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I think the secret to doing things is just doing things | MetaFilter
I'm really glad someone finally wrote up this post on mefi, was wondering for several months when/if it would happen
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april 2017 by cluebucket
Hillary Clinton: The Leader You Want When The World Ends
now I'm writing long insane comment responses on BzzFeed thingies under my full name, oh great

I stand by it though bc this 'essay' was 'really weird and not insightful'  eileen_myles  prose  poet  hillary_clinton  election  candidate  politics  feminism  weird  politician  2016  2010s  women  misogyny  1990s 
february 2016 by cluebucket
Letters of Note: I can't look you in the voice
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november 2015 by cluebucket
The Strange Story Of The Man Behind 'Strange Fruit' : NPR
"There is something else about Abel Meeropol that seems to connect the man who wrote 'Strange Fruit' to the man who created a loving family out of a national scandal. ...
"'I was the official lawnmower,' Robert says, 'and I was going to mow over them, and he said, "Oh, no, you can't kill the seedlings!" I said, "What are you going to do with them, Dad? There are dozens of them."

"'Well, he dug them up and put them in coffee cans and lined them up along the side of the house. And there were hundreds of them. But he couldn't bring himself to just kill them. It was just something he couldn't do.'"
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january 2015 by cluebucket
My Stepfather, The Peeping Tom
"I was trying to prove some point — the point that I should not have to talk to him, that such an expectation was sick and deranged. Guess what? My point was not being taken. Would I tough it out like a lone, ignored hunger-striker until I died?
"But then, if I talked to him, was I betraying not only myself but every woman ever abused, every person who talked to me in a hushed tone after a poetry reading, every woman who nabbed me on the street saying, 'I read your book. Something like that happened to me, too…'?"
"A former boyfriend whom I had been with for many years had made many trips with me to Florida, and I felt bad about the way his relationship with the man fucked with his head. 'Is it all right that I like him?' he asked me — confused, not wanting to betray me, but I had set him up, hadn’t I? I had set him up to spend time with this jolly man who treated my mother so kindly, who took us to play miniature golf and blasted Aerosmith in his truck and didn’t give a shit that my ex was transgender and took us out for pizza and came home from a run to the gas station bearing bingo-themed scratch tickets for us all to play. In the years before his spinal disease crippled him, this was my stepfather. Charming, chain-smoking, liked to talk about science, a scuba diver. The sexual abuse he had perpetrated was a concept. The man before us was real."
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november 2014 by cluebucket
Now Shia LaBeouf is Plagiarizing Kenneth Goldsmith - Gapers Block Book Club | Chicago
"...regardless of whether LaBeouf truly believes in his #stopcreating philosophy of appropriating pre-arranged words and art, Goldsmith has unwittingly given intellectual ammunition to an already controversial celebrity refusing to cede the last word to his critics -- regardless of whether or not he has any original words to say."
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january 2014 by cluebucket
Twitter / billclinton: "Once in a lifetime the longed ...
"Once in a lifetime the longed for tidal wave of justice can rise up, and hope and history rhyme." - Seamus Heaney
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august 2013 by cluebucket
'Airmail' and 'Here and Now' Reviewed by Alice Gregory | New Republic
"Writing well, after all—with expressive honesty and inventive humor—to people you are not romantically pursuing is one of the most undervalued methods of improving daily life."
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What is Found There: Adrienne Rich and a Life on the Margins | Hazlitt
"In her own life, Rich refused to accept that these public attitudes ought to guide her. She thus spent her life in what we sometimes call the 'margins.' She was a poet in a culture that came to prefer television and video games, and a radical in one that saw Planned Parenthood as a militant organization."
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january 2013 by cluebucket
Read this article. Rewrite it. Throw out your draft and write something else. Throw that out, too. « We Who Are About To Die
"Cross this out.

The writing game has an air of Sisyphus about it. It’s not all about reaching the finish line. It’s about starting over and over and over and …"
wewhoareabouttodie  2012  2010s  author  poet  poetry  poem  t.s._eliot  jack_kerouac  elizabeth_bishop  lucy_ives  2009  anamnesis  writing  re-writing  editing  publishing  joel_allegretti  21st_century 
august 2012 by cluebucket
William Faulkner: Nobel Prize Speech
"Our tragedy today is a general and universal physical fear so long sustained by now that we can even bear it. There are no longer problems of the spirit. There is only one question: When will I be blown up? Because of this, the young man or woman writing today has forgotten the problems of the human heart in conflict with itself which alone can make good writing because only that is worth writing about, worth the agony and the sweat. He must learn them again."
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