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The Sensualist - The New Yorker
"Seducing another man’s wife could be forgiven; a bad poem, clumsy handwriting, or the wrong perfume could not."

"In Chapter 4, titled 'Yugao,' Genji comes across a run-down house, the abode of a young woman he is about to seduce.

Waley describes the entrance like this: 'There was a wattled fence over which some ivy-like creeper spread its cool green leaves, and among the leaves were white flowers with petals half-unfolded like the lips of people smiling at their own thoughts.'

Seidensticker: 'A pleasantly green vine was climbing a board wall. The white flowers, he thought, had a rather self-satisfied look about them.'

Tyler: 'A bright green vine, its white flowers smiling to themselves, was clambering merrily over what looked like a board fence.'

Washburn: 'A pleasant-looking green vine was creeping luxuriantly up a horizontal trellis, which resembled a board fence. White flowers were blooming on the vine, looking extremely self-satisfied and apparently without a care in the world.'”
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Hillary Clinton: The Leader You Want When The World Ends
now I'm writing long insane comment responses on BzzFeed thingies under my full name, oh great

I stand by it though bc this 'essay' was 'really weird and not insightful'  eileen_myles  prose  poet  hillary_clinton  election  candidate  politics  feminism  weird  politician  2016  2010s  women  misogyny  1990s 
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from back in my high school browsing days
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