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Paper sons - Wikipedia
"Only in the 1960s did new legislation broaden immigration from Asia and gave paper sons a chance to tell the truth about who they were and restore their real names in 'confessional' programs. But many chose to stick with their adopted names for fear of retribution and took their true names to their graves."
immigration  history  wikipedia  wiki  paper  bureaucracy  mystery  chinese  china  america  1882  1880s  1900s  1960s 
june 2019 by cluebucket
Catapult | What It’s Like to Travel When You Have a “Bad” Passport | Anne Moraa
"I am a Kenyan, an African, someone from the ‘global south.’ It is my job to prove I deserve to travel. It doesn’t matter how talented or smart or wealthy I or others like me are; we need a good passport."
anne_moraa  writing  essay  kenya  passport  immigration  visa  travel  slovenia  discrimination  country  2019  2010s 
may 2019 by cluebucket
Waging peace is much more than ending war | Aeon Essays
"Peace lacks this analysable ‘thing-ness’: it seems like a non-event, a null set. Characterisations of peace and peaceful societies — from the Eden of the Bible to the ‘radiant future’ of Lenin — look dull and flat, or else gauzy and kitsch. As a child, I would leaf through the Children’s Illustrated Bible in the dentist’s waiting room. Religious peace looks like the beatific expressions of light-skinned people gazing heavenwards in the Eden of those illustrations. Perhaps a lamb sits there, too, legs folded, under a tree. Peace is bland and blonde, fundamentally lacking the dark ring of truth."  essay  peace  war  margaret_paxson  violence  crime  activism  action  anthropology  memory  religion  karl_marx  thought  writing  philosophy  france  refugee  immigration  humanity  2012  2010s 
may 2017 by cluebucket
Federal Immigration Agent Allegedly Inquired About 4th Grader At Queens Public School: Gothamist
RT : A federal immigration official allegedly went to a Queens public school and inquired about a 4th grader
nyc  queens  2017  2010s  immigration  school  student  america  politics  from twitter
may 2017 by cluebucket
The government says his DACA status expired, but this immigrant says he was deported despite protections | PBS NewsHour
"Montes’ lawyers say he had previously been approved twice for deportation protection under the DACA program, created in 2012 under then-President Barack Obama to allow immigrants who came to the U.S. as children to temporarily live and work in the country. The Department of Homeland Security told NewsHour on Tuesday its records indicated Montes’ authorization expired in 2015. On Wednesday, the department told NewsHour a more detailed search indicated Montes’ DACA authorization did expire in 2018, but that Montes had lost his DACA status “when he left the United States without advance parole,” before he encountered U.S. Border Patrol on Feb. 19. The Department of Homeland Security told NewsHour on Wednesday that “there are no records or evidence to support” the claim that he was detained Feb. 18 in Calexico, as his lawyers claim."
newshour  news  immigration  deportation  donald_trump  america  joshua_barajas  daca  government  2017  2010s  mexico  from twitter
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What “Things Going Wrong” Can Look Like – Medium
"I'm reading this as '1933 playbook continues on schedule, pace slightly higher than last time: something between maybe 1.2x and 2x, but without the possibility of a major land war to show up on the horizon.'" (apart from climate-related disaster movements?)  yonatan_zunger  prediction  2017  2010s  donald_trump  steve_bannon  government  society  censorship  discrimination  crime  hate  future  1930s  islam  latinx  immigration  blm  black  america  jewish  organization 
january 2017 by cluebucket
Asian Americans Advancing Justice :: Welcome!

