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The Breaking News Consumer's Handbook - On The Media
via Tips for handling breaking news:
1. In the immediate aftermath, news outlets will get it wrong.
2. Don't trust anonymous sources.
3. Don't trust stories that cite another news outlet as the source of the information.
4. There's almost never a second shooter.
5. Pay attention to the language the media uses.
* "We are getting reports" ... could mean anything.
* "We are seeking confirmation" ... means they don't have it.
* "[News outlet] has learned" ... means it has a scoop or is going out on a limb.
6. Look for news outlets close to the incident.
7. Compare multiple sources.
8. Big news brings out the fakers. And photoshoppers.
9. Beware reflexive retweeting. Some of this is on you.
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#10 - One Hundred Songs A Day - On The Media
"This guy has written over 14,000 songs for Spotify, making a tiny bit of money on each one. Last year he made $23,000 "
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The Failure of 'Failing Schools' Transcript - On The Media
"No Child Left Behind sets up a whole high stakes testing regime and holds schools to various standards, one of which enables politicians, school boards, etc., to declare schools “failing.” But the phrase has been made generic, and the term is, importantly, politicized. Politicians run on the basis of fixing the failing schools."
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Blurry in Germany Transcript - On The Media
"NIMBY" - not in my backyard

"In a country where hanging out in the park naked is a weekend pastime, Germany has recently made international headlines for its virtual prudishness."
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