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How To Add A Security Key To Your Gmail (Tech Solidarity)
"Plug the key into any USB port, with the gold disk facing upwards. If you're on a newer mac, you may have to use a USB adapter, like an animal:"  technology  security  gmail  how_to  guide  privacy  google  computer  password  chrome  email 
may 2017 by cluebucket
Doge Ad Blocker - Chrome Web Store
"Show a doge ad instead of a normal ad. Much useful. Very ad. Wow"
ad  adblocker  extension  chrome  browser  google  internet  doge  dog  face  fun  free  tool  download 
february 2017 by cluebucket
ada dun goofed at tom moody
tom takes on... Ada the Algorithm: "The best business to be in right now is selling digital snake oil to doctors, lawyers, soldiers, and politicians."
tom_moody  washingtonpost  ada  algorithm  campaign  hillary_clinton  google  eric_schmidt  technology  secret  2016  2010s 
december 2016 by cluebucket
Laughter Doesn’t Scale — Track Changes — Medium
"The Internet is the world's greatest joke killer—and yet everyone thinks they are funny."

my aside:
I really really thought I dreamt the minions thing the other night when it was on my screen, because I'm on a vampire schedule, my prejudice against Minion stuff is supreme, and I want to leave Gmail anyway...

and honestly if they had kept it for full April Fools instead of taking it down mid-day with that sheepish apology it would have been THE BEST prank, actually, because it truly was too stupid to be real, and at once entirely believable, and it truly did fuck with people.

also because anyone who actually plays April Fools pranks (other than the half-assed "I'm Pragnant?" Facebook posts) is both super-lame and just deranged enough to not apologize. you gotta *hold thru* on it, right?

glass of haterade brought to you by Pinboard ;-}
paul_ford  trackchanges  google  gmail  april_fools  humor  writing  internet  prank  april  2016  2010s  gif  joke  dumb 
april 2016 by cluebucket
After the Fact - The New Yorker
"An American Presidential debate has a lot more in common with trial by combat than with trial by jury, which is what people are talking about when they say these debates seem 'childish': the outcome is the evidence. The ordeal endures."

"When we Google-know, Lynch argues, we no longer take responsibility for our own beliefs, and we lack the capacity to see how bits of facts fit into a larger whole. Essentially, we forfeit our reason and, in a republic, our citizenship."
newyorker  philosophy  thought  fact  truth  trial  history  historian  barbara_shapiro  michael_p_lynch  jill_lepore  politician  2016  2010s  america  president  lie  culture  1215  1210s  magna_carta  13th_century  20th_century  debate  data  internet  google  author  paradox  truthiness  2005  stephen_colbert  2000s  enlightenment  politics  essay  belief 
march 2016 by cluebucket
Mineful Response and the Rise of Corporatist Spirituality « Speculative Non-Buddhism
"The Mindful-One on the couch says something with a chuckle. I can only make out the first and last parts: 'maybe we should…so they don’t rush the stage.' It gets a big, nervous laugh. Then, he gets serious. So should you.

"'This is sort of an important moment,' he proclaims. Is he about to tell us that 'Corporations have historically had a giant footprint on public infrastructure, communities and the environment without paying for it, and Google is no different. They’ll avoid paying for privatizing our bus stops like they avoid paying $11 billion in federal taxes. When a company’s chairman publicly says, 'We’re proudly capitalistic. I’m not confused about this,' you know Don’t Be Evil was just a sick joke of the Googlezillionaires.'

"No, he isn’t about to tell us that. Of course not."


"In under three minutes, the clip validates Slavoj Žižek’s claims that western x-buddhism, of which mindfulness has become a dominant variety, is the perfect partner for or 'supplement' to our hyper-consumerist techno-capitalist corporations."  2014  2010s  protest  video  google  silicon_valley  mindfulness  apathy  capitalism  consumerism  conflict  glenn_wallis  corporation  san_francisco  housing  wealth  slavoj_žižek  society  change  denial  richard_payne  employment  strategy  evil  rant  takedown 
february 2016 by cluebucket
Google Answers: Citation for unintentional abuse of European census data by Nazis
"Around the turn of the century in Holland, the Dutch government
started collecting mass census data about its citizens. It began
collecting religion in order to give people a proper burial. The
intentions were solely good. In 1939, that data was captured in a
matter of 3 days and (some reasonably high) percentage of the Jews
were executed in a matter of weeks."

