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RT : Lynda Barry recently appeared in her favorite comic, Family Circus. Please enjoy this story about the time she met…  lynda_barry  family_circus  bil_keane  jeff_keane  cartoon  comics  artist  photo  image  book  robert_crumb  2017  2010s  anecdote  interview  from twitter_favs
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The Near-Sighted Monkey, Part One “On Beyond Literature” by Lynda Barry
my brother ripped this out of the WaPo LoC Natl Book Festival special edition for me three years ago... I stored it badly through three moves and it tore and I have to pitch it... digital copy
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Cartoonist Lynda Barry Will Make You Believe In Yourself -
“Somebody said to me one time, ‘This class is like therapy,’ ” Barry said. She shook her head. “No. Therapy is like this. And this is very old.”
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