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Kakekotoba - Wikipedia
"It is important to note that both these and the majority of Japanese kakekotoba are highly dependent on vocal recitation, not writing."
掛詞  japanese  wikipedia  language  poetry  waka  homophone  pun  word  phonetics  linguistics  和歌 
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The Ecolinguistics Association
a little intrigued... wondering if/how this'll develop
(even as masturbatory as capital-L linguist associations can be...)  ecolinguistics  linguistics  linguist  list  environment 
march 2017 by cluebucket
What Makes Languages Change? How Culture Shapes Our Words
Q: When you say it doesn’t “borrow,” do you have an example?
A: The word they use for automobile means “that it has wrinkled feet,” which is, incidentally, an example of how the words you have reflect your culture. If you’re a tracker, you’re going to be noticing the tire tracks—the focus of that particular word. And the word for telephone means “you whisper into it.”
sally_thomason  interview  2016  2010s  language  ryan_bradley  montana  america  salish  linguist  linguistics  change  word  loanword  neologism  susquehannock  iroquois  genocide  killing  hebrew  jargon  society  slang  papua_new_guinea  dialect  phrase  translation  north_dakota  canada  cree  algonquin  native  french  michif  russia  multilingualism  aleut  trade  buin  gender  māori  hawaii  new_zealand 
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How Corporations Profit From Black Teens' Viral Content | The FADER
"'I gave the world a word,' Newman said. 'I can’t explain the feeling. At the moment I haven’t gotten any endorsements or received any payment. I feel that I should be compensated. But I also feel that good things happen to those who wait.'"