"Since 1991, Asian Americans Advancing Justice | AAJC has fought to create a seat at the table for Asian Americans in the national conversations that determine the policies that shape our lives. We educate lawmakers, the public, and the media about our diverse community and its needs. We advocate on behalf of our most vulnerable communities, as well as other minority communities whose liberation is essential to creating a more just society for all. We litigate in order to defend and promote the voices of Asian Americans and underserved communities on significant civil rights issues."
aajc  justice  resist  policy  chicago  los_angeles  america  asian  asian-american  aapi  litigation  education  advocacy  society  immigration  vote  race  rights  civil_rights  2010s 
january 2017 by cluebucket
Court rulings couldn’t protect everyone detained because of Trump’s immigration order.
"It seems that even within the same administration, alternative facts abound.
"The smug cruelty of the DHS statement that 'yesterday, less than one percent of the more than 325,000 international air travelers who arrive every day were inconvenienced while enhanced security measures were implemented' transcends belief as applied to actual people left in horrific limbo."
dahlia_lithwick  slate  immigration  legal  lawyer  donald_trump  disaster  fact  refugee  ban  NoBanNoWall  2017  2010s  injustice  airport  ethiopia  america  CBP  dulles_airport  virginia  I-407  rights  DHS  government  islam  executive_order  from twitter
january 2017 by cluebucket
Twitter @TheBlahDalia
RT : "Please tell people you know who are coming into the US to refuse signing this form which strips you of residency:
Form I-407: "Record of Abandonment of Lawful Permanent Resident Status"

to trick or goad travelers into signing this upon arrival is so goddamn sinister.
via cyborgmemoirs
NoBanNoWall  resist  information  government  form  immigration  legal  rights  trick  america  airport  DHS  CBP  2017  2010s  I-407  from twitter
january 2017 by cluebucket
Latin America’s Schindler: a forgotten hero of the 20th century | Ewen MacAskill | World news | The Guardian
"'He would come to the hot and stuffy third floor to inspect the files. We were all sweating and he's in a jacket and tie, cold as a fish. He told us that the files must be carefully taken care of, that they were not files, they were human lives, worthy of respect.'"

"'While Roberto was having a party for the military officials in his house, there would be refugees and political prisoners hiding in the attic,' Infante recalled. 'He was always playing with fire.'"
roberto_kozak  ewen_macaskill  jonathan_franklin  chile  diplomacy  history  south_america  terror  salvador_allende  augusto_pinochet  torture  escape  secret  1970s  1980s  1990s  coup  country  immigration  military  rights  2016  2015  2010s  patricio_bustos  argentina  junta  embassy  harald_edelstam  life  protest  work  party  santiago  dictator  double  prisoner  refugee  villa_grimaldi  desaparecidos  michelle_bachelet 
january 2017 by cluebucket
How Flipping The Script Helped Keep Young Muslims From Joining ISIS : Shots - Health News : NPR
"Danish police officers took a different approach: They made it clear to citizens of Denmark who had traveled to Syria that they were welcome to come home, and that when they did, they would receive help with going back to school, finding an apartment, meeting with a psychiatrist or a mentor, or whatever they needed to fully integrate back into society.

