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Purple Mountains AMA - indieheads
wow this is so bittersweet to read.

reddit  ama  indieheads  music  musician  interview  q&a  dc_berman  silver_jews  purple_mountains  writer  2019  2010s  death 
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YMO - 君に、胸キュン。 (720p60) - YouTube
uwaki na vacances a.k.a. キュン @ #19
drummachine / lipsync version

yellow_magic_orchestra  pop  tv  japanese  japan  countdown  1980s  1983  浮気なぼくら  naughty_boys  interview  live  performance  music  lyrics  takashi_matsumoto  kyun 
july 2018 by cluebucket
5-10-15-20 | Pitchfork
might as well go through these. Jarvis C brought me here
*to_read  music  list  memory  musician  interview  song  growing_up  archive  writer 
april 2018 by cluebucket
Jazz Icon Sonny Rollins on Giving Up Playing and His Legacy
love him a long time <3

"You know, I listen to the radio a lot and there’s a guy that comes on and says, 'Have a good day today and enjoy.' I hate the word 'enjoy.' Because to me life is not about enjoyment or, in other words, getting for yourself. That’s not why we’re here. The reason of life, to me, is all about giving. Giving is what gives me happiness. Making somebody else happy is the greatest thing you can do."
sonny_rollins  musician  interview  2017  2010s  elderly  jazz  saxophone  health  giving  quote  philosophy  career  brooklyn  archive  1950s  david_marchese  thelonius_monk 
december 2017 by cluebucket
A Most American Terrorist: The Making Of Dylann Roof | GQ
"Like Roof, and unlike a typical ISIS recruit, they don’t have handlers or any centralized way of becoming hooked. Instead, they are brought into the fold because they have found something that explains their laggard social progress to them and confirms their narrow worldview as fact."  dylann_roof  terror  murder  crime  shooting  profile  south_carolina  2017  2010s  rachel_kaadzi_gansah  writing  reporting  interview  isolation  racism  america  hate  growing_up  society  2015 
september 2017 by cluebucket
How Missy Elliott Became an Icon - Miss Elliot Interview and ELLE Cover Story
<3 1997-2017-future

"Before I went to meet her, I had read articles that decided it just wasn't possible that Missy Elliott is shy. The Guardian wrote that 'scary diva is what you expect'; they do not explain why they expected her to be scary, they just say it. In the same way that no one explains what I should expect when I'm told over and over again that Missy Elliott is very shy, without anyone offering a larger understanding of what it might mean. "
missy_elliott  interview  magazine  musician  hiphop  1990s  2000s  2010s  2017  fashion  rachel_kaadzi_ghansah  trayvon_martin  1997  career  inspiration  dance  virginia  abuse  growing_up  poetry  1993 
june 2017 by cluebucket
Eudocia Pulido had hopes, dreams, and fears too
"Eudocia Pulido's niece Ebia talks about the Aunt Cosiang that she knew, and what she wished she had asked Alex Tizon if he were still alive"

feel like for all the back and forth about the My Family's Slave feature in the Atlantic, this is necessary consideration...
lian_buan  philippines  media  response  interview  eudocia_pulido  theatlantic  alex_tizon  2016  2010s  slavery  work  identity  mystery  family  2011  2017  death  filipinx  translation 
june 2017 by cluebucket
Twitter @shallowbrigade
RT : Lynda Barry recently appeared in her favorite comic, Family Circus. Please enjoy this story about the time she met…  lynda_barry  family_circus  bil_keane  jeff_keane  cartoon  comics  artist  photo  image  book  robert_crumb  2017  2010s  anecdote  interview  from twitter_favs
june 2017 by cluebucket
The Heart of Whiteness: Ijeoma Oluo Interviews Rachel Dolezal, the White Woman Who Identifies as Black - Features - The Stranger
"Even if there were thousands of Rachel Dolezals in the country, would their claims of blackness do anything to open up the definition of whiteness to those with darker skin, coarser hair, or racialized features?"
ijeoma_oluo  interview  privilege  washington  spokane  america  white_supremacy  rachel_dolezal  white  black  race  racism  narcissism  2017  2010s  2015  scandal  culture 
april 2017 by cluebucket
Craig Hodges: 'Jordan didn't speak out because he didn't know what to say' | Sport | The Guardian
a.k.a. don't be like mike

"In October 1991, the Bulls were invited to the White House to meet President Bush.
The assault on King remained fresh on his mind, as did the US bombing of Iraq that January, and so Hodges wrote an impassioned eight-page letter to the president - on behalf of 'most specifically, the African Americans who are not able to come to this great edifice and meet the leader of the nation in which they live.'

"[Hodges] wore a dashiki and George W, the president's son and a future occupant of the Oval Office, spoke slowly as if Hodges might not understand English. 'Where are you from?'