"'.. These registration systems and the related identity cards played
an important role in the apprehension of Dutch Jews and Gypsies prior
to their eventual deportation to the death camps. Dutch Jews had the
highest death rate (73 percent) of Jews residing in any occupied
western European country--far higher than the death rate among the
Jewish population of Belgium (40 percent) and France (25 percent), for
google  google_answers  abuse  nazi  history  europe  census  data  2004  2000s  holland  citizen  religion  intent  1939  1930s  wwii  privacy  jewish  judaism  human_rights  genocide  william_seltzer  margo_anderson  gypsy  roma  death  identity  population  concentration_camp  1940s 
october 2015 by cluebucket
Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Put Your Baby Photos Online — Matter — Medium
1. Privacy as the right to control your information
2. Privacy and the right to confidentiality
3. Privacy in context  child  internet  photo  privacy  security  dimitri_tokmetzis  netherlands  de_correspondent  flickr  consent  facebook  google  helen_nissenbaum  social_media  legal 
february 2015 by cluebucket
Google Fonts Lora
kinda really like that italic (*^.^*)
font  lora  serif  text  design  google 
june 2014 by cluebucket
How Apple and Amazon Security Flaws Led to My Epic Hacking | Gadget Lab |
"...what happened to me exposes vital security flaws in several customer service systems, most notably Apple’s and Amazon’s. Apple tech support gave the hackers access to my iCloud account. Amazon tech support gave them the ability to see a piece of information — a partial credit card number — that Apple used to release information. In short, the very four digits that Amazon considers unimportant enough to display in the clear on the web are precisely the same ones that Apple considers secure enough to perform identity verification. The disconnect exposes flaws in data management policies endemic to the entire technology industry, and points to a looming nightmare as we enter the era of cloud computing and connected devices."
"He said the hack was simply a grab for my three-character Twitter handle. That’s all they wanted. They just wanted to take it, and fuck shit up, and watch it burn. It wasn’t personal. “I honestly didn’t have any heat towards you before this. i just liked your username like I said before” he told me via Twitter Direct Message."
mat_honan  hacking  google  twitter  apple  amazon  security  flaw  internet  data  wired  2012  2010s  writing  essay  technology  iCloud  disconnect  computer  cloud  windows  password  applecare  ruin  takedown  fraud  crime  breach  e-mail  exploit  steal  identity  troll  phobia  mac  gardgetlab  itunes  21st_century 
august 2012 by cluebucket
Endangered languages: Google to the rescue? | The Economist
"Google's partners in the effort will be the First People's Cultural Council and the LINGUIST List, and it will draw on research from the Catalogue of Endangered Languages (ELCat), overseen by teams at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa and Eastern Michigan University."
economist  johnson  blog  endangered_language  documenting  language  daniel_kaufman  linguistics  linguist_list  catalogue  project  google 
june 2012 by cluebucket
Jonah Lehrer on How to Be Creative -
1. Color Me Blue
2. Get Groggy
3. Daydream Away
4. Think Like A Child
5. Laugh It Up
6. Imagine That You Are Far Away
7. Keep It Generic
8. Work Outside the Box
9. See the World
10. Move to a Metropolis
jonah_lehrer  wsj  wall_street_journal  creativity  how_to  imagination  inspiration  cognition  arthur_fry  post-it  invention  epiphany  insight  joke  brain  sATG  superior_anterior_temporal_gyrus  mark_beeman  john_kounios  science  research  intoxication  puzzle  alcohol  archimedes  richard_feynman  albert_einstein  friedrich_nietzsche  milton_glaser  nyc  design  steve_jobs  google  innovation  martin_ruef  challenge  innocentive  karim_lakhani  yo-yo_ma  bruce_adolphe  tip  composer  musician 
march 2012 by cluebucket
Blurry in Germany Transcript - On The Media
"NIMBY" - not in my backyard

"In a country where hanging out in the park naked is a weekend pastime, Germany has recently made international headlines for its virtual prudishness."
2010  onthemedia  google  germany  privacy  calvinism  nazism  2011  2010s  street  data  blur  home  map  michael_bernstein  whattheinternetknowsaboutyou  internet  lutheran  big_brother  joachim_savelsbrg  james_whitman  alexander_dix  garrett_arung  carolyn_geller  culture  suspicion  rights  21st_century 
february 2012 by cluebucket
The Social Graph is Neither (Pinboard Blog)
"In the old country, for example, we have two kinds of 'friendship' (distinguished by whether you address one another with the informal pronoun) and going from one status to the other is a pretty big deal; you have to drink a toast with your arms all in a pretzel and it's considered a huge faux pas to suggest it before both people feel ready. But at least it's not ambiguous!

"And of course sex complicates things even more. Will it get me in hot water to have a crush on someone but have a different person as my muse? Does spouse imply sweetheart, or do I have to explicilty declare that (perhaps on our 20th anniversary)? And should restrainingOrder be an edge or a node in this data model?"
"This obsession with modeling has led us into a social version of the Uncanny Valley, that weird phenomenon from computer graphics where the more faithfully you try to represent something human, the creepier it becomes. As the model becomes more expressive, we really start to notice the places where it fails."
pinboard  maciej_ceglowski  blog  essay  social_media  google  facebook  relationship  friendship  acquaintanceship  xfn  data  brad_fitzpatrick  coding  xml  2011  2010s  network  compsci  21st_century 
november 2011 by cluebucket
Shopping and philosophy: Post-modernism is the new black | The Economist
"But Foucault had belatedly spotted that post-modernism and “neo-liberal” free-market economics, which had developed entirely independently of each other over the previous half-century, pointed in much the same direction. One talked about sex, art and penal systems, the other about monetary targets. But both sought to 'emancipate' the individual from the control of state power or other authorities—one through thought and the other through economic power. Both put restoring individual choice and power at the hearts of their 'projects', as the pomos like to describe their work."
economist  philosophy  theory  postmodernism  retail  store  department_store  selfridges  london  u.k.  europe  capitalism  2006  2000s  1990s  jean-françois_lyotard  roland_barthes  michel_foucault  jacques_derrida  bourgeois  theodor_adorno  max_horkheimer  1944  1940s  deconstruction  economics  liberation  thomas_frank  marxism  consumerism  industry  writing  article  op-ed  music  itunes  yahoo  google  youtube  choice  power  21st_century  20th_century 
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