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How Flipping The Script Helped Keep Young Muslims From Joining ISIS : Shots - Health News : NPR
"Danish police officers took a different approach: They made it clear to citizens of Denmark who had traveled to Syria that they were welcome to come home, and that when they did, they would receive help with going back to school, finding an apartment, meeting with a psychiatrist or a mentor, or whatever they needed to fully integrate back into society.

"Their program came to be known as the 'Aarhus model.' It's been called the 'hug a terrorist' model in the media, but this description never sits well with the cops. They see themselves as making an entirely practical decision designed to keep their city safe."
npr  2016  2010s  isis  denmark  hanna_rosin  2012  invisibilia  podcast  aarhus  crime  help  mental_health  safety  society  europe  syria  terror  psychology  violence  strategy  peace  somalia  islam  radical  immigration  police 
august 2016 by cluebucket
The Problem with the Solution : Invisibilia : NPR
I often get really irked by the stylistics of this show, but this episode (content) is v interesting
npr  2016  invisibilia  podcast  radio  mental_health  belgium  problem  stigma  nyc  2010s  parenting  family 
august 2016 by cluebucket
David Rakoff: A Retrospective by Bullseye with Jesse Thorn | Free listening on SoundCloud
- to have a creative life ↔︎ to really do one's work
- "it takes nothing but work" to be creative
- "a constant grind... an embarrassing grind"
bullseye  soundcloud  podcast  radio  david_rakoff  interview  jesse_thorn  writer  creativity  work  life  retrospective  death  advice  2005  2011  2012  2010s  2000s  cancer  audio  journalist  journalism 
january 2016 by cluebucket
Red, White, Blue & Orange by Benjamen Walker | Free Listening on SoundCloud
happened to listen to this today, when the last British detainee (never charged) was released...
... after 14 years!
... and still 100+ detained!
benjamen_walker  theory_of_everything  podcast  soundcloud  radio  audio  guantánamo  torture  zero_dark_thirty  film  controversy  war  prison  prisoner  interview  2000s  2006  2013  2010s  tajikistan  umarov_muhibullah  cia  military  crime  criminal  2004  mckenzie_funk  joshua_phillips  secret  detainee  terror 
october 2015 by cluebucket
Working: Stephen Colbert by SlateRadio
"We harvest the corn, which is reading the news."
"I embody the bullshit."
soundcloud  slateradio  slate  stephen_colbert  comedian  process  news  tv  audio  radio  interview  working  work  internet  comedy  podcast  colbert_report  2014  2010s 
december 2014 by cluebucket
Episode 12: Worm People — The Organist — KCRW
bookmarking this for wonderful piece about Lonnie Holley, though let it be known I was pr excited about Kevin Corrigan too
kcrw  the_organist  podcast  radio  2014  2010s  lonnie_holley  singer  musician  music  soul  alabama  georgia  atlanta  artist  sculpture  junk  trash  apologies  kevin_corrigan  tig_notaro  carrie_brownstein  fred_armisen  ross_simonini  gallery 
july 2014 by cluebucket
Marc Maron and the wrong Kevin Macdonald: A true “WTF” moment. | Variety
just marking this down because when that episode came out I really was disappointed that it was Kevin MacD and not Kevin McD. ha!
marc_maron  wtf  variety  interview  kevin_mcdonald  kevin_macdonald  comedian  director  film  tv  kidsinthehall  2010s  2013  mistake  identity  podcast  wtf_pod 
december 2013 by cluebucket
A daily TV/radio news program, hosted by Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez, airing on over 900 stations, pioneering the largest community media collaboration in the United States.
democracy  democracy_now  amy_goodman  juan_gonzalez  radio  podcast  politics  news  from twitter
august 2011 by cluebucket

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