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Mental Health Systems Act of 1980 - Wikipedia
"The Mental Health Systems Act of 1980 (MHSA) was United States legislation signed by President Jimmy Carter which provided grants to community mental health centers. During the following Ronald Reagan administration, the United States Congress repealed most of the law."
1980  1980s  1970s  mental_health  law  jimmy_carter  ronald_reagan  wikipedia  wiki  america 
july 2018 by cluebucket
Death of a Revolutionary | The New Yorker
“Do not rest assured. Things are not O.K.” On the back of the page, she scrawled in red ink, “Are you even on my side? Are you on your own side?”
shulie  shulamith_firestone  susan_faludi  2013  2010s  1960s  1970s  1980s  1990s  2012  obituary  life  revolution  feminism  feminist  nyc  schizophrenia  mental_health  family  orthodox  jewish  tragedy  author  culture  politics  group  breakdown  capgras  kathie_sarachild  ti-grace_anderson  kate_millett  leadership 
november 2017 by cluebucket
Avoid Dr. Douglas Berger for therapy : japan
roommate saw this guy once and realized straight away how baaaad he was
reddit  japan  tokyo  therapy  doctor  fake  scam  tip  therapist  english  japanese  patient  mental_health  money  mistake  2010s 
november 2017 by cluebucket
Making Light: Taking it back
"The Trump campaign was, and the post-election Trump news is, a Gish gallop. And now on lefty Twitter, I'm seeing a similar phenomenon on the emotional level: a firehose of things we must all pay attention to..."

on resistance, self-care, and zones of doom
abi_sutherland  making_light  blog  2016  2010s  resist  health  self-help  mental_health  politics  fatigue  how_to  love  fear  power  donald_trump  soul  gish_gallop  argument  ptsd  9-11  abortion  campaign  war  control 
february 2017 by cluebucket
The deviousness of dementia | Dasha Kiper | Society | The Guardian
"I was angry at him for the perpetual stress, the perverse logic, the incapacity to understand who I was and what I was doing for him. But mostly I was angry at myself for being cruel. As I sat sulking and reprimanding myself, he returned to the kitchen. He wanted a snack, but finding me on the floor, he stopped and broke into his wide, sweet smile. Then he noticed my tearful face and was dumbfounded and genuinely moved.

"'Are you alright?' he asked. 'Who should I punish for upsetting you?'"
dasha_kiper  dementia  guardian  society  mental_health  aging  elderly  2015  2010s  memory  2010  holocaust  nyc  bronx  poland  russia  consciousness  shock  confusion  sundowners  caregiver  emotion  psychology  cognition 
january 2017 by cluebucket
9. A Servant to Servants. Frost, Robert. 1915. North of Boston
"And I can agree to that, or in so far
As that I can see no way out but through"
robert_frost  north_of_boston  1915  1910s  poem  poetry  servant  farm  work  labor  mental_health  freedom  cage  women 
january 2017 by cluebucket
The Quietus | Features | Remember Them... | Remembering Mark Fisher By David Stubbs
"Perhaps it was his determination to overcome his own personal despondency, as well as the sinking despondency of society at large, which lent him energy and ambition to construct this edifice, one which would stand tall and face down the oppressors, political and psychological, external and internal, he found himself ranged against."
obituary  mark_fisher  david_stubbs  writer  death  capitalism  socialism  theory  2017  2010s  inertia  mental_health  england  u.k.  k-punk  music  agata_pyzik  interview  author  capitalist_realism 
january 2017 by cluebucket
You feel like shit.
choose your own adventure for adults raised in dysfunctional homes :-)  jace_harr  game  guide  how_to  interactive  self-care  self-help  health  life  safety  learning  problem  cleaning  emotion  anxiety  mental_health 
october 2016 by cluebucket
The Great Fall of Chyna
this made me so, so sad.
remembered reading, long after the last thing I'd heard about Chyna, that she was off teaching English in Tokyo... but seems like this too was a wildly unstable time.
chyna  wrestling  wrestler  athlete  model  celebrity  life  death  joanie_laurer  1997  1990s  2000s  2016  2010s  drugs  mental_health  fame  abuse  jason_king  biography 
september 2016 by cluebucket
How Flipping The Script Helped Keep Young Muslims From Joining ISIS : Shots - Health News : NPR
"Danish police officers took a different approach: They made it clear to citizens of Denmark who had traveled to Syria that they were welcome to come home, and that when they did, they would receive help with going back to school, finding an apartment, meeting with a psychiatrist or a mentor, or whatever they needed to fully integrate back into society.

