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On Finland, the United States, and the freedom of information and of the press - The Washington Post
"Precisely because Finland is worthy of kudos for its protection of free expression over the years, it is all the more interesting what it does not protect."
excerpt from The Soul of the First Amendment
floyd_abrams  washingtonpost  reporting  journalism  freedom  protection  rights  information  finland  america  switzerland  2010s  2017  2016  slovakia  punishment  sweden  1776  1770s  privacy  susan_ruusunen  matti_vanhanen  2000s  2007  jussi_kristian_halla-aho  2012  hate  blog  bill_clinton  donald_trump  speech  legal  op-ed  excerpt 
may 2017 by cluebucket
I was fired from my journalism job ten days into Trump – Medium
thinkin about journalism+ethics+"objectivity" of the future...

"...And I'd specifically been asked by Marketplace to maintain a personal blog as part of building my 'personal brand.'"  lewis_wallace  marketplace  apm  radio  reporting  journalism  journalist  ethics  work  job  donald_trump  censorship  media  objectivity  neutrality  npr  diversity  trans  controversy  2017  2010s  blog 
february 2017 by cluebucket
On the trail for the final week of the Trump campaign.
"Behold, Trump said to his fans, I’ve rounded up a passel of those elites you detest. And I’ve caged them for you! Allow me to belittle them for your delight. Here, now you take a turn—go ahead, have at it! Do it again, don’t be shy! Under President Trump, the other elites will be in cages, too. We’ll lock them up, just like the chant goes. Just like you wanted. You’ll be their captors."
donald_trump  journalism  journalist  campaign  capture  2016  2010s  hate  seth_stevenson  autocrat  fascism 
november 2016 by cluebucket
Autocracy: Rules for Survival | by Masha Gessen | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books
"One of the falsehoods in the Clinton speech was the implied equivalency between civil resistance and insurgency. This is an autocrat’s favorite con, the explanation for the violent suppression of peaceful protests the world over."

