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At Mercy Multiplied, troubled young women come to believe their mental-health counselors speak for God.
"Today, the sixth step in Alcorn’s seven-step counseling model is called Freedom From Oppression—but before 2009, it was called “Demonic Oppression,” according to three former residents. Mercy changed the name shortly after administrators at Mercy-branded facilities in Australia were found to have stolen residents’ welfare checks and local papers reported that employees at these homes were practicing exorcisms."
"Mercy put this disclaimer on its website: “Mercy Ministries does not practice Recovered Memory Therapy.” This past October, when the organization rebranded itself as Mercy Multiplied, the disclaimer disappeared."

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Gandhi Was a Racist Who Forced Young Girls to Sleep in Bed with Him | Broadly
"In the decades since his assassination in 1948, the image of Gandhi has been constructed so carefully, scrubbed clean of its grimy details, that it's easy to forget that he predicated his rhetoric on anti-blackness, a vehement allergy to female sexuality, and a general unwillingness to help liberate the Dalit, or 'untouchable,' caste."
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How to Stop Hospitals from Killing Us -
"Political partisans can debate the role of government in fixing health care, but for either public or private approaches to work, transparency is the crucial prerequisite. To make transparency effective, government must play a role in making fair and accurate reports available to the public. In doing so, it will unleash the power of the free market as patients are better able to take charge of their own care. When hospitals have to compete on measures of safety, all of them will improve how they serve their patients."
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Can You Die From A Nightmare?
"But in the last few months I've started considering a more mundane possibility: That things as common as a breakup, my dog dying, or stress at work are the primary causes of my sleep disturbances. It's deflating to think that there are people with what I consider real problems who are probably managing just fine, and here I am running into doors and almost jumping out of windows because of a breakup — but that seems to be my reality."
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