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UbuWeb Film & Video: Henry Miller - "Dinner With Henry"
'Henry Miller, holding court at the dinner table at age 87. "Dinner with Henry" (30min)'

"Usually I fucked people up, I never did pay, don'cha know?"
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Interviews: Jarvis Cocker | Features | Pitchfork
"When I went to art college, I would read books about famous artists of years gone by and think, 'Oh, well, if I went and lived in Marrakech and ate only oatmeal and bananas for a year, I'd become really artistic,' as if there's some kind of recipe. But instead of looking off into the distance, try and concentrate on your immediate surroundings and you will find that you already have a unique take on the world. It's just that you might not recognize it. The key to locating it is by being specific and writing about the details of situations, because a detail proves that you were actually there and lends authenticity to what you're writing. And the weird thing is that, by being more specific, it opens things up and makes it universal."  pitchfork  jarvis_cocker  musician  pulp  band  interview  2014  2010s  life_death_and_supermarkets  documentary  ryan_dombal  rough_trade  london  u.k.  florian_habicht  sheffield  pop  fan  1980s  1990s  2000s  2002  2011  video  film  shyness  work  class  common_people  creativity  internet  life  culture  subconscious 
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Daniel Johnston | Music | Interview | The A.V. Club
AVC: Do you think your condition gets more attention than your music?

DJ: Yeah. In the film, that's true. It's more like Hard Copy. [Imitates Hard Copy theme.]
avclub  interview  music  musician  daniel_johnston  movie  documentary  biopic  drawing  comic  artist  margie_johnston  sister  2008  2000s  david_wolinsky  bipolar  astrozone  fat  21st_century 
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