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A Woman’s Work: Home Economics* (*I Took Woodworking Instead)
"It started with me doing all the work to find the apartment and negotiate the lease, laying out the full deposit myself, doing the repairs myself before we moved in, and then, once we had moved in, paying for household items he didn’t prioritize, like a sturdy, airtight trash bin that wouldn’t attract roaches or fall apart after six months."  emotional_labor  labor  caregiver  cartoon  comic  illustration  drawing  artist  relationship  age  aging  carolita_johnson  time  feminism  money  cancer  debt  patriarchy  work  michael_crawford  grief  life 
june 2018 by cluebucket
Remembering Will Spong
"... '"Who the hell are we?" and "What’s it all about?" ... [I]f you’re not asking those questions, if you’re just here to learn how to put the vestments on right, go home. Don’t come here for that. The world is too important.'”  texas  john_spong  will_spong  father  writing  rememberance  memory  priest  episcopal  church  belief  activism  teacher  teaching  religion  baseball  accident  death  grief  wisdom  north_carolina  son  family  love  bible  1960s  1970s  1980s  1990s  2000s  2015  2010s  piano  alfie  chaplain  pain  hospital 
november 2015 by cluebucket
The Neurobiology of a Break-Up: 5 Things to Expect (And How to Get Through) — Everyday Feminism
Cortisol is a stress hormone - Dopamine seeks out pleasure - Norepinephrine makes you highly excitable - Serotonin is a mood stabilizer

"When you’re going through a break-up, your serotonin drops as your cortisol increases, which makes your brain pump out dopamine, which produces norepinephrine...

"In other words, when you’re in the process of trying to get over someone, all of the hormones that make you anxious and energetic are high, and the one that keeps you stable is low."  biology  brain  breakup  relationship  love  hormone  emotion  neurobiology  feminism  melissa_fabello  cortisol  dopamine  norepinephrine  serotonin  rejection  nostalgia  frustration  2015  2010s  science  obsession  self-care  self-help  tip  advice  panic  anger  grief  amygdala  despair  zinc  depression  health  helen_fisher  energy  anxiety 
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Fatal Distraction: Forgetting a Child in the Backseat of a Car Is a Horrifying Mistake. Is It a Crime? - The Washington Post
"under some circumstances, the most sophisticated part of our thought-processing center can be held hostage to a competing memory system, a primitive portion of the brain that is -- by a design as old as the dinosaur's -- inattentive, pigheaded, nonanalytical, stupid."
gene_weingarten  2009  2000s  1990s  washingtonpost  washington_post_magazine  virginia  miles_harrison  crime  accident  baby  hyperthermia  heat  death  infant  car  lyn_balfour  mary_parks  america  parenting  mistake  andrew_culpepper  child  ray_morrogh  earle_mobley  adoption  carol_harrison  r._terence_nay  trial  tragedy  mark_warschauer  david_diamond  memory  driving  brain  autopilot  james_reason  swiss_cheese_model  grief  guilt  anger 
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Nick Cave's Love Song Lecture -
"Looking back at these twenty years a certain clarity prevails. Midst the madness and the mayhem, it would seem I have been banging on one particular drum.
"Within the world of modern pop music, a world that deals ostensibly with the Love Song, but in actuality does little more that hurl dollops of warm, custard-coloured baby-vomit down the air waves, true sorrow is not welcome. But occasionally a song comes along that hides behind its disposable, plastic beat a love lyric of truly devastating proportions."
nick_cave  lecture  love  song  musician  transcript  1999  1990s  poetry  lyrics  loss  writing  life  language  w.h._auden  federico_garcía_lorca  suadade  trauma  creativity  death  duende  grief  humanity  bible  god  music  letter  literature  emotion 
january 2013 by cluebucket
Our school shooting -
bookmarked for comment from bdmclacken:
"Said the clever minute hand to the more modest hour hand on the clock- "There is no reason why we're here spinning in circles on this dial, me going faster than you, but both of us eventually reaching the same conclusion over and over again"."
"[T]o ask "why?", maybe not even because they expect an answer or much hope to find one from any such magical entity... [is] the last act of futility before acceptance."
salon  2012  2010s  sarah_tomlinson  1992  1990s  school  shooting  death  writing  simons_rock  galen_gibson  tragedy  mourning  grief  recovery  life  writer  21st_century  20th_century 
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