayah_chamseddine  roqayah  2016  2010s  archive  op-ed  politics  feminism  prison  hillary_clinton  geo_group  immigration  america  takedown  jessica_valenti  sady_doyle  protest  argument  logic  politician 
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"So what does an anti-choice woman do when she experiences an unwanted pregnancy herself? Often, she will grin and bear it, so to speak, but frequently, she opts for the solution she would deny to other women -- abortion."
joyce_arthur  2000  2000s  canada  pro-choice  abortion  anecdote  protest  hypocrisy  choice  secret  america  australia  europe  1990s  health  women  logic  fallacy  pregnancy 
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Twitter @AGirl4Bernie
"Whenever someone accuses Bernie of being a communist I just laugh and remember this picture "
WeAreBernie  bernie_sanders  communism  1950s  panic  morality  sign  protest  image  photo  b&w  racism  race  interracial  marriage  america  discrimination  from twitter_favs
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Race and the Free-Speech Diversion - The New Yorker
"The broader issue is that the student’s reaction elicited consternation in certain quarters where the precipitating incident did not. The fault line here is between those who find intolerance objectionable and those who oppose intolerance of the intolerant."
jelani_cobb  racism  freedom  speech  rights  civil_rights  protest  safety  yale  missouri  harassment  tolerance  justice  power  2010s  2015  yikyak  hate  essay  1960s  lynching 
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Baltimore preparing for protests during next week's hearing in Freddie Gray case - Baltimore Sun
"Scott said it's also important that the police force — including school-based officers — be prepared with the appropriate equipment, such as up-to-date riot gear.
"The Baltimore school system has declined to buy new riot gear that union officials have requested for the school police force, which had one officer injured during the riots."

RT : Uh uh. City Schools will be paying for riot gear over my dead body.  baltimore  freddie_gray  protest  school  police  budget  news  luke_broadwater  DavidPontious  city  uprising  riot  request  mondawmin  2015  2010s  from twitter
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Who Has the Right to a Dignified Death? - The New Yorker
' The suicide rate in Belgium (excluding cases of euthanasia) is the second-highest in Western Europe, a phenomenon often attributed to the Flemish personality type known as “binnenvetter,” a person who holds emotions inside. '
rachel_aviv  newyorker  2015  2010s  ethics  suicide  death  depression  euthanasia  doctor  protest  family  belgium  flemish  mother 
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The Strange Story Of The Man Behind 'Strange Fruit' : NPR
"There is something else about Abel Meeropol that seems to connect the man who wrote 'Strange Fruit' to the man who created a loving family out of a national scandal. ...
"'I was the official lawnmower,' Robert says, 'and I was going to mow over them, and he said, "Oh, no, you can't kill the seedlings!" I said, "What are you going to do with them, Dad? There are dozens of them."

"'Well, he dug them up and put them in coffee cans and lined them up along the side of the house. And there were hundreds of them. But he couldn't bring himself to just kill them. It was just something he couldn't do.'"
2012  elizabeth_blair  npr  morning_edition  billie_holiday  song  lyric  writing  strange_fruit  protest  racism  lynching  abel_meeropol  songwriter  nyc  bronx  teacher  poet  dewitt_clinton  1930s  2010s  classic  herbie_hancock  marcus_miller  1990s  jewish  1940  1940s  communism  history  america  communist  civil_rights  lewis_allan  pseudonym  rosenbergs  ethel_rosenberg  julius_rosenberg  1950s  1953  adoption  parenting  mccarthyism  w.e.b._du_bois  1986  1980s  life  compassion  plant  seed  biography  profile 
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Why Ferguson Should Matter to Asian-Americans | TIME
"Racial engineering of Asian-Americans and African-Americans to protect a white-run society was nothing new"

Helen Zia: "This stuff is what I call M.I.H. -- missing in history... Unfortunately, we have generations growing up thinking there's no connection. These things are there, all the linkages of struggles that have been fought together."
jack_linshi  ferguson  op-ed  asian-american  america  society  history  protest  racism  detachment  vincent_chin  1980s  kuanchang_kao  1990s  cau_bich_tran  2000s  fong_lee  police  model_minority  myth  stereotype  1966  1960s  daryl_maeda  division  strategy  violence  death  civil_rights  yuri_kochiyama  grace_lee_boggs  1950s  1850s  manifest_destiny  white  naturalization  law  helen_zia  vine  politics 
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Jon Stewart's Rockin' Shutdown Eve - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - 09/30/13 - Video Clip | Comedy Central
"If President Obama can make a deal with the most intransigent mullahs in the world but not with the House Republicans, maybe he is not the problem."
daily_show  jon_stewart  2013  government  shutdown  comedy  news  congress  law  republican  protest  schoolhouse_rock  video  tv  iran  america  football  nfl  animation  willy_wonka  gene_wilder  representative  politician  stupid  funny 
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Why Don't Black People Protest 'Black-on-Black Violence'? - Ta-Nehisi Coates - The Atlantic
"There is a kind of sincere black person who really would like to see even more outrage about violence in black communities. I don't think outrage will do it at this point, but I respect the sincere feeling.

"And then there are pundits who write more than they read, and talk more than they listen, and prefer an easy creationism to a Google search."
ta-nehisi_coates  theatlantic  crime  violence  outrage  racism  protest  news  nyc  indiana  michigan  pennsylvania  new_jersey  chicago  juan_williams  black  murder  trayvon_martin  2012  2010s  2000s  america 
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