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The Third Rail
"'History furnishes ... no record of a successful intermingling between the great divisions of mankind,' warned the Baltimore Sun, the organ of city establishment, in 1865. Two decades later, the Sun suggested the best course might be just to 'let the colored people dissipate away.'"

"That was Baltimore mass rail, two decades after the system was proposed: two lines that did not connect, far short of what one needed for the network effect of a true system. Inevitably, the inadequacies of public rail left many Baltimoreans ever more reliant upon the buses — a bewildering scattering of lines that typically followed the old streetcar routes, comprehensible only to those with no alternative but to rely on them."

and Larry Hogan being awful, and more...
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The Gullah Geechee's fight against 'cultural genocide' - Al Jazeera English
"We're not shocked when African Americans, regular Americans, people from around the world say, 'We thought all black people in America lost all their cultural traditions,'" Goodwine says. She believes that perception arises from a systematic devaluation of black people, starting with slavery. "That was the plan: to programme you to believe you never had a culture, that you never came from rich kingdoms, from people who created math systems and science systems."
"What you see when you come to Charleston is sweetgrass baskets. It's an easy sell. Anybody can sell that," he concludes. "But can you sell the pain? Do you want to tell that story? I think it needs to be told, but they don't want to tell it. They don't want to ruffle feathers."  2015  2010s  gullah_geechee  culture  genocide  allison_griner  queen_quet_marquetta_goodwine  america  nation  slavery  southern  africa  creole  rights  south_carolina  florida  north_carolina  island  brainwashing  racism  tradition  georgia  bridge  cornelia_bailey  population  housing  tax  benjamin_dennis_iv  tourism 
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Google Answers: Citation for unintentional abuse of European census data by Nazis
"Around the turn of the century in Holland, the Dutch government
started collecting mass census data about its citizens. It began
collecting religion in order to give people a proper burial. The
intentions were solely good. In 1939, that data was captured in a
matter of 3 days and (some reasonably high) percentage of the Jews
were executed in a matter of weeks."

"'.. These registration systems and the related identity cards played
an important role in the apprehension of Dutch Jews and Gypsies prior
to their eventual deportation to the death camps. Dutch Jews had the
highest death rate (73 percent) of Jews residing in any occupied
western European country--far higher than the death rate among the
Jewish population of Belgium (40 percent) and France (25 percent), for
google  google_answers  abuse  nazi  history  europe  census  data  2004  2000s  holland  citizen  religion  intent  1939  1930s  wwii  privacy  jewish  judaism  human_rights  genocide  william_seltzer  margo_anderson  gypsy  roma  death  identity  population  concentration_camp  1940s 
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Baby Name Popularity: See History of Names From 1890 to Today
it's just me n Alianna, Nakia, Darci, Rina, Muriel, Zelma, Signe, Doretta, Oretha, Venice, Leonie, Vita, and Florina in the 712th-ers club  generator  tool  name  population  history  1890s  1900s  1910s  1920s  1930s  1940s  1950s  1960s  1970s  1980s  1990s  2000s  2010s  comparison 
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This Teacher Taught His Class A Powerful Lesson About Privilege
"by contrast, people in the front of the room were less likely to be aware of the privilege they were born into. all they can see is 10 feet between them and their goal."  illustration  high_school  sociology  privilege  experiment  nathan_w._pyle  teacher  teaching  society  game  population  fairness 
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America, Why Are You Naming All Your Boys Like This?
"In fact, Wattenberg finds that if you treat everything in the 'Aiden' rhyming family ('from Aaden to Zayden') as one mega-name, the group's popularity actually approaches that of perennial favorites like 'Robert.'"  trend  name  america  ssa  statistic  jayden  popularity  population  boy  male  laura_wattenberg  nytimes  2014  2010s  2000s  2008  2009  robbie_gonzalez  onomastics  visualization  data  graph  animation 
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MLA Language Map
hey dudes I worked on this map years ago! holla/challah
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