"Their program came to be known as the 'Aarhus model.' It's been called the 'hug a terrorist' model in the media, but this description never sits well with the cops. They see themselves as making an entirely practical decision designed to keep their city safe."
npr  2016  2010s  isis  denmark  hanna_rosin  2012  invisibilia  podcast  aarhus  crime  help  mental_health  safety  society  europe  syria  terror  psychology  violence  strategy  peace  somalia  islam  radical  immigration  police 
august 2016 by cluebucket
The Problem with the Solution : Invisibilia : NPR
I often get really irked by the stylistics of this show, but this episode (content) is v interesting
npr  2016  invisibilia  podcast  radio  mental_health  belgium  problem  stigma  nyc  2010s  parenting  family 
august 2016 by cluebucket
At Mercy Multiplied, troubled young women come to believe their mental-health counselors speak for God.
"Today, the sixth step in Alcorn’s seven-step counseling model is called Freedom From Oppression—but before 2009, it was called “Demonic Oppression,” according to three former residents. Mercy changed the name shortly after administrators at Mercy-branded facilities in Australia were found to have stolen residents’ welfare checks and local papers reported that employees at these homes were practicing exorcisms."
"Mercy put this disclaimer on its website: “Mercy Ministries does not practice Recovered Memory Therapy.” This past October, when the organization rebranded itself as Mercy Multiplied, the disclaimer disappeared."

Christian crooks ugh
mercy_ministries  mercy_multiplied  healthcare  mental_health  clinic  counseling  nancy_alcorn  christy_singleton  fake  2016  2010s  2000s  christianity  abuse  religion  evangelical  corruption  america  australia  prayer  brainwashing  jennifer_miller  1990s  therapy  survival  license  medicine  donation 
may 2016 by cluebucket
New Social Network Koko Wants to Help You Deal With Stress | WIRED
via Tbeck
"It’s what you’d get if you were to combine the swiping gesture of Tinder, the anonymity of Whisper, the upvoting of Reddit, and the earnestness of old-fashioned forums...
"It was a self-sustaining model based around the idea of collective intelligence, and the social dynamics of it intrigued Morris. He wondered if the same concept might work in the mental health space."
koko  therapy  social_media  internet  2015  2010s  stress  psychology  crowdsourcing  rob_morris  support  mental_health  app  smartphone  panoply  depression  cbt 
january 2016 by cluebucket
The Strange & Curious Tale of the Last True Hermit | GQ
"One man had actually lived in the woods of Maine for twenty-seven years, in an unheated nylon tent."

the North Pond Hermit
hermit  camping  via:cosmic  maine  michael_finkel  forest  2013  2010s  christopher_knight  1986  1980s  burglary  haunted  mystery  jail  letter  isolation  loneliness  silence  breakdown  mental_health  aspergers 
november 2015 by cluebucket
How a Computer Predicts Schizophrenia and Psychosis - The Atlantic
“'In our study, we found that minimal semantic coherence—the flow of meaning from one sentence to the next—was characteristic of those young people at risk who later developed psychosis ... It was not the average. What this means is that over 45 minutes of interviewing, these young people had at least one occasion of a jarring disruption in meaning from one sentence to the next. As an interviewer, if my mind wandered briefly, I might miss it. But a computer would pick it up.'"
adrienne_lafrance  theatlantic  computer  health  speech  schizophrenia  mental_health  2015  2010s  psychosis  psychology  brain  prediction  algorithm  cognition  semantics  guillermo_cecchi  language  cheryl_corcoran  gillinder_bedi  study  science 
september 2015 by cluebucket
Weltschmerz - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"the kind of feeling experienced by someone who understands that physical reality can never satisfy the demands of the mind."
See also: Acedia, Angst, Dukkha, Lacrimae rerum, Mal du siècle, Mean world syndrome, Melancholia, Mono no aware, Nihilism, Pathos, Saudade, Sehnsucht, Social alienation, Sturm und Drang, Suffering, Theory of mind, World view
Weltschmerz  german  deutsch  wikipedia  wiki  definition  phrase  jean_paul  world-weary  pain  anxiety  feeling  emotion  romanticism  lord_byron  giacomo_leopardi  françois-rené_de_chateaubriand  alfred_de_musset  nikolaus_lenau  hermann_hesse  heinrich_heine  psychology  sad  weakness  world  depression  escapism  mental_health  alienation  anomie  émile_durkheim  john_steinbeck  welshrats  ralph_ellison  kurt_vonnegut  melancholia  suffering  angst  POV  18th_century  19th_century 
october 2014 by cluebucket
Suicide and the Economy - Elizabeth MacBride - The Atlantic
"My family had not only refused to speak of Roy, they rewrote the story of his death. Within hours, they closed ranks. A second cousin, a local policeman, told the newspaper Roy was subject to fainting spells. His mother said he died of a heart attack in a parking garage; according to another family story, he’d fallen in front of a train. Eventually, the lie became the truth. I flipped through the journals his mother wrote in 1950s. She mentioned Roy once, when a passerby reminded her of him. Then she went back later and whited out his name."
suicide  theatlantic  depression  economy  1920s  1930s  america  family  2013  2010s  death  memory  mental_health  crisis  psychology  employment  failure  life  library  news  roy_humphrey  nyc  new_jersey  elizabeth_macbride  stigma  society  survival  denial  guilt  shame  emotion 
september 2013 by cluebucket
On Hugo Schwyzer, White Supremacist Feminism and Its Abuse of WoC (with tweets) · thetrudz · Storify
after sifting through much ish online regarding Hugo Schwyzer confession/breakdown/manipulation, felt this was good to bookmark for reference