"'Chicago Heights, Illinois,' Hodges answered, amused at the way in which W's excitement at meeting the famous Bulls, which had him 'bouncing around like a kid' at his father's workplace, had disappeared into startled incomprehension."
donald_mcrae  craig_hodges  chicago  basketball  nba  athlete  interview  book  2017  2010s  protest  america  1990s  rodney_king  phil_jackson  george_w_bush  letter  george_h_w_bush  politics  iraq  colin_kaepernick 
april 2017 by cluebucket
An Oral History Of Radiohead’s ‘OK Computer’ | ClickHole
"Thom Yorke: Gum is the impossible meal. It’s illegal to swallow, so you have to always be chewing it. A fabulous crime is that I actually swallow my gum all the time. I swallow 20 pieces of gum on 'The Tourist,' and you wouldn’t even know it because I’m so fast."  radiohead  interview  spoof  parody  1990s  1996  1997  2010s  2015  silly  band  album  steely_dan  musician  humor 
april 2017 by cluebucket
1986年渋谷陽一のFMホットライン/山下達郎 - YouTube
youtube  archive  audio  interview  radio  1986  1980s  japanese  tatsuro_yamashita  pocket_music  hotline  musician  山下達郎  渋谷陽一  ポケットミュージック  ラジオ 
march 2017 by cluebucket
Critics of New York City's Zoning History Sound Off - CityLab
"A few years ago, I was asked by a group of activists in Sunset Park in Brooklyn to look at an area that was proposed for upzoning. The city planning department was claiming that on certain streets, the land was “underutilized.” I went there to look, and I saw these occupied buildings. It looked like a pretty normal street to me. But to the planners, they were “underutilized.” ... These are buzzwords that conceal."  city  nyc  brooklyn  housing  real_estate  legal  book  author  interview  2017  2010s  urban_planning  segregation  racism  policy  tanvi_misra  tom_angotti  sylvia_morse  poverty  wealth  history 
january 2017 by cluebucket
The R.U. Sirius Interview: It’s Better to be Inspired than Wired | Lebkowsky | CTheory
"Cyberculture (a meme that I'm at least partly responsible for generating, incidentally) has emerged as a gleeful apologist for this kill-the-poor trajectory of the Republican revolution. You find it all over Wired - this mix of chaos theory and biological modeling that is somehow interpreted as scientific proof of the need to devolve and decentralize the social welfare state while also deregulating and empowering the powerful, autocratic, multinational corporations. You've basically got the breakdown of nation states into global economies simultaneous with the atomization of individuals or their balkanization into disconnected sub-groups, because digital technology conflates space while decentralizing communication and attention. The result is a clear playing field for a mutating corporate oligarchy, which is what we have. I mean, people think it's really liberating because the old industrial ruling class has been liquefied and it's possible for young players to amass extraordinary instant dynasties. But it's savage and inhuman. Maybe the wired elite think that's hip. But then don't go around crying about crime in the streets or pretending to be concerned with ethics."  interview  1996  1990s  r.u._sirius  technology  wired  internet  corporation  power  corruption  society  politics  humanity  republican  theory  1989  1980s  mondo_2000  ethics  communication  jon_lebkowsky  quote  oligarchy  injustice 
january 2017 by cluebucket
The Quietus | Features | Remember Them... | Remembering Mark Fisher By David Stubbs
"Perhaps it was his determination to overcome his own personal despondency, as well as the sinking despondency of society at large, which lent him energy and ambition to construct this edifice, one which would stand tall and face down the oppressors, political and psychological, external and internal, he found himself ranged against."
obituary  mark_fisher  david_stubbs  writer  death  capitalism  socialism  theory  2017  2010s  inertia  mental_health  england  u.k.  k-punk  music  agata_pyzik  interview  author  capitalist_realism 
january 2017 by cluebucket
What Makes Languages Change? How Culture Shapes Our Words
Q: When you say it doesn’t “borrow,” do you have an example?
A: The word they use for automobile means “that it has wrinkled feet,” which is, incidentally, an example of how the words you have reflect your culture. If you’re a tracker, you’re going to be noticing the tire tracks—the focus of that particular word. And the word for telephone means “you whisper into it.”
sally_thomason  interview  2016  2010s  language  ryan_bradley  montana  america  salish  linguist  linguistics  change  word  loanword  neologism  susquehannock  iroquois  genocide  killing  hebrew  jargon  society  slang  papua_new_guinea  dialect  phrase  translation  north_dakota  canada  cree  algonquin  native  french  michif  russia  multilingualism  aleut  trade  buin  gender  māori  hawaii  new_zealand 
january 2017 by cluebucket
Inside The Redman MTV Cribs Episode: An Oral History
"I remember how hard it was to rub the wires together to get the doorbell to ring."
chris_faraone  history  interview  redman  mtv  cribs  staten_island  nyc  house  tour  funny 
march 2016 by cluebucket
Chris Rock: 'I've Never Gone Into Battle Without A Black Woman' | xoNECOLE
"Rock went on to further support his point, admitting that not only did he have to fight to get actress Tichina Arnold cast as the mom in Everybody Hates Chris, a sitcom-biopic based on Rock’s own life, he hinted that they wanted to cast a non-Black woman for the role. ... Wait, what?"
chris_rock  interview  hollywood  casting  actor  tichina_arnold  black  women  discrimination  racism  oscars  tv  film 
february 2016 by cluebucket
David Rakoff: A Retrospective by Bullseye with Jesse Thorn | Free listening on SoundCloud
- to have a creative life ↔︎ to really do one's work
- "it takes nothing but work" to be creative
- "a constant grind... an embarrassing grind"
bullseye  soundcloud  podcast  radio  david_rakoff  interview  jesse_thorn  writer  creativity  work  life  retrospective  death  advice  2005  2011  2012  2010s  2000s  cancer  audio  journalist  journalism 
january 2016 by cluebucket
The “C” Word — Matter — Medium
refreshing if frustrating... overall better to have all this out in the open roight
consent  men  feminism  relationship  sex  education  beejoli_shah  2015  2010s  interview  rape  assault  reaction  fear  violence  legal  growing_up 
december 2015 by cluebucket
Keep the Things You Forgot: An Elliott Smith Oral History | Pitchfork
"It took a long time for him to develop a love-hate relationship with the press room. So he would tell me a list of fanzines that he wished some day would interview him, and then we’d see if we could make it happen. That was such a different time in the music industry. There was no internet; fanzines were our internet—and using the post office was our information superhighway, I guess. [laughs]