"Whereas Meechie’s dance videos are considered a threat to record companies’ bottom line, his cultural production—and Kayla Newman’s 'on fleek,' too—is treated as ripe for the taking by those same companies."
doreen_st_felix  2015  2010s  kayla_newman  peaches_monroee  catchphrase  on_fleek  innovation  social_media  linguistics  sociolinguistics  credit  ownership  denzel_meechie  youtube  copyright  intellectual_property  culture  k.j._greene  internet  trend  copy  dance  slang  race  black  appropriation  money 
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Etymology of Mummy -- miira - Google Groups
always wondered.
木乃伊 mùnǎiyī [Chinese] -- ミイラ miira [Japanese] -- mirra "myrrh" [Portuguese] -- myrrha [Latin] -- murru [Akkadian/Greek]
linguistics  google_groups  etymology  mummy  japanese  vocabulary  word  portuguese  language  chinese  origin  history  miira  latin  greek 
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25 Fascinating Charts Of Negotiation Styles Around The World | Business Insider
"Scandinavians often have entrenched opinions that they have formulated “in the long dark nights,” though they are reasonable conversationalists. Swedes often have the most wide-ranging discussions, Finns tend to value concision, and most Norwegians fall somewhere in between."
businessinsider  communication  infographic  chart  culture  country  language  linguistics  style  speech  conversation  richard_d_lewis  linguist  america  canada  england  france  italy  germany  english  china  hong_kong  israel  india  switzerland  singapore  indonesia  hungary  finland  bulgaria  norway  denmark  turkey  poland  spain  sweden  netherlands  stereotype  2010s  research 
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Ashkenazi names: The etymology of the most common Jewish surnames.
patronymics, matronymics, place names, occupational names, personal traits, insulting names, animal names (Einhorn: unicorn!), Hebrew names, Hebrew acronyms, other Hebrew- and Yiddish-derived names, invented "fancy shmancy" names.... and a separate correction article.
slate  lexicon_valley  bennett_muraskin  surname  jewish  family  name  onomastics  history  ashkenazi  europe  1880s  17th_century  18th_century  19th_century  hebrew  yiddish  language  list  2014  2010s  linguistics 
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Ideophone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Ideophones evoke sensory events. Reduplication figures quite prominently in ideophones, often conveying a sense of repetition or plurality present in the evoked event."
fuckin love ideophones.
reference  linguistics  phonetics  ideophone  wikipedia  wiki  definition  sound  word  language  phrase  idea  sensory  onomatopoeia  cantonese  english  ewe  hebrew  russian  finnish  japanese  korean  portuguese  vietnamese  yoruba  navajo  hindi  urdu  tamil  symbol  mimetic 
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For Japanese Linguist, A Long And Lonely Schlep : NPR
"As for Ueda, who pats his dictionary every night before going to sleep," ^_____________^
2012  2010s  linguist  linguistics  study  dictionary  yiddish  japanese  kazuo_ueda  language  research  judaism  jewish  npr  lucy_craft  21st_century 
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Endangered languages: Google to the rescue? | The Economist
"Google's partners in the effort will be the First People's Cultural Council and the LINGUIST List, and it will draw on research from the Catalogue of Endangered Languages (ELCat), overseen by teams at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa and Eastern Michigan University."
economist  johnson  blog  endangered_language  documenting  language  daniel_kaufman  linguistics  linguist_list  catalogue  project  google 
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The Benefits of Bilingualism -
"The key difference between bilinguals and monolinguals may be more basic: a heightened ability to monitor the environment."
well... chyeah
yudhijit_bhattacharjee  nytimes  bilingual  language  linguistics  cognition  brain  task  memory  alzheimer's  science  agnes_kovacs  study  switch  inhibition  expression  multilingualism  dementia  ellen_bialystok  michelle_martin-rhee  interference  2000s  tamar_gollan  2012 
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Creative 'Linguistics' behind the latest NBA phenomenon - The China Post
"...the English pun becomes “Lin Lai Feng” (林來瘋), with Lin substituting the close sounding “Ren” (人, people) from the Taiwanese idiom “人來瘋” (the three characters literally mean people, come and insane, respectively). The turn of phase originally refers to people who become excited or showy in front of others. Here it pretty much means what Linsanity means."
chinapost  taiwan  linguistics  pun  wordplay  chinese  mandarin  taiwanese  jeremy_lin  name  hanzi  lin_shuhao  alan_fong  linsanity  2012  2010s  fan  21st_century 
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'Vocal Fry' Creeping Into U.S. Speech - ScienceNOW
"[T]he popular-music station on her teenage son's dial features creaky announcers, but she does not hear vocal fry on National Public Radio, which targets an older audience."
marissa_fessenden  english  american_english  speech  language  pitch  register  voice  vocal_fry  gender  glottalization  staccato  sciencemag  linguistics  phonetics  long_island_university  research  audio  communication  culture  nassima_abdelli-beruh  radio  age  2011 
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MLA Language Map
hey dudes I worked on this map years ago! holla/challah
mla  map  language  america  population  native_speaker  density  cal  linguistics  society  work  demographics 
february 2012 by cluebucket
Fuhgeddaboutit: New York accent may be dying out - Telegraph
"Long Island for example, was 'Lawn Gyland'. But, he claims such sounds have now faded from New York City."

my aunt used to always accuse us of our hard Gs, but in reality she was probably proud. I hope the fuggedabuddies bring out a noo yawk tawk revival.
accent  dialect  pronunciation  america  nyc  generation  loss  speech  language  george_jocknowitz  kara_becker  linguistics  2010s  21st_century 
january 2012 by cluebucket
Cognitive scientists develop new take on old problem: why human language has so many words with multiple meanings
"In a new theory, they claim that ambiguity actually makes language more efficient, by allowing for the reuse of short, efficient sounds that listeners can easily disambiguate with the help of context... Building on observation and previous studies, they posited that words with fewer syllables, high frequency and the simplest pronunciations should have the most meanings."

the comments are also interesting to consider, though I kinda resent the patronizing "Gentlemen" opening, I mean screw that
emily_finn  physorg  science  meaning  language  ambiguity  ambiguous  noam_chomsky  mit  2012  2010s  theory  word  context  ted_gibson  cognition  steven_piantadosi  harry_tily  tom_wasow  compsci  NLP  linguistics  21st_century 
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The Linguist Lioness
If Finnish was L'Oreal
15 noun cases
because you're worth it
linguistics  linguist  lioness  funny  tumblr  image  caption  linguistlioness  macro 
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