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
“If you are silent about your pain, they’ll kill you and say you enjoyed it.”- Zora Neal Hurston  twitter  tweet  2000s  2010s  2013  so_treu  blackamazon  christina_parreira  sincitygrrrl  flavia_dzodan  redlightvoices  thetrudz  shakestweetz  theangryfangirl  hugo_schwyzer  manipulation  narcissism  racism  confession  breakdown  takedown  feminism  white  black  poc  woc  women  reaction  abuse  mental_health 
august 2013 by cluebucket
Sick - The
"In the meantime, I am incapable. I think about it all the time. And it seems impossible to me even still: how somehow, in some way, a mind can break, as if it were a toy."
amy_butcher  therumpus  writing  2013  2010s  2000s  friendship  trauma  mental_health  psychosis  violence  murder  prison  sandy_hook  ptsd  life  liza_long 
february 2013 by cluebucket
Maria Bamford's 'Special Special Special!' Online |
"Ms. Bamford takes a moment to imagine what’s it like to believe in God, spinning out a carefully wrought metaphor: 'You know when you are in a third-world shantytown at midnight, and you’re terrified, but then off in the distance you see the glowing logo of an international conglomerate, and you just feel like: Everything’s going to be O.K.' Then she added: 'Maybe it’s time I seek the Exxon within.'

"It’s a funny, well-written joke delivered with the solemn tone of a woman thrilled to find solace. Her parents didn’t laugh. That silence is fascinating."
maria_bamford  jason_zinoman  nytimes  2012  2010s  comedian  video  review  writing  criticism  audience  comedy  stand-up  parenting  mental_health  family  faith  joke  metaphor  quote  corporation  funny  silence 
december 2012 by cluebucket
The Aurora shooting: Bulletproof vests, SWAT gear, and body armor refute the NRA. - Slate Magazine
"Holmes’ outfit blew these jokers away. He wore a ballistic helmet, a ballistic vest, ballistic leggings, a throat protector, a groin protector, and tactical gloves. He was so well equipped that if anyone in that theater had tried what the National Rifle Association recommends—drawing a firearm to stop the carnage—that person would have been dead meat. Holmes didn’t just kill a dozen people. He killed the NRA’s answer to gun violence.
"Essentially, Holmes has called the NRA’s bluff. It may be true that the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. But the best way to stop a good guy with a gun is a bad guy with body armor. And judging from Holmes' vest receipt, he wasn't even buying the serious stuff."
slate  aurora  colorado  gun  gun_control  protection  defense  self-defense  mental_health  tragedy  shooting  2012  2010s  nra  bulletproof  william_saletan  21st_century 
july 2012 by cluebucket
30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself
1. Stop spending time with the wrong people
2. Stop running from your problems
3. Stop lying to yourself
4. Stop putting your own needs on the back burner
5. Stop trying to be someone you're not
6. Stop trying to hold onto the past
7. Stop being scared to make a mistake
8. Stop berating yourself for old mistakes
9. Stop trying to buy happiness
10. Stop exclusively looking to others for happiness
11. Stop being idle
12. Stop thinking you're not ready
13. Stop getting involved in relationships for the wrong reasons
14. Stop rejecting new relationships just because old ones didn't work
15. Stop trying to compete against everyone else
16. Stop being jealous of others
17. Stop complaining and feeling sorry for yourself
18. Stop holding grudges
19. Stop letting others bring you down to their level
20. Stop wasting time explaining yourself to others
21. Stop doing the same things over and over without taking a break
22. Stop overlooking the beauty of small moments
23. Stop trying to make things perfect
24. Stop following the path of least resistance
25. Stop acting like everything is fine if it isn't
26. Stop blaming others for your troubles
27. Stop trying to be everything to everyone
28. Stop worrying so much
29. Stop focusing on what you don't want to happen
30. Stop being ungrateful
31. Stop making sense
marcandangel  how_to  list  advice  health  anxiety  life  change  mental_health  productivity  stop 
january 2012 by cluebucket

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