"Because we were friends, he was able to tell me what he was and wasn't comfortable with. The more attention he got, the more troubled he got, and that’s when it got hard. The irony of it was that he was so open and honest with pretty much anybody who crossed his path, so it wasn't unlike him to tell a very personal, private story to a virtual stranger sitting next to him at a bar.

"But it would infuriate him when people asked him what his lyrics were about. He really hated having to have an answer for what every character and every story was. Music was a way of channeling thoughts and feelings that were bigger than him into art, and he didn’t feel like he owed every single person an explanation of what everything was about."
--Dorien Garry
elliott_smith  1990s  2000s  2010s  2013  interview  history  musician  portland  death  life  lou_barlow  mike_doughty  slim_moon  kill_rock_stars  mary_lou_lord  rebecca_gates  spinanes  steven_drozd  flaming_lips  sebadoh  rob_schnapf  margaret_mittleman  jj_gonson  larry_crane  tony_lash  quasi  sam_coomes  janet_weiss  heatmiser  jayson_greene  photo  joanna_bolme  1993  1994  1997  1998  record_label  oscars  celine_dion  2000  autumn_de_wilde  addiction  fame  drugs  2003  2004 
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Red, White, Blue & Orange by Benjamen Walker | Free Listening on SoundCloud
happened to listen to this today, when the last British detainee (never charged) was released...
... after 14 years!
... and still 100+ detained!
benjamen_walker  theory_of_everything  podcast  soundcloud  radio  audio  guantánamo  torture  zero_dark_thirty  film  controversy  war  prison  prisoner  interview  2000s  2006  2013  2010s  tajikistan  umarov_muhibullah  cia  military  crime  criminal  2004  mckenzie_funk  joshua_phillips  secret  detainee  terror 
october 2015 by cluebucket
A Travel Hacker Explains How to Fly Around the World for Free | VICE | United States
via TH

I wish I could have this conversation but with Todd Barry, the other "Miles Guy"
vice  travel  how_to  interview  free  finance  allie_conti  2015  2010s  points_guy  credit  card 
october 2015 by cluebucket
Musician Quintron makes music with the weather – to forget the pain of lymphoma | Music | The Guardian
"'I wanted its sounds to be mostly beautiful,' says Q, who sculpted the sound palette partly for his own therapeutic purposes. 'When I first built it, it was screeching horror, white noise static, sharp-edged oscillations. I slowly worked it into what I wanted it to be: harmonious sounds. But I do still have some ugly ones – lightning would be one of those. And sometimes before sunset it emits some atonal surprising things.'"

really glad I finally got to see them live :-)
quintron  musician  interview  guardian  michael_patrick_walsh  2015  2010s  cancer  lymphoma  new_orleans  instrument  invention  music  miss_pussycat  2013  robert_rolston  health  synthesizer  weather  weather_warlock  drum_buddy  therapy  chemotherapy  radio 
may 2015 by cluebucket
UbuWeb Film & Video: Henry Miller - "Dinner With Henry"
'Henry Miller, holding court at the dinner table at age 87. "Dinner with Henry" (30min)'

"Usually I fucked people up, I never did pay, don'cha know?"
henry_miller  film  archive  interview  dinner  1970s  1979  1980s  1980  author  writer  food  brenda_venus  documentary  richard_young  john_chesko  elderly  nobel_prize  inheritance  from twitter_favs
january 2015 by cluebucket
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