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Fake news is propaganda.
The powerful demanding apologies from artists is censorship.
Business dealings while in office are corruption.
Threatening protesters and petitioners is authoritarianism.
Declaring a minority an internal enemy and calling for militarized unity is fascism.
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january 2017 by cluebucket
Foes of Russia Say Child Pornography Is Planted to Ruin Them -
Getting someone labeled a suspected pedophile has the added benefit of fitting “perfectly with the Kremlin’s line that human rights activists are all just degenerates,” said Vytis Jurkonis, a Lithuanian human rights activist who works with Russian exiles.

Russia has denied any involvement in all of these incidents. “Of course they do,” scoffed Linas Linkevicius, Lithuania’s foreign minister. “They never have anything to do with anything that is going on in the world,” he said, describing Russian hackers, whether working directly for the state or as freelance vandals, “as part of their weapons system.”
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december 2016 by cluebucket
COLUMN-Commentary: The high cost of Turkey's crackdown | Reuters
"Erdoan himself has initiated some 1,900 defamation lawsuits, often solely on the basis of ironic, mocking, or even obnoxious social media posts."  david_kaye  turkey  necmye_alpay  prison  tayyip_erdoan  criticism  rights  translation  writer  government  propaganda  coup  terror  censorship  social_media  repression  united_nations  2016  2010s 
december 2016 by cluebucket
Twitter @aardvarsk
Good Question !!!
". I can't believe anything still surprises me, but why the fuck am I seeing nazi ads on this website"

... and then Twitter claimed -- wrongly -- it was photoshopped
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november 2016 by cluebucket

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