Rule #1: Believe the autocrat.
Rule #2: Do not be taken in by small signs of normality.
Rule #3: Institutions will not save you.
Rule #4: Be outraged.
Rule #5: Don’t make compromises.
Rule #6: Remember the future.
masha_gessen  nybooks  russia  autocracy  president  warning  america  hillary_clinton  politics  authoritarianism  election  tip  how_to  2016  2010s  dictatorship  survival  rule  donald_trump  dmitry_peskov  vladimir_putin  ted_cruz  journalism 
november 2016 by cluebucket
WashPost Makes History: First Paper to Call for Prosecution of Its Own Source (After Accepting Pulitzer)
"In arguing that no public interest was served by exposing PRISM, what did the Post editors forget to mention? That the newspaper that (simultaneous with The Guardian) made the choice to expose the PRISM program by spreading its operational details and top-secret manual all over its front page is called … the Washington Post."  washingtonpost  2016  2010s  pulitzer  prize  newspaper  op-ed  glenn_greenwald  edward_snowden  criminal  NSA  prism  screengrab  publishing  leak  journalism  hypocrisy  secret  government  transparency 
september 2016 by cluebucket
Is Japan Asia's Next Autocracy? - Bloomberg View
not only repealing Article 9... more insidious changes await?
"The government secrets law and other crackdowns on press freedom are a worrying sign -- Japan has already slipped from 10th in Reporters Without Borders’ global press freedom ranking in 2010 to 61st in 2015."
via Laurent
japan  2015  2010s  constitution  shinzo_abe  law  change  government  morality  autocracy  democracy  protest  oppression  asia  rights  military  noah_smith  journalism  freedom  warning  crackdown  secret  news 
march 2016 by cluebucket
The “Bernie Bros” Narrative: a Cheap Campaign Tactic Masquerading as Journalism and Social Activism
"I see nothing wrong with journalists being vehemently devoted to a political candidate. But it's important to know what it is... Have pro-Clinton journalists and pundits been subjected to some vile, abusive, and misogynistic rhetoric from random, anonymous internet supporters of Sanders who are angry over their Clinton support? Of course they have. Does that reflect in any way on the Sanders campaign or which candidate should win the Democratic primary? Of course it does not."  glenn_greenwald  2016  2010s  criticism  bullying  internet  media  jeremy_corbyn  hillary_clinton  bernie_sanders  support  narrative  journalism  scandal  harassment  politics  politician  abuse 
february 2016 by cluebucket
David Rakoff: A Retrospective by Bullseye with Jesse Thorn | Free listening on SoundCloud
- to have a creative life ↔︎ to really do one's work
- "it takes nothing but work" to be creative
- "a constant grind... an embarrassing grind"
bullseye  soundcloud  podcast  radio  david_rakoff  interview  jesse_thorn  writer  creativity  work  life  retrospective  death  advice  2005  2011  2012  2010s  2000s  cancer  audio  journalist  journalism 
january 2016 by cluebucket
What It’s Like To Report on Mass Shootings Routinely — Personal Growth — Medium
"I have a mass shooting story prewritten at all times, ready to be filled in with details as needed. Such shootings happen about once a month and we need to be prepared."
polly_mosendz  writing  journalism  journalist  process  news  how_to  shooting  death  tragedy  newspaper  twitter  disaster  oregon  violence  umpqua  roseburg  2015  2010s  2000s  america  reporting  barack_obama  routine  newsweek  template 
october 2015 by cluebucket
The Breaking News Consumer's Handbook - On The Media
via Tips for handling breaking news:
1. In the immediate aftermath, news outlets will get it wrong.
2. Don't trust anonymous sources.
3. Don't trust stories that cite another news outlet as the source of the information.
4. There's almost never a second shooter.
5. Pay attention to the language the media uses.
* "We are getting reports" ... could mean anything.
* "We are seeking confirmation" ... means they don't have it.
* "[News outlet] has learned" ... means it has a scoop or is going out on a limb.
6. Look for news outlets close to the incident.
7. Compare multiple sources.
8. Big news brings out the fakers. And photoshoppers.
9. Beware reflexive retweeting. Some of this is on you.
2013  2010s  news  onthemedia  alex_goldman  list  rule  journalism  fake  how_to  tip  accuracy  anonymous  crisis  breaking_news  from twitter_favs
december 2014 by cluebucket
Doubting UVA’s Gang-Rape Victim Is a Trap -- The Cut
"At this point, the benefits of believing Jackie if she is telling the truth (forcing reform at UVA, encouraging other women to come forward) outweigh the risks of believing Jackie if she is lying (unnecessary wariness about Phi Kappa Psi). ... [T]he preemptive backlash makes it feel like presumed innocence is a privilege reserved for purported rapists and not their purported victims."
kat_stoeffel  nymag  uva  virginia  university  rape  fraternity  rolling_stone  sabrina_rubin_erdely  anonymous  doubt  journalism  journalist  feminism  shock  bias  2014  2010s  stephen_glass  writing  backlash  assault  the_cut 
december 2014 by cluebucket
What Grantland Got Wrong «
"...if I can help my colleagues and simultaneously make sure that the trans people who come up in their coverage get a fair shake, I welcome that opportunity."
christina_kahrl  culture  writing  journalism  sexuality  gender  trans  lgbtq  suicide  mistake  caleb_hannan  2014  2013  2010s  golf  essay_anne_vanderbilt  death  ethics  op-ed  grantland 
january 2014 by cluebucket
AP's dangerous Iran hoax demands an accounting and explanation | Glenn Greenwald | Comment is free |
this guy says "patently" more than once but that doesn't take away from his point.
AP should take a note from ONTD and always put the sawce.
guardian  associated_press  graph  data  article  news  accuracy  mistake  hoax  iran  nuclear_weapons  op-ed  2012  2010s  media  lie  journalism  scientist  glenn_greenwald  integrity 
november 2012 by cluebucket
The boy in the bubble : CJR
"The timing couldn’t have been better. Not only had Klein entered political blogging at a moment when digital natives were beginning to reconstitute the opinion-journalism profession, but the topic that fused his passion and wonkery—healthcare—was surging back into the public discussion, as progressive ideas resurfaced within American liberalism."
"In fact, he is so deep inside now that he’s come to an even more terrifying conclusion about life in The Village than his Netroots compatriots could ever have dreamed: “I’m much more certain that the problems are systemic and the various forms of gatekeeping elites [are] impotent,” he wrote me in a follow-up email to our interview. “And that feeling—that the people in charge aren’t just wrong or bought off, but that, quite often, they fundamentally don’t know what they’re doing—is a bit scary, and fairly radicalizing.”"
ezra_klein  blogger  writer  blogging  writing  journalism  reporting  politics  2010s  policy  student  progressive  liberal  dc  smarty-pants  cjr  columbia_journalism_review  matt_welch  21st_century 
september 2012 by cluebucket
The Failure of 'Failing Schools' Transcript - On The Media
"No Child Left Behind sets up a whole high stakes testing regime and holds schools to various standards, one of which enables politicians, school boards, etc., to declare schools “failing.” But the phrase has been made generic, and the term is, importantly, politicized. Politicians run on the basis of fixing the failing schools."
paul_farhi  onthemedia  interview  radio  education  america  failure  school  no_child_left_behind  teacher  politics  poverty  bias  journalism  2012  2010s  21st_century 
may 2012 by cluebucket
Self-Reliant Film » Blog Archive » The Pornography of the Real
Jill Godmilow: The “pornography of the real” involves the highly suspect, psychic pleasure of viewing “the moving picture real” … a powerful pornographic interest in real people, real death, real destruction and real suffering, especially of “others”, commodities in film. These “pleasures” are not brought to our attention...

P. Harrill: "I think of storytelling as a kind of citizenship, so I don’t blame people for wanting to know the stories unfolding in Blacksburg, nor do I blame journalists for telling those stories. Still, how one gathers the facts, why you gather them, and the way you tell them can’t be separated from the story you’re telling."
self-reliant_film  paul_harrill  virginia_tech  massacre  reality  disaster  writing  essay  2007  jill_godmilow  film  journalism  decency  victim  witness  tv  blacksburg  virginia  21st_century 
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