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すてきなホリデイ 竹内まりや - YouTube
KFC commercial song

悲しかった出来事を 消し去るように
すてきなホリデイ  竹内まりや  mariya_takeuchi  christmas  holiday  ad  song  music  audio  youtube 
november 2018 by cluebucket
Twitter @fbi @parabasis
RT : Maybe you should've gone with "sorry about that time we tried to blackmail MLK Jr into killing himself."  fbi  tweet  takedown  martin_luther_king_jr  memory  blackmail  government  america  terror  rights  citizen  2017  2010s  holiday  parabasis  from twitter
january 2017 by cluebucket
small talk about four seasons
why I am obsessing about Japanese calendar days I dunno...  rie_ezaki  season  calendar  japan  japanese  holiday  custom  pun 
april 2016 by cluebucket
The 6 Awkward Conversations You're Dreading, And How To Deal With Them
bookmarking fer this: "remember that you don't owe anyone an uncomplicated life or a performance of happiness"
captainawkward  list  tip  advice  conversation  family  holiday  stress  trigger  response  retort  shutdown  2015  2010s  politics  politeness  distraction  confidence 
november 2015 by cluebucket
Ask Polly: How Do I Deal With My Crazy Family? -- The Cut
"I know it hurts. And plenty of people would tell you to never visit an emotionally abusive mother. Plenty of people would say you should be authentic and tell your family how you feel. I guess it depends on how many experiments in fear and self-loathing you can tolerate. For me, accepting that I won't get all of my needs met works a lot better.

"I need to know, going in, that I will feel sad and disappointed at some point. There are just too many unspoken emotions in the mix for that not to happen. And I am going to eat some shit, no matter what. I always do!

"That's just the way it is. Families are not perfect little democratic societies. Families are complicated and many family members are patently nuts."
nymag  ask_polly  2014  2010s  family  relationship  advice  dysfunction  emotion  holiday  writing 
january 2015 by cluebucket
How do I deal with this morass of feelings re: holidays, travel, family - thanksgiving christmas longdistance | Ask MetaFilter
tckma: "They will come around. I don't have an answer for the guilt you feel; I feel it too."
feral_goldfish: "It helped that I could cite my grandfather, who always used to say: 'Fish and visitors stink in three days.'"
ask.metafilter  advice  travel  holiday  family  stress  trip  expense  excuse  guilt  tip  parenting  in-laws  vacation  thanksgiving  christmas  duty 
november 2014 by cluebucket
chrismas - YouTube
RT : made a new video. here's chris with a special holiday message
kyle_mooney  chris  character  video  youtube  holiday  christmas  chrismas  2011  2010s  21st_century  from twitter
december 2011 by cluebucket

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