"Their program came to be known as the 'Aarhus model.' It's been called the 'hug a terrorist' model in the media, but this description never sits well with the cops. They see themselves as making an entirely practical decision designed to keep their city safe."
npr  2016  2010s  isis  denmark  hanna_rosin  2012  invisibilia  podcast  aarhus  crime  help  mental_health  safety  society  europe  syria  terror  psychology  violence  strategy  peace  somalia  islam  radical  immigration  police 
august 2016 by cluebucket
The Weight Of James Arthur Baldwin
"One didn’t need to worship him, or desire to emulate him, to know this and respect him for it. And yet, for me, there had always been something slightly off-putting about him — the strangely accented, ponderous way he spoke in the interviews I watched; the lofty, “theatrical” way in which he appeared in “Good Citizens,” an essay by Joan Didion, as the bored, above-it-all figure that white people revered because he could stay collected. What I resented about Baldwin wasn’t even his fault."
james_baldwin  rachel_kaadzi_ghansah  writer  france  black  america  death  1950s  2016  2010s  race  influence  magazine  internship  immigration  los_angeles  survival  house  legacy  memory  the_fire_this_time  essay 
march 2016 by cluebucket
roqayah | Rejecting Bourgeois Feminism
"They aren’t looking for women to dismantle an oppressive system but to join it, to become a part of the establishment class. This isn’t liberatory political consciousness, but the politics of superficial preservation for those at the top."
roqayah_chamseddine  roqayah  2016  2010s  archive  op-ed  politics  feminism  prison  hillary_clinton  geo_group  immigration  america  takedown  jessica_valenti  sady_doyle  protest  argument  logic  politician 
february 2016 by cluebucket
Immigration Law Reforms Make Gaijin Card Obsolete - Japan Real Time - WSJ
外国人登録制度、7月9日に廃止へ 60年の歴史に幕
hmmmmm... goodbye gaijin cards, hello gaijin-marked ID cards? weird last sentence, too, never heard about that...
wsj  wallstreetjournal  japan  foreigner  law  society  rights  card  identity  residency  news  2012  2010s  immigration  amendment  alien  1950s  日本語  japanese  sarah_berlow  21st_century  20th_century 
may 2012 by cluebucket
Here Is Bruce Lee Beating Up Racist Writer John Derbyshire, Who Has Cancer
apart from the roundup/summary of Derbyshire dreadfulness, bookmarked for especially cogent comments re being Asian-American in America (not necessarily redundant):

Michael Cho:
"So Asian-Americans, when they do have legitimate issues of racism and discrimination that face them, get reactions of, 'Its not that bad, especially if you consider what has happened to African-Americans or Latinos.' And this argument is especially prevalent in Southern California. Or, because Asian-Americans are still a growing group with no solid definition, as in we have 5th generation Asian-American as well as people who immigrated 3 months ago, America still treats us as "the other," and is dismissive of our issues.
"And the reaction for a long time was, 'Keep your head down, study hard, make money and Americans will respect you.' But there are generations of Asian-Americans, who have read Ron Takaki, Maxine Hong-Kingston, Helen Zia, Carlos Bulosan, Frank Chin, Urvashi Viad, Frank Wu, David Henry Hwang, etc. who want a voice in American politics, and want to have a more active role for Asian-Americans politically and socially. The want you to remember the internment and Vincent Chin, they want you to know how fucked up it is when NBC Sports runs headlines like 'Michelle Kwan Beaten By American Lipinski.' When those voices are raised, people don't want to hear them. There are a lot of reasons for that. But because Asian-American issues have constantly be delegitimized, or marginalized by American society, or other communities of color, we are forced to elevate these incidents which affect our community..."

"...But then, as you pointed out so well, that attitude also renders actual complaints about discrimination or bias illegitimate. Look at all the "don't be so sensitive" comments on Gawker's own stories about Jeremy Lin, as though Asians need to wait until some "real" racial incident to call out racist attitudes, while completely ignoring all the many instances of actual violence against Asians..."
gawker  comment  racism  john_derbyshire  prejudice  america  racist  black  white  supremacy  asian_american  bias  race  minority  2012  2010s  national_review  scandal  taki_magazine  taki_theodoracopoulos  mandolyna_theodoracopoulos  cancer  rosie_qi  spouse  yellow_fever  asia  immigration  latino  21st_century 
april 2012 by cluebucket
The No-Growth Trap | The National Interest
"Anti-immigrant agitation, racial and religious prejudice, rancorous public discourse, political stalemate and paralysis, eroding generosity toward the disadvantaged—all are the predictable pathologies that ensue from stagnating incomes and living standards... This latest round of such pathologies simply reminds us that even those societies whose citizens talk the best game of having advanced beyond caring about further gains in material living standards—the Dutch, the Swiss, even the Scandinavians—are no less subject to this familiar frustration than their more transparently materialistic American cousins."
nationalinterest  article  news  essay  politics  economy  benjamin_m._friedman  2011  2010s  recession  immigration  growth  wage  income  stagnation  stalemate  conflict  america  europe  japan  prejudice  jim_crow  policy  21st